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Are you struggling with multi-platform compatibility and data security issues? Our mobile application testing services are designed to help you overcome these challenges. We provide a holistic solution to optimize your mobile app’s functionality, performance, and usability.

Scope of our Mobile App Testing Services

We offer end-to-end mobile application testing services in the following areas:

Mobile App Performance Testing Services

Ensure flawless performance across multiple platforms with our mobile app performance testing services. Our expert testers assess all performance metrics, such as crash and churn rate, screen rendering, response time, session length, and more, to deliver an optimized user experience.

  • Analysis of existing mobile app architecture
  • Assessment of app resource consumption
  • Stress testing to simulate extreme conditions
  • Network performance testing under different networks
  • Battery consumption testing
  • Recommendations to improve app performance

Mobile App Accessibility Testing Services

Our mobile app accessibility testing services ensure guarantee that your app is accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities (compliant with Section 508 and WCAG). We ensure inclusivity by assessing keyboard accessibility scores, screen reader compatibility, error densities, and several other metrics.

  • Evaluation of app features and functionalities (visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive)
  • Alternative text verification
  • Focus testing to ensure proper navigation
  • Testing app compatibility with assistive technologies (screen readers, magnifiers, and switch controls)
  • Usability testing sessions with users having disabilities to gather feedback

Mobile Application Automation Testing Services

Being an agile mobile app testing company, we speed up time-to-market by integrating comprehensive automated testing tools and technologies. Our experts ensure seamless automation integration within existing frameworks by offering:

  • Customized automation test strategies
  • Automated test scripting using Appium, XCTest, Selenium, etc.
  • CI/CD pipeline integration for continuous testing and delivery
  • Automation test reports and analysis (quality, performance bottlenecks, areas of improvement)

Mobile Application Security Testing Services

Our mobile application security testing services guarantee protection against potential security threats and vulnerabilities. We ensure compliance with OWASP, CVSS, NIAP, and CWE by offering:

  • Static source code and dynamic runtime analysis
  • Multi-factor authentication testing
  • Assessment of encryption mechanisms (data in transit and at rest)
  • Network communication analysis (man-in-the-middle attacks, data interception, and eavesdropping)
  • Mobile application penetration testing
  • Authentication and authorization testing for secure session management

Mobile Localization Testing Services

With our mobile localization testing approach, your apps are made adaptable to different languages, cultures, and regions, reaching a global audience. We verify the linguistic and cultural appropriateness of your app, enabling you to deliver a seamless and engaging user experience worldwide.

  • Verification of translated app content (UI text, error messages, notifications, in-app content)
  • Cultural adaptation testing to ensure relevant date formats, currency symbols, measurement units, etc
  • App features and functionality testing (regions and time zones)
  • Right-to-Left (RTL) testing for languages written in that order (Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew)

Custom Application Testing Services

Our custom application testing services are tailored to meet your application's unique requirements, delivering high-quality, scalable solutions. We ensure seamless integration with other apps and APIs while aligning app functionality with your business objectives.

  • Customized test strategy development (user stories, acceptance criteria, attributes, etc)
  • Integration with DevOps for continuous testing and feedback throughout the SDLC
  • Domain-specific testing approaches and techniques (Finance, eCommerce, Gaming, Healthcare, and more)
  • Cross-platform testing (iOS app and Android app testing services)
  • Technology-Specific testing (web, mobile, cloud, IoT, AI/ML, blockchain)

What Mobile Apps Do we Test?

Native Apps

Native apps are designed and built specifically for a particular operating system or device. Our Android and iOS app testing company tests their platform-specific features to optimize performance and ensure a seamless user experience.

Web Apps

Our mobile app testing services also cater to internet-based applications that run within a web browser. We test for cross-browser compatibility and eliminate the need for local installation.

Hybrid Apps

As hybrid apps combine elements of both native and web apps, our QAs ensure that they access all device features and browser functionalities.

Cross-Platform Apps

Cross-platform apps use a single codebase for different systems and devices. Our mobile app testing experts ensure consistent functionality across diverse operating systems, browsers, and device configurations, enhancing the app’s performance and responsiveness.

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Our Mobile App Testing Workflow

  • Requirement Analysis

    We analyze your mobile app and testing objectives to define the testing scope, identify target platforms and devices, and accommodate specific guidelines or constraints.

  • Test Planning and Case Design

    Based on our analysis, we outline a detailed test plan mentioning all the strategies, techniques, and types of testing required. Our experts also design unique test cases that cover functional, non-functional, and platform-specific scenarios, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

  • Environment Setup

    We test your mobile apps in diverse testing environments with a wide range of devices and emulators/simulators representing the target platforms and configurations. This environment is regularly customized to accommodate your requirements, latest updates, and device releases.

  • Test Execution

    Our mobile application testing experts combine manual techniques and automated testing tools to carefully test your app.

  • Reporting and Assessment Release

    Throughout the testing process, we document detailed reports specifying all test activities, outcomes, and identified problem areas. Our experts then prioritize the reported issues based on severity, impact on user experience, and criticality to the application's functionality.

  • Issue Resolution and Bug Fixes

    At our iOS and Android app development company, we also offer issue resolution support. Our experts analyze and troubleshoot the reported issues by developing fixes and workarounds. After the issues are resolved, they also conduct regression testing or re-testing to verify that their fixes are successful

What Do you Get with SunTec India’s Mobile App Testing Services?

We have been raising the bar as a leading mobile app testing company. With us, you get a host of benefits, including

A Methodology-Agnostic Approach

Our mobile app testing process is adaptable and can accommodate various development methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, DevOps, and others.

A Fine-Tuned Testing Environment

We provide well-tuned testing environments equipped with a range of devices, emulators, and configurations to replicate real-world testing scenarios.

Seasoned QAs and Testers

Our team has seasoned QA professionals and experienced testers who pay attention to detail and conform to all mobile app quality standards.

Advanced Testing Tools and Technologies

We leverage cutting-edge testing tools and technologies, including automation frameworks, performance testing tools, and security testing solutions that keep pace with evolving technological advancements.

Accommodated Changing Requirements

Our mobile app testing services are designed to accommodate changing requirements and evolving project needs

Elevating Mobile App Quality with the Latest Technologies

Still in Doubt?

Our mobile application testing company guarantees enhanced app performance, usability, and security!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly. Our mobile app testing experts are proficient in testing single-page applications to validate their functionality, performance, and responsiveness. They can identify functional glitches and pinpoint potential areas of improvement.

The cost of our mobile functional testing services can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of your app, its features, and specific testing objectives. To provide an accurate estimate, we would need to assess your mobile app. Contact us with your specific requirements and we can provide you with a free quote.

Choosing SunTec for mobile application testing can help you save a lot of time and resources. As we have an established workflow and a team of QA professionals and testers, outsourcing app testing to us becomes an efficient and cost-effective option. Moreover, our experience as a mobile app development company empowers us to test promptly, reducing the time to market and enhancing overall client satisfaction. So, to summarize, when opting for our app testing services, you can from:

  • Lower development costs with up to 70% reduction.
  • Prompt testing to facilitate a faster launch
  • High user satisfaction rate
  • Better device and platform compatibility as we employ the latest tools and technologies

Yes, we also offer load-testing services to ensure that your app can handle certain levels of user traffic and activity without glitching. Our mobile app testing experts rigorously test for app scalability and responsiveness under varying load conditions to identify and address performance bottlenecks.

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