Upgrade your mobile app solutions to iOS 17 and WatchOS 10

Upgrade your mobile app solutions to iOS 17 and WatchOS 10 without any hassle


Apple announced the release of its much-awaited iPhone 15 series and Apple Watch lineup (Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2) at its latest special event- Wonderlust 2023. The new devices will run on the latest A16 Bionic and S9 SIP Chip, respectively, for ultra-powerful performance.

After this announcement, a mad rush is expected among stakeholders to upgrade their iOS app solutions and leverage the new capabilities of iOS 17 and watchOS 10; to quickly integrate these innovations into their mobile applications for better user satisfaction. So, we are going to help you navigate the latest iOS changes smoothly.

Let’s check out what you need to know to accelerate your app modernization efforts and reduce time-to-market.

Key features in Apple’s latest iOS 17 and WatchOS 10 releases for businesses

Our iOS development experts already have hands-on experience with the beta version of these updated operating systems (the final version was released on Sep 18, 2023) and thus, know how the latest features can be incorporated into your existing iOS apps for a seamless user experience.

During the beta tests, our team found the following to be the most relevant and interesting features & APIs.

In WatchOS 10:

  • Offline Siri Access through Neural Engine (eliminating the need to have an iPhone nearby to interact with Siri through Apple Watch)

  • New design options to showcase the apps in tab views, split views and more using SwiftUI API

Image sourceApple WatchOS 10 Updates

  • Double tap feature for customizable gesture control (let users control the primary buttons in the app, launch smart stack, scroll widgets, and more by tapping index finger & thumb together)

Image sourceApple Event – September 12

  • Smart Stack widgets to showcase contextually relevant information about an app at a glance
  • New cycling and hiking features
  • Custom workout APIs for fitness apps (allow users to create custom workouts)
  • New modular watch faces to showcase the real-time app data
  • 3D elevation views in the Compass app

In iOS 17:

  • WidgetKit to build interactive widgets for apps with more customization options
  • SharePlay functionality to add in apps (to allow users to transfer large files with others or kickstart any shared activity through the application without any adoption)
  • MapKit to integrate offline Apple maps into your apps
  • New Optimization Tools in Core ML for apps to deliver enhanced machine learning experiences
  • New StoreKit views to build custom subscription stores for in-app purchases

Image sourceApple Event – September 12

  • Assistive Access feature to make apps more accessible for users with cognitive disabilities
  • Improved privacy & security features (cryptographic passkeys to use instead of passwords by users in apps for secure & quick sign-in)

How can we help you incorporate these features/APIs into your iOS app solutions?

The launch of iOS 16 last year led to a huge spike in demand from enterprises looking to build and upgrade their iOS solutions rapidly to leverage the new capabilities (58% of our overall clientele, as found in an internal survey). This year, with the massive advancements introduced in iOS 17, we anticipate the demand to be even greater. Our conversations with clients reveal that 20% are aiming to upgrade their apps within the first two weeks of the iOS 17 release.

That is why we are prepared 

As a leading mobile app development company with CMMI level-3 expertise and 20 years of industry experience, SunTec India has been at the forefront of incorporating the latest iOS and WatchOS features and APIs into clients’ iOS app solutions.

Since the beta release of iOS 17 and WatchOS 10, our development team has been testing and validating the new capabilities. We have conducted in-house workshops and training sessions to bring the entire team up to speed.

Leveraging this upper hand and our expertise in SwiftUI, you can quickly upgrade your iOS app to support all the latest APIs and platform innovations. We follow agile methodologies so your users can benefit from the latest iOS capabilities without any delay.

We have the right infrastructure and a pool of skilled resources to help you with:

Upgrading your existing iOS app solutions

Our iOS app developers can upgrade your existing iOS apps for the latest releases by:

  • Utilizing the latest Xcode and SDKs released by Apple
  • Optimizing your app’s UI/UX according to new design guidelines 
  • Adding new features, such as a new control center, widgets, and privacy features in your app to make it look and feel more modern and appealing to users.
  • Conducting beta testing of your app to check its compatibility with the new releases.
  • Submitting it to the App Store for review.

Developing iOS apps from scratch

If you already have an app idea to be developed for the latest Apple releases, our experienced iOS app developers can work on it. We can build feature-rich, intuitive apps for the latest Apple releases from scratch, tailored to your specific needs, in your preferred framework and development budget.

Over the years, we have utilized our state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise to successfully design & deploy on-demand iOS solutions for clients across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, food & beverage, entertainment, education, travel, and many more.

Check out our iOS app development portfolio:

Integrating APIs with your iOS apps

Our iPhone app developers can also assist you in integrating the latest APIs introduced by Apple for wearable devices and iPhones in your existing or newly developed apps, depending on the features you require. Once the integration is in place, our app developers can test it thoroughly and provide ongoing maintenance support to ensure that it continues to work properly.

Performing QA (quality assurance) for your iOS apps

We don’t just upgrade your existing iOS apps or build them from scratch, but also ensure that they meet the latest guidelines of the App Store. We add all the critical data security & privacy features (recently introduced by Apple) to protect the information of users on your app and also conduct regular security audits to identify bugs & other vulnerabilities at the initial stages of iOS app development/upgradation. As an ISO-certified organization for data security and quality, our developers also adhere to strict privacy guidelines and sign NDAs with our clients for every development project.

Upgrade your iOS app solutions to WatchOS 17 and iOS 17 effortlessly with SunTec India

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