How Is Laravel The Best PHP Framework For Enterprise Applications?

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Laravel for enterprise app development

Large businesses are going for exclusive apps to offer smooth and efficient services to their audience. It removes unnecessary roadblocks that hinder task completion and automates communication. Every business has different requirements. Enterprise applications always tend to have a high volume of users that are processing different services at the same time. Hence, such apps are usually robust and pretty complex. No wonder there is suddenly a huge demand for premium website development services.

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How are enterprise applications different from other applications?

Enterprise applications are developed to solve the specific business-related issues of an enterprise. They have multiple users operating massive amounts of data. These apps rely on parallel processing that entails more than one platform. Such apps have detailed business policies, details of the management board, latest publications, etc. Hence, developing such enterprise applications requires a versatile web application framework.

What are the features of a good enterprise application?

Enterprise applications are vital to fostering business performance and gaining employee insights. They help businesses become scalable and flexible. A good enterprise application should have features like:

1. Security

Enterprise apps should have high-security levels. They deal with a vast pool of sensitive data. Hence, such apps should be impenetrable by anyone outside the organization.

2. Appropriate data management

These apps deal with a high volume of data. So, they should have a robust foundation that will support the volume without any interruptions. Good data management is also the key to sound business decisions.

3. Automated action

Enterprise apps should be able to provide automated responses to repetitive tasks. Automation saves a lot of time spent by the end-user. This way, it adds to efficiency in the organization.

4. AI-equipped

Enterprise apps must be powered by AI and machine learning. AI-ML offers reliable and quality insights into user behavior and also helps in predicting upcoming changes in user consumption. This information can be crucial to keeping up with the overall changes in the workspace.

Now that we know quite a lot about enterprise applications, naturally, the succeeding question would be which framework can accommodate such requirements. Well, several web development frameworks are used to develop such apps. However, not every framework offers adequate versatility that would accommodate the evolving nature of enterprise applications.

Laravel is one such framework that not only ticks all the requirements for an enterprise application but is also very flexible. It is an open-source framework that allows developers to play around and custom-build applications that specifically answer their requirements. Let us find a little more about this framework before you hire dedicated Laravel developers for your enterprise application.

Why is Laravel suitable for enterprise applications?

Laravel offers superior data seeding, documentation, and migrations which is not so common in other frameworks. There are other features too that are aligned with the requirements of a modern-day enterprise. Let’s check them out.

1. Data Protection

data protection

The current digital age is also marred by frequent cyberattacks. Data is crucial to every business activity and hence it must be safeguarded under all circumstances. Laravel is a highly secure framework that does not allow any harmful element to enter the web app. The development code used in this framework is extremely safe which makes the applications safe. So now you do not have to worry about risks from unapproved SQL injections.

2. Performance

Working with Laravel is often stress-free because of their latest Laravel Octane Beta version. This version boosts the app performance by incorporating premium application servers like RoadRunner and Swoole. Usually ensuring quality web app performance is a painstaking process for developers. UI/UX designers often have to do a lot of back and forth to ensure a custom experience for the users. However, this is not the issue with Laravel.

3. Real-time applications

Real-time applications

Everyone is moving towards real-time applications. Responsive applications are crucial to businesses as it improves engagements and feedback processes. With the Laravel framework, website development services can build enterprise applications that have social-media sharing and audio streaming features. As the demand for versatile and effective applications rise, developers are switching to Laravel to avail benefits that come with its expansive library.

4. Multilingual applications

Multilingual apps are another hit at the moment. However, building a multilingual application for an enterprise is not a cakewalk. Website development services are increasingly switching to Laravel to counter the complexities of building a multilingual app. This makes the framework an ideal one for startups and other businesses that target audiences spread across a large geographical area.

5. Traffic administration

No one likes using a slow application. As enterprise apps witness a high volume of users, they need efficient data management to speed up their performance. Laravel framework stores data in the filesystem and sometimes in the memory results with aid from the database server. With organized data, the framework can employ cache drivers which in turn boosts the speed of the application.

6. Open-source

open source

Laravel framework is backed by a diverse community of developers. They build new projects and also carry modifications for the already built ones. Developers can interact with others and can bring out new and interesting features to the project. It gives room for innovation with transparency and collaboration. It is an ideal framework for enterprises of all sizes and does not need any payment to use it. Its open-source feature also makes it very easy to customize according to the different enterprise requirements.

7. Expansive library

Laravel has collaborations with other frameworks like Symphony PHP. Combined, they provide a wide range of design patterns with compatible project codes. This is especially essential for enterprise applications as it helps to construct a simple and powerful code base that can be customized later on.

8. Effective testing

Another very important advantage of using the laravel framework is its independence from third-party testing. Website development services can take up effective tests with only the application codebase. Laravel also allows for multiple testing.

9. Model-View-Controller pattern

Laravel is based on the Model-View-Controller pattern or MVC. This feature makes Laravel an ideal PHP framework to incorporate multiple custom functionalities. The MVC software allows the developers to work separately. For example, one can work on the controller logic while another one can handle the views. MVC also makes it very convenient to locate different files for a large project. Another noteworthy advantage is that MVC allows developers to have a firm grip on the URL of the application. This helps when you are trying to optimize the application as per SEO standards.

10. Faster application launch

In the digital arena, you have to stay ahead of the competition. And for that, you cannot afford unnecessary delays. Launching a web application on time is also crucial to keep the target audience interested in your offerings. Otherwise, they will jump on to your competitors. With the Laravel PHP framework, you can develop a fully-functional application in less time. Laravel has a versatile set of built-in tools that can be incorporated into the application without much effort. Also, the MVC architecture facilitates the faster integration of the application. The result is a well-developed application that can be launched well in time.

11. Easy data migration

Data migration allows developers to move datasets from one server to another. Laravel comes with an in-built setup for data migration which boosts this process without the risk of data loss. It makes the entire activity smooth and stress-free for the developers. This hassle-free migration also aids in flawless data synchronization.

12. Easy error management

Easy error management

Application errors can impact several important factors like performance stability, user experience, etc. Hence, reducing their occurrence or fixing them immediately is crucial. However, the Laravel PHP framework is pre-engineered to troubleshoot errors effectively. This framework is also equipped with a Monologue Logging library that offers impactful log handlers.

13. Blade template engine

Laravel framework uses the Blade as its templating engine. It offers striking fast views. This is because it caches the file till they are altered. However, you can also use Laravel without going for the Blade template engine.

How Laravel is better than other frameworks?

Advanced development tools of Laravel enable it to perform the best among other frameworks. The developers prefer Laravel for high-speed web applications. They can easily manage the development process by reusing the codes. The rich capabilities and flexibility make it ideal for website and app development.

Many top Laravel development businesses are providing excellent services. Let us take a look at the primary services:

  • Multiple file systems: All cloud storage systems including Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud Storage are supported by Laravel. The identical API makes it possible to change among several storage options. Users can combine these alternatives into one application in a distributed environment and serve files from multiple locations.
  • Packaging System: A packaging system works with software or libraries that help the web application automate the process. Laravel manages all the information by using Composer as a dependency manager. The information helps manage packages and improve the development speed. Some of the most effective Laravel packages are Image, Laravel Debug bar, and Laravel IDE.
  • Testing: To test the applications, one can use Laravel’s default test. The test makes it easy to detect and prevent regressions in the framework. After completing the test, users can get the most accurate results. After ensuring the results, the application can be launched.

Now, the natural question that follows is if you should hire dedicated web developers for an in-house team or outsource the task. As you can already grasp, developing a high-functional enterprise application is not a cakewalk. So, several organizations often go for outsourcing high-quality premium website development services.

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