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EDUPUB / ePub for Education

Semantically-Enhanced ePub for Interactive eTextbooks & Learning Content

From quizzes, tests, and adaptive learning, to activities and multimedia - interactive digital formats and specification like EDUPUB are most suited to Educational Content.

SunTec works with leading educational publishers globally, helping them create EDUPUB-compliant publications that precisely meet the unique structural and semantic requirements of educational publishing. Based on the HTML5 and EPUB3 standards, it provides a content model, structural semantics including "remixability", extended metadata, LMS integration, shared annotations, distributable objects, and scriptable components.

The use of EDUPUB ensures that learners get access to high-quality, scalable, richer and more interactive content that improves learning outcomes together with enabling digital educational content to be reliably distributed, consumed, and interchanged across a wide variety of devices and platforms.

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EDUPUB Solutions for Educational Publishing: Key Features

1. Metadata

Educational metadata

Established on schema.org educational properties, such as:

  • Type of audience: professional, corporate, schools, etc.
  • Type of learning resource: activity, discussion or assessment based
  • Age Range: 5-10, 10-15, 15-20

2. Structure and "repurposability"

Structure of HTML content

  • Implement content that is well structured so as to have a reflowable EPUB
  • Promote the use of structured semantics such as footnote, assessment, etc

Accessibility metadata

Established on schema.org accessibility attributes such as:

  • Accessibility features: alternative text, print page numbers
  • Accessibility control: full keyboard control, full voice control

Why there is a need for well-structured content?

  • Well-structured and semantically rich content generates predictability for both humans and machines and it also facilitates remixability.
  • How a publisher can detect renewable objects in EPUB is defined in EPUB Distributable Objects specifications.

Teacher editions and guides

Capability to identify that an EDUPUB eBook is

  • A teacher's edition (representing superset of work that students are using)
  • A teacher's guide (providing general guidelines about the curriculum)

3. Scriptable Components

  • Communication application program Interface (API) as well as packaging for interactive constituents in EPUB
  • Effort to make it easier for publishers and reading systems
  • Incorporation of 3d party constituents
  • Enhanced security as well as performance

4. Open Annotations

  • Crucial missing element: format for interchange
  • EPUB Adaptation of W3C Open Annotation
  • The EPUB adaptation also facilitates bundling of annotations collected
  • Defining target audience

5. LMS integration

IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and Outcomes

  • At present, EDUPUB defines Reading System Conformance and content requirements for LTI 1.2/2.0
  • Assistance for Caliper and QTI at higher conformance levels (TBD)

6. Utilizing other EPUB attributes


  • The EPUB Navigation document used for efficient navigation for all users

EPUB multiple renditions

  • Bundling of numerous versions of the content is allowed such as fixed, reflowable, etc.
  • Examples: reflowable/fixed, multiple languages

Leverage Our EDUPUB Solutions for Developing & Converting Learning Content

  • Advanced features and functions
  • Economies of scale in relation to design, development, and distribution of digital content in EPUB format.
  • Consistent presentation across devices
  • Elimination of variant products for different platforms
  • Easy LMS integration
  • Improved assessments, analytics, and outcomes
  • Easily repurposable content
  • Facilitated adaptive learning

Let's Get Started!

To find out how we can help you effectively convert and publish textbooks and learning content into fully-functional, interactive eBooks using EDUPUB, please drop us a line at info@suntecindia.com.

"To work with SunTec was a pleasure for us - the reactions were very quick and we are fully satisfied with the quality of their work. Looking forward for the next projects to accomplish together."Sandra Thoms, Dryas Verlag