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Guide To Remove Image Background

An image background plays a pivotal role in creating a lasting impact in the minds of the potential audience. By removing unflattering backgrounds and eliminating the flaws and distortions, it is possible to give a rather clean and refreshing appearance to the product images. The intent is to remove image backgrounds in order to make the product images free from all kinds of undesired distractions thereby allowing the potential audience to focus mainly on the product.

The work of an image background remover is to make the product clearly visible to the target audience and entice them towards buying the product. Let us take you through the various steps in which you can undertake image background removal and convert more leads through captivating product images.

How Does The Background Remover Work

A good background remover should be able to eliminate all types of distortions, flaws, blemishes, unwanted elements, and a lot of other things in order to bring the focus to the main product. There shouldn’t be any distractions because that would make the potential buyer lose his/her interest and end up going to your competitor and buying from them.

Background removers are meant to simplify the process of removing the background from a product image. Sometimes, mere removal of distractions won’t serve the purpose. In such a case, the whole background might need to be erased. To serve this purpose, a background remover also aids in replacing it with a white-colored background or any other solid color or rather a transparent background to bring the focus to the product. Color tones can be chosen based on the theme and color scheme of the product page. The intent is to lure the prospective buyers to pick the product as and when they lay their eyes on the image.

In order to remove or replace background from a product image, you don’t really have to possess any specific image editing skills or expertise. All you need is the product image or images that need background removal, and that’s it! There is a plethora of photo background remover tools and software that ensure effective image background removal without hampering the quality of the product images.

How Do I Save My Image With A Transparent Background?

You will find several software and tools that are popular these days in order to refine a product image by removing its background completely and replacing it with a transparent one. These tools and software help in giving the product images a rather cleaner look. Even if your product photography isn’t up to the mark, it is always possible to play with the background and bring the spark back to the images.

Product images can be easily customized with different backgrounds to make them fit for every platform or marketplace, including Etsy, Amazon, and not to forget, your personal website or online store. In addition, you can add eye-catchy designs to your image backgrounds and compel your potential buyers to make a purchase. In fact, you might as well want to use a background that contrasts with your brand’s identity which is very much possible with such tools and software.

Apart from the above, you also get to curate new and fresh background designs for your product photos and make them look presentable, riveting, and flawless, all at the same time, and that too, without much of an effort!

Let us walk you through them one by one.

4 Ultimate Steps To Remove Image Background

If you intend to remove the background of a picture, it is very much possible with little effort and access to a few handy tools and software. If done the right way, you will be able to create seamless backgrounds for your product photos and amplify them for the better.

There are a number of ways to make an image background transparent. Let us get started right away.

1. How To Make The Background Transparent In Google Slides

Google Slides are a great way to layer the images and then remove the undesired elements one by one. With this, you can make the photos look rather presentable and professional. However, if the images you use to remove the background are dark in color, it might make it difficult for the prospective audience to read the text in the image. Otherwise, Google Slides is easy to use when it comes to image background removal.

With Google Slides, you can simply delete the image backgrounds and leave them transparent. Otherwise, you can add any color scheme to it to make it captivating for the audience.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how it is done:

  • Go ahead and open a new presentation or an existing one from your Google Drive account or simply upload it from your computer
  • Hover on the image from which you intend to remove the background and right-click on it
  • From the drop-down list, select the ‘Format’ option to navigate to the Format pane
  • Go to ‘Adjustments’ and with the help of a sliding bar, adjust the transparency level of the image so that you are able to see both the text and the background
  • You can also leverage the ‘Contrast’ and ‘Brightness’ features to get the desired output

2. How To Make The Image Backgrounds Transparent In Photoshop

Photoshop is without a doubt an effective tool to remove background. The important features such as ‘Background Eraser’ and ‘Pencil Tool’ make it possible to remove or replace the background with a better backdrop or a transparent one depending on the need. In fact, you can further refine the selection with the help of the image masking technique. In addition, you can also opt for an image cut-out for precision in background removal as well. Another popular technique frequently used by photographers to amplify the photos is the clipping path method that is done using Photoshop. Know more about how image editing is profitable and actually done here.

3. How To Remove Background From A Picture In GIMP

GIMP (or GNU Image Manipulation Program) is basically a cross-platform graphics editor. It wouldn’t be wrong to refer to it as the free version of the popular software ‘Photoshop’. Although the process is different from the other tools and software, the output is the same as above – background removal. In fact, there is not just one, but a number of ways you can accomplish the task using the layer masks. The key tools used to carry out the background removal job includes the ‘Scissors Selection Tool’ and the ‘Fuzzy Selection Tool’. With these two tools, you can remove the background from the image quite easily.

4. Removing Background In Adobe Illustrator

Image backgrounds can be easily removed with the help of Adobe Illustrator. Using Adobe Illustrator would mean using vectors to gain precision in background removal. Vectors are basically computer-generated and do not require defining the subject or how it is to be done. The vectorized photos are the ones that are well defined rather than the rasterized ones – no compromise on the quality whatsoever. So, after processing when you look at the image in a zoomed view, the quality won’t get hampered.

Adobe Illustrator is another crucial way to remove background from an image. Although it isn’t much of a challenging task, you can always take the help of an expert to get it done for you.

How SunTec India Can Help You In Removing Image Background Without Affecting Your Picture Quality And Originality

With more and more people choosing to buy online, showcasing high-quality, enticing product images has become the need of the hour. And so, businesses have considered opting for both free and paid image editing tools and software prevailing currently to fulfill their needs. However, if one doesn’t have the basic knowledge or skill, or isn’t well-versed with the software, it is better to outsource the job to an offshore service provider and save your time and resources to carry out other critical tasks.

SunTec India offers professional photo editing services to deliver consistent results and cater to all kinds of image editing and background removal needs. Our photo editing experts can help in removing the image background without hindering the quality and resolution of images, thereby maintaining originality. Get in touch with us at info@suntecindia.com or simply call us to know more about our value-driven services.

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