Why Outsourcing Video Annotation Services Is Profitable For Businesses?

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Why Outsourcing Video Annotation Services Is Profitable For Businesses?

Video annotation is a fantastic innovation that helps machines to recognize objects easily through computer vision. It detects the moving objects in the visuals and makes them recognizable by outlining things frame-to-frame. Video annotation is a perfect blend of human annotators and automated tools that labels the target objects in video footage. This is done to train the machine learning and deep learning models, which are further used for computer vision applications such as automatic video classification tools.

Today video annotation is being used by a vast number of industries all over the world. Automobile, Medical, Agriculture, and Logistics are a few critical names using video annotation services on a large scale. The global data annotation tools market size was valued at USD 494.0 million in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.1% from 2021 to 2028.


Why Is Video Annotation Important For Businesses?

Today it is pretty much clear that AI and Machine Learning have revolutionized the world significantly. It has made machines and applications way more brilliant than we humans can ever think. Whether it is in the healthcare sector, autonomous industry, or other sectors, we can easily see the takeover of these technologies.

Have you ever wondered how machines can mimic human actions? It is because of the trained datasets that make machines and applications actionable, just like human beings. These datasets are built and trained through Data Annotation.

Video Annotation is also a part of this data annotation that automatically tracks the object movements in every frame and uses specific context to recognize that object through the video annotating tools. Annotating a video means adding a meta description to the datasets.

Today video annotation services are widely adopted by prominent industries. Do you know why? Below we have mentioned a few significant reasons that help you to understand why industries are willing to outsource video annotation services for their business.

  • Objects are detectable quickly: The first significant reason for outsourcing video annotation services is it lets moving objects identify quickly. As discussed above, video annotation captures the object frame-by-frame and makes it recognizable with specific annotations to the machine. For example, in autonomous technology, the video annotating tools detect objects quickly like signboards, signals, vehicles, street lights, and other objects present on the road.

    The recognition depends on what you have programmed in the machine learning algorithms to recognize it. If you tell the computer to identify a vehicle as a signboard or something, it recognizes it as a signboard only.

  • Objects can be tracked easily: In video annotation, AI uses computer vision to track something or someone. It will follow every action of that particular person or object. It is one of the successful practices adopted in etching; for example, there is a brilliant teacher, and you have a coaching or educational institute to run. All you need to do is to connect with that person and discuss your idea. Once the person is ready, you must hire a video annotation company that can set things up for that tutor. They will track all the actions that the person will perform in their field, and the machine will provide you with its complete activities in different frames that will help you understand how it will be beneficial for you to join business hands with that person.
  • Identify and track people smartly: Video annotation is a successful business practice for companies who have stores businesses or investigative works. By annotating video data sets in CCTV footage, one can quickly identify the required person. For example, if a person is missing, their photo is fed into the system and checked with the CCTV cameras data of that area; the annotated video data sets help identify if the person has been captured anywhere before.

    Now let’s discuss why it is better to outsource video annotation services instead of using third-party video annotation tools and perform it by yourself.

Why Is Outsourcing Video Annotation Services Beneficial For Businesses?

Hiring professional video annotation service providers is always considered good practice for businesses. Because one cannot be the master in the different fields. An experienced video annotation company will help you in multiple ways, including:

  • Offers high-quality datasets: Artificial Intelligence is one of the innovative experiments of human beings that make the machine working precisely like us. But what if you programmed that machine wrong? It gives no results. To prevent the feeding of inaccurate training data sets, misaligned or confusing data, let professionals help you. The video annotation service providers will help you with the right set of tools and technologies to accomplish the objectives.
  • Saves Time and Dollars: When it comes to video annotation, things become more complex than image annotation. Video annotation requires a lot more specific tools and techniques to get the desired results. And for that, you require to invest money and time in your workforce. You need recruits for managing it, and it affects your in-house running projects, so why waste money if an outsourced team can easily handle this.

    Hiring a video annotation company will save you from extra recruitment, help your workforce focus explicitly on in-house projects and deliver your project with complete accuracy and trained datasets.

  • Prevent from Biasness: Biasness is always a negative thing in any business, whether between employees or data. If your Machine learning results are biased, it negatively impacts the solutions. Here outsourcing is one of the wisest decisions that you can take for your business. The professionals eliminate the bias conditions, keeping the samples wholly accurate and updated with the right video annotation tools so that the training datasets can be worked efficiently.
  • Eliminates Training Cost: To implement any new things in the business, organizations must train their workforce, which needs enormous investment. By outsourcing video annotation services, you can eliminate these additional costs. It will be beneficial because the outsource team comprises trained professionals who hold expertise in every tool and technology. You do not require to spend an extra penny on brushing up on their skills. The machine learning experts are already well-equipped to manage and maintain complicated datasets; they will deliver you the best results on or before the deadlines.

Final Words

Annotation services for Computer vision have an enormous potential to transform lives significantly. But the success entirely depends upon the training datasets, like the way they are trained and grasped by machine learning algorithms.

Hence it would be best for your business to hire a video annotation company to deliver you advanced and highly professional video annotation services.

SunTec India is here to help you with it. We are a leading video annotation services provider which holds rich experience in video annotation. Our team of dedicated video annotators has hands-on experience with the latest tools and technologies, delivering best-in-class solutions. So, connect with us today at info@suntecindia.com and start your project. We’d be glad to serve you with our best video annotation services.

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