How to Handle eBay Account Suspension- 5 Tips from Experts


tips to handle eBay account suspension

eBay is one of the world’s most popular online marketplaces, second only to Amazon. As the third most-preferred online shopping site in the US, it gives online retailers access to 182 million active buyers worldwide. Clearly, it’s a golden opportunity for sellers.

But, what happens when your eBay account gets suspended?

eBay suspends accounts for various reasons. Present-day online marketplaces are riddled with regulations to protect the buyers and vendors from scams. However, that’s also why innocent mistakes end up being one or the other kind of policy violation, leading to the suspension. Even if you hire eBay experts/listing specialists, there’s no guarantee of safety unless the people handling your account are very very careful.

So, while there is a clear need to be cautious to protect your account, take note of this guide on what you can do to deal with suspension on eBay.

Tips for Dealing with eBay Account Suspension

tips to deal eBay account suspension

1. Don’t Register for a New Account

Creating a new account on eBay immediately after they have suspended yours is a bad idea.

eBay policy allows a user to create more than one accounts. But, they must follow buyer and seller requirements, resolve issues timely, and follow the standards. Registering a new account to avoid suspension or restriction is strictly prohibited. If eBay marks you as a seller who created multiple accounts to evade policy regulations, you will be blacklisted. And, reinstating a blacklisted account is nearly impossible on eBay.

2. Verify the Suspension

Scams like account hijacking usually use fake suspension email, leading sellers to shady web-pages asking for critical information. That’s why it is necessary to verify if account suspension happened.

eBay sends an email and an eBay message to notify a seller about the account suspension. If you’ve received an email regarding this matter, check your eBay account messages to confirm the same.

3. Find out If Your Account Is Under a Hold, Restriction, or Suspension

Holds, Restrictions, and Suspensions are resolved differently.

Holds are issued for minor mistakes, like a late payment or an expired payment method. Restrictions are more serious, with errors like failing to meet the minimum seller performance thresholds. Suspensions are imposed in cases like selling illegal items or engaging in unlawful activities on eBay.

4. Review the Reasons

The email usually mentions the reasons for suspending your eBay account, so go through it carefully.

Getting access to your seller account will depend on the cause of its suspension. For instance, it is easier to deal with a suspension due to overdue seller fees than it is to deal with a suspension due to slow shipping, defective items, failure to ship, etc. The cause could also be related to counterfeiting or fraud. Before doing anything else, it’s necessary to understand precisely what your eBay account is being held accountable for.

5. Call eBay and Discuss

If the issue is easily manageable, the email will outline the steps to get your account reinstated. If not, your only option is to call eBay customer support and let them lead you.

Before calling eBay, gather facts to support your innocence. For starters, you’ll need your eBay id, suspension email’s reference number and date of receiving, and the email associated with your eBay account. Next, gather proof against the charges. For example, if an eBay account has been suspended because of a counterfeit item, a certificate of authenticity can refute the claim. If you’ve been charged with slow shipping, produce tracking numbers and receipts in counter.

Once you have the papers, call eBay and discuss the problem with them. It might take time and more than one call, so it’s a good idea to note the representative’s name, time, and date for future reference. Stay patient and polite throughout the process. Remember- the aim is to get eBay to lift the suspension. Being innocent won’t help if you don’t cooperate with eBay on this case.

Why You Shouldn’t Take an eBay Account Suspension Lightly?

eBay may or may not give you the reasons for suspension or ways to reinstate your account. That’s where the need to talk to eBay support arises. However, be very clear about the fact that a suspended eBay account, regardless of the duration of the suspension, will have ripple effects.

For instance, when an eBay account is suspended, the cash flow is the first thing to get interrupted. Usually, the issue is limited to the loss of live cash generated by continuous eBay sales. However, if any customer files a buyer protection case against you, then the money matching said claim would be frozen in the PayPal account associated with your eBay ID. If you clear out the balance, PayPal will charge the associated bank account or credit card. If PayPal is unable to do so, it will settle the claim out of its pocket. However, in that case, it will freeze your account and send your records to collection.

As an eCommerce owner in that scenario, you will not only face issues with the bank and debt collection agency but also suffer a blow to your brand reputation. That’ll eventually lead to personal & professional stress. If eBay is a prime source of revenue for you, then the money crunch will also affect different aspects of your business.

Simply put, an eBay account suspension has long-term effects, and hence it should be avoided at all possible costs. Of course, on the bright side, there are ways to reinstate a suspended eBay. But, being cautious is also important.

How to Avoid Account Suspension in Future

avoid eBay account suspension

  • Follow eBay rules religiously
  • Don’t overstate product benefits. Use eBay listing specialists to create an appropriate product copy
  • Describe your delivery process in detail
  • Investigate suppliers. Hire the ones your trust
  • Hire eBay experts to handle your account and its mechanics
  • Create a multi-channel online presence for your store. It increases your credibility and serves as a fall-back option in case of eBay account suspension
  • Consult the list of items eBay doesn’t allow sellers to list and keep your catalog updated accordingly

Remember, You Have to Operate on eBay’s Terms

Even if you don’t commit a mistake knowingly, there has to be some level of ignorance involved for eBay to find your account violating its policies. While you must make a genuine effort to address those issues, adopting a transparent model of operation for your eBay store will also help avoid suspensions in the future. That’s why many sellers prefer to hire eBay listing specialists & experts to create product entries that minimize the possibility of a policy violation.

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