Web Design Trends for the Last Quarter of 2015

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Here are the top 10 web designing trends of 2015’s last quarter which are being implemented and suggested by experts.

  • Flat Designs

    Alike the most part of the year, the last quarter is also about keeping the website’s design flat, minimalistic, and intuitive. Using uncluttered and user-centric designs without gradients and drop shadow and more white space is a sure shot way to guarantee rich user-experience.

  • Long Scrolling

    Mobile browsing has made users habitual of scrolling a long way down to the bottom. Implement this for your website as users will find it highly engaging to browse through your website with the layout changing every time they scroll.

    However, make sure that while implementing long scrolling for your website, your homepages is designed thoughtfully, has well-organized content, and a fixed header bar for easy navigation.

  • Fixed Header

    A fixed header bar will make it easy for the users to jump from page-to-page on your website, thereby making your website a user-friendly one.

  • Parallax Designs

    Add depth and make your web pages livelier with Parallax designs. Such designs combine a mix of movement effects and 3D illusions, creating an impact on the visitors with creative typography and powerful imagery.

  • Using HD Images, Videos, and 3D Animations

    Patterns for texture are long gone. It is the age of using HD pictures, 3D animations and videos, and large background images. A number of websites, along with having intuitively placed content, use under 30 seconds’ clips to attract audiences and deliver their linear brand message.

  • Using Infographics

    Infographics provide the perfect platform to grab users’ attention and provide information concisely and accurately. With an infographic, you can intrigue visitors and keep them hooked on to your website.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Responsive web design has become the fundamental aspect due to the ever-increasing demand and use of handheld devices for web-browsing. This trend was followed in the year 2013 and will be followed for many more years.

  • Typographical Fonts

    A number of newly designed websites with black jack, streetwear, nexa, fairview, lakesight, and several such fonts and styles like retro, large type, etc., are grabbing users’ attention.

  • Hero Areas in Place of jQuery Sliders

    Another trend which has been trending through the most part of 2015 and will continue to be implemented is the use of Hero areas. You can use images, animations, videos, etc., in the Hero banners to give a quick overview to the users of what you have to offer.

  • Blocks or Grids of Content

    The trend of using blocks or grids of content is influenced by the design of Windows 8. It facilitates casual browsing and works great on responsive websites.

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