Top 10 Reasons for Hiring a WordPress Web Development Company in 2022

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Top Reasons for Hiring a WordPress Development Company

The world of the internet provides businesses with many opportunities to grow and perform well. One such professional way to represent a brand is through a proper website. Many users opt for WordPress as their platform to represent them online. It is a simple, affordable, popular, and user-friendly content management system. It offers lots of templates, themes, and plugins to customize the website at any point or according to requirement.

This just means more work for the WordPress web development company. You need to shortlist ones that fit your needs and budget. There are multiple reasons a third-party firm can prove beneficial for your small business website. In this post, we are going to discuss those reasons and also explain the cost analysis in hiring a developer or a company.

Hire a WordPress Web Development Company

Top Reasons For Hiring a WordPress Web Development Company

There are lots of reasons for hiring professionals to create your WordPress website for you. Here we have listed a few of them that will help you see the advantages of hiring a WordPress eCommerce development company for your business.

1. Custom Solutions

Experts can help you create a design or plugin that meets your requirements. They are proficient in their job and can build a website after understanding your needs and budget allocation. Then, they advise solutions tailor-made to meet your expectations.

2. Creativity and Originality

A beginner cannot design the interface as efficiently as a professional can. You will need to hire a dedicated WordPress developer to create a website, plugin, and theme that suits your requirement. An Expert can provide you with a unique perspective you need to create something original, different, and competitive.

3. Easy Technical Support

The best part about hiring specialists to create a WordPress site is the help you get in creating something from scratch. They will be round-the-clock to provide you support in your time zone. You can even ask the developers to train you in some features so you can maintain your website efficiently.

4. Flexible Work Timings

With outside help, you get the freedom to decide how long you want to work with the developer. If you need to get some simple tweaks, you can ask for their services for a few hours. Or, you can collaborate with them for a long-term project to provide your business end-to-end support.

5. Better Focus

When you hire WordPress developers, you get to save a lot of time that you can focus on fulfilling other duties. You can divert your attention towards other business-critical tasks like marketing, sales, growing your business, amongst others

6. Beautiful Websites

With help from professionals, you can create great websites that attract more traffic and increase conversions. You get user-friendly, cost-effective, beautiful, and robust websites that only a person with technical knowledge may build. A beginner may not provide you with the results that you need.

7. Better Quality

An expert WordPress developer follows international coding standards for developing your website. They validate the HTML/XHTML code of a website against Wide Web Consortium (orW3C) coding guidelines. This will give you the high-quality, feature-rich, and unique solutions that you need for your project.

8. Get Post-Development Support

The work does not end at creating a website. You may need help even after the development process is over. With a professional WordPress web development company, you can tie-up for post-development maintenance and support. This way you ensure value-for-money, and flawless working of your website.

9. Genuine SEO

A WordPress developer or company will develop your website in an SEO friendly manner. This will help make your site rank higher in search engines and get more traffic. This way you can reach more customers and grow your business easily.

10. Timely Delivery

A good WordPress eCommerce development company will adhere to strict time guidelines to honor their commitments. They would communicate to you if there are any delays and be professional at all times.

Cost Analysis of Hiring a WordPress Developer or Company

WordPress is an open-source content management system that is available free of cost to download and use. Users have the freedom to install it on any website. This may make you wonder

If WordPress is really free, where is the cost coming from?

To answer your query, it requires more than just WordPress to create a fully functioning online entity. You need extra stuff to manage and store the data coming from the website. These added components increase the cost of the overall WordPress website development. Here is the list of these extras.

  • Web hosting
  • Domain name
  • Design and themes
  • Plugins or extensions
  • eCommerce features
  • WordPress developer fees

There is a cost associated with each component. Here we are going to talk about the added expenditure of each feature. This will help you determine how you want to go ahead with your online business website. It will also help you decide on features that are essential for your requirements and budget. Let us begin by exploring each component one at a time.

    • Web Hosting

Every website needs hosting to store all its files on the internet. It allocates a specific path to where you can find all your data and install WordPress. The cost of hosting varies from server to server. You can choose the basic WordPress site for free to create a simple website in minutes.

When you hire website development services from WordPress, it only offers you hosting on its platform. It does not help you monitor your content or help you solve issues with a third-party plugin. You can also choose popular hosting websites to host your website. The price may vary from anything between $30 to $900 per month. The cost depends on the storage space allocation, the number of websites you want to host, and processing power.

If you are looking to create enterprise-level websites, you need to invest more in hosting. It provides you better quality and performance as per your needs. It also provides you with more features, resource isolation, and that much-needed support. You can opt for cheaper options with small, one-page websites. You can beautify them as per your needs and create something like a portfolio for your career.

SSL: Depending on your requirement, you may need to protect your customer data from leakage or potential hack. SSL provides security to the data that gets transferred between the web browser and server. It may be free with some subscription plans in limited hosting platforms. You may also have to pay for the validity of the SSL certificate. This may cost anything between $50 to $200 per year.

    • Domain Name

This is your website’s address on the internet. It is a unique name given to your website through which users can connect with you or your business. When you register a domain name, you purchase a site’s Unique Resource Locator (or URL). All one needs to do is type it into the browser’s address bar to your website. This can cost anywhere between $10 to $30 every year.

    • Design and Themes

There are free themes available on WordPress as part of their website development services. You can install them or use a unique layout that works for your business. This may cost you anywhere between $0-$50,000.

    • Plugins or Extensions

Plugins are code snippets that one can add to their website. It can be useful in enhancing features, adding new properties, and customizing a website. Some plugins (also called extensions) are free, but premium ones can cost anywhere between $47 to $200. The price can recur or payable in a single time. You need to make sure not to add too many plugins to your website. This can affect the performance of the site. Alternatively, you can also hire WordPress developers to clean the code and optimize your website.

    • eCommerce Features

Creating an online store can be a daunting task, but it is simpler with WordPress.There are many free eCommerce solutions available with WordPress that you can add to your website. These include WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Shopp, etc. You may also need plugins like AffiliateWP, Stripe Payment Gateway, Recurring Payments, etc. to ensure smooth operations. They may cost you anything between $99 to $199 per year.

  • WordPress Developer Fees

If you decide to create a simple version using free tools, it will not cost you much. But if you have something complex in mind, you are looking at an average cost of $3,000-$15,000. This is a one-off charge paid to the WordPress web development company or developer. It is keeping in mind the hourly rate of a developer can be anything between $40 – $100 per hour in western countries.

As you can see, it is not cheap to create a WordPress website. The total cost of development can cost anything between $100 to $51,329. The price can vary depending on the website’s purpose, speed, and performance. This means the amount of money you spend will directly affect the quality of your website. It will help direct more traffic to your website, increase conversions, boost sales, and grow your business. It all depends on the plugins and themes that you choose.

To Wrap It Up

It may seem easy to install ready-made plugins and themes that are available for free. But if you are creating a website from scratch, it is always a good idea to let professionals handle the complex technical tasks. You need to hire WordPress development services experts with in-depth knowledge of the platform. They can help you get the results that you need within the stipulated time frame, allowing you to focus on other business-critical tasks. The same goes for when you are trying to customize your website according to your requirements.

SunTec India is the ideal partner you need to solve all your problems cost-effectively, safely, and fastly. It is a professional way to allow experts to handle all your website development services related tasks. We have been in the business for the past 25+ years, offering bespoke services to clients across the globe. We can help you create a great website that is interactive, user-friendly, and creates brand awareness. To discuss your project details, write to us at

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