Hire Software QA Engineers

Overcome QA bottlenecks with seamless testing solutions for enhanced efficiency

Hire QA Engineers to Streamline Development and Simplify your QA Process

Struggling to find seasoned QA engineers that fit right in your project? Hire QA engineers with SunTec India. Having more than 20 years of experience in global IT outsourcing services, we have built a vast network of skilled quality assurance testers across several industries. Save time, effort, and resources while we handle your QA requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Manual design and execution of test cases
  • Efficient automated testing
  • Hiring support for building dedicated software testing teams
  • Ongoing support and maintenance (bug fixes and software updates)

The Scope of our QA Testing Expertise

Work with our dedicated software testing teams that elevate your product quality and streamline your testing process. Our experts offer:

QA Consulting Services

Our software QA consultants provide insightful guidance and tailored recommendations to ensure efficient testing and high-quality deliverables.

  • Test process assessment to evaluate current practices
  • Strategy development
  • Quality metrics definition for improved quality
  • Risk assessment and mitigation

One-Time Testing Services

Our one-time testing services offer a cost-effective solution. By hiring QA engineers, you'll receive a focused evaluation of your software, ensuring it meets quality standards and performs reliably.

  • Specific project evaluation
  • Validation of a particular set of features or change
  • Post-testing consultation for future improvement

Code Quality Assessment

Ensure the integrity and maintenance of your codebase with our code quality assessment service. Our software QA team conducts thorough reviews and analyses to identify issues, improve code quality, and enhance overall software reliability.

  • Extensive codebase evaluation to identify bugs, security vulnerabilities, etc.
  • Code metrics analysis (complexity, readability, defect density)
  • Architecture design review
  • Evaluation of code dependencies
  • Identification of areas for code refactoring to improve maintainability

Full-Cycle QA Testing Services

Our dedicated QA testing team ensures end-to-end coverage, from initial development stages to post-deployment maintenance. They analyze your requirements, plan and design test cases, track defects and provide regular updates.

  • Examination of project requirements
  • Test case design and development
  • Managing testing activities throughout the SDLC
  • Defect tracking and management
  • Regression, performance, and security testing
  • UAT to validate the software as per user expectations

Testing as a Service

Simplify your testing process with our Testing as a Service (TaaS) model. Our quality assurance testers provide comprehensive testing solutions tailored to your project requirements, offering scalability, flexibility, and expertise on demand.

  • End-to-end testing solutions covering all software functionalities
  • Test automation for enhanced efficiency
  • Integration of CI/CD pipelines for continuous testing
  • Cloud-based testing for enhanced scalability
  • Flexible engagement models (pay-as-you-go, subscription, project-based, etc)

Offshore QA Team Setup

We help you assemble a dedicated offshore QA team for better delegation and execution of testing workflows. This helps streamline your testing process and leaves more room for you to focus on other business activities while our QA testers ensure efficient testing.

  • Thorough vetting and rigorous interviews to hire proficient QA engineers
  • Expertise in test automation integration
  • Cloud-based testing infrastructure for scalable and accessible testing environments
  • Streamlined processes to expedite product launches.

It’s Easy to Hire with SunTec

We have an easy, 3-step approach to help you hire QA testers.

  • Step 1: Requirement Gathering and Defining Goals

    Our QA testers:

    • Study your requirements
    • Define the scope (team lineup and size)
    • Identify relevant skills
  • Step 2: Candidate Sourcing and Team Assembling

    • Screen our internal pool and vet suited candidates
    • Conduct interviews (technical and HR)
    • NDA signing and onboarding
  • Step 3: Ongoing Maintenance and Support

    • Constant monitoring to ensure work efficiency
    • Team extension if required
    • Regular feedback

Build your Own Software QA Team

Whether to identify improvement opportunities or conduct full-cycle QA testing, our quality assurance testers handle all testing outsourcing requirements seamlessly.

  • 20+

    Years of Experience
  • 400+

    Global Clients
  • 95%

    Recurring Clients
  • 1500+

    Full-time Employees

We Help you Hire QA Engineers Proficient in the Following Areas

SunTec empowers businesses to ensure the quality and reliability of their software solutions by allowing them to hire skilled QA testers proficient in areas, including

QA Automation Testing

With us, you can hire QA automation test engineers proficient in implementing automated testing frameworks and tools.

Functional Testing

Partner with us to hire testing experts who ensure optimal functionality while meeting your requirements and user expectations.

Load Performance Testing

Leverage our services to hire load performance testing experts who excel in evaluating software performance under varying loads, ensuring reliability and scalability.

Security Testing

Trust us to help you hire security testing experts adept at identifying vulnerabilities and implementing robust security measures to protect your software against potential threats.

Web App Testing

With us, you can hire web app testing experts who ensure cross-browser and platform compatibility for optimal user experience.

Mobile App Testing

Partner with us to hire mobile app testing experts who specialize in testing mobile applications on various devices and platforms, ensuring compatibility, usability, and performance.

API Testing

We help you hire API testing experts skilled in validating the performance and functionality of your APIs for seamless integration and interaction.

QA Tools and Platforms we Work with

Why Choose SunTec as your Software and QA Testing Partner?

We are a CMMI Level 3 certified software and QA testing company in India. When you hire QA engineers with us, you can benefit from:

Established Workflow

You can rely on our performance-tuned and time-tested workflows, specifically tailored for QA testing. Our quality assurance testers guarantee uniformity, dependability, and excellence in every project they handle.

Easy Scalability

Our flexible hiring solutions ensure easy scaling (up and down) of your QA team based on project demands, without any hassle or delay.

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize your needs and preferences, ensuring that our QA engineers align with your project objectives.

Robust Security

With stringent security measures in place, you can trust us to safeguard your business data and intellectual property (IP) throughout the hiring and QA testing process.

Seamless Integration

Our software testing teams seamlessly integrate with your existing teams and workflows, ensuring a smooth transition and efficient collaboration from day one.

Flexible Collaboration Models

We offer a variety of collaboration models, such as project-based hiring, dedicated QA teams, or a hybrid approach. With us, you can also get a tailored collaboration package that best suits your needs, ensuring maximum convenience and adaptability.

Worried About the Cost of Hiring Software Testing Teams?

Hiring with SunTec allows you to save up to 70% on QA costs!

Our Engagement Models

At SunTec, we understand unique and varying business requirements. This is why, we offer multiple engagement models to ensure that our services best fit your budget.


QA testing services are scoped and executed based on the specific requirements, timelines, and objectives of individual projects.

  • Ideal for startups and entrepreneurs
  • Suits small-to-mid-level budget projects

Team/Staff Augmentation

Scale your operations and expand your existing team with skilled QA testers to meet varying project demands.

  • Suitable for every scale of business and project
  • To fill potential talent gaps

Offshore Software and QA Testing Center

We facilitate a functional ODC offering access to a dedicated team of skilled testers and advanced infrastructure for low-cost, high-quality testing outcomes.

  • Suitable for large-scale enterprises
  • For mid-to-big-budget projects

Dedicated Software QA Teams

Clients get dedicated QA teams having domain expertise for seamless integration with their existing internal teams.

  • For long-term collaboration
  • Can be tailored to any budget

Awards and Recognitions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our testing solutions accelerate your development and deployment process by prioritizing risk assessment and mitigation. This ensures high quality, performance, and security. Here are some other reasons to hire QA engineers with us:

Our team specializes in testing a wide range of enterprise software, including (but not limited to):

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Supply chain management software
  • eCommerce
  • Business process automation software
  • Financial management software
  • Product lifecycle management software

With team/staff augmentation, external QA professionals directly integrate with your in-house team under your supervision. Working closely with your employees, they foster knowledge transfer and fill skill gaps. Conversely, traditional outsourcing results in the entire testing process being done externally. As a result, you have negligible involvement in the testing process.

As team/staff augmentation adds more QA testers to your existing team, they directly work under your supervision. You can guide and direct them as per your requirements. We only monitor them to ensure smooth and effective collaboration.

Through team/staff augmentation, you can access a diverse range of QA professionals, including manual testers, QA automation engineers, performance testers, security testers, and team leaders with expertise in various domains and technologies. We tailor team composition to match your specific project requirements, ensuring the right people are there to meet your testing needs.

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