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Guide to find the best business outsourcing partner for Data Entry
Data is a vital entity of any organization. It is present in a surplus amount in any company as various handwritten and printed documents. One needs to organize and digitize data accurately to speed up growth within any business.

However, it’s difficult to keep track of and manage all the data effectively. You may need to hire or train new staff to create an in-house team of data entry and processing professionals. This can be costly and time-consuming. Alternatively, you can hire a reliable data entry services company. One that is a perfect fit for your needs and budget. They can even help you focus your efforts on your business’s core activities while saving you a lot of time and money.

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You can get to know more about how to hire an outsourcing firm from this post. It mentions a lot of important information relating to choosing the right fit for your company. We provide you a list of factors that can be crucial in deciding on the perfect data entry outsourcing partner.

Data Outsourcing Numbers

    • According to Statista, the global market size of outsourced services was 92.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. This number has increased from 76.9 billion in 2016.
    • According to Deloitte, cost reduction is the biggest contributor to deciding to outsource its services. Other factors include flexibility, speed to market, agility, access to tools, and technology.

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  • According to Technavio, the data entry outsourcing services market size will reach USD 351.84 million during 2019-2023. It is growing at a CAGR of almost 5% during the forecast period. They base this calculation on numbers from North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East, APAC, and Africa.
  • According to Statista, the global revenue of information technology outsourcing and business process outsourcing was 92.5 billion USD in 2019. The Americas are the biggest contributor to this value and accounted for more than half of the revenue.

Factors That Influence Your Choice of Data Entry Services Company

There are too many companies that can provide you with data entry services across the world. To find the right partner for your firm, you need to check for certain parameters. These are relevant factors that you need to consider while selecting your data entry process outsourcing company. Here is a list of the characteristics that you must look for in a company before assigning them to your project.

    • Cost-Effectiveness

The most crucial point to consider is the price of the services that the data entry process outsourcing company is offering. They need to be optimal and within the range of your company’s budget. You need to compare the costs of different firms before you reach a decision. You also need to consider the cost of scaling up the project and after-completion support.

    • Data Protection

The firm must comply with international standards for protecting your business-critical data. There need to be stringent policies in place to ensure 100% data confidentiality and security. Look for safety parameters being applied as contractual obligations to anyone working on the project.

    • Data Quality

You need to consider the standard of work that the outsource data entry services company is providing. There needs to be no margin for error, spelling mistakes, typos in the outcome. Any rework can cost you a lot of time, effort, and money.

You also need to ensure that only skilled and experienced professionals work on your project. This will increase the probability of high-quality output as compared to new and inexperienced staff.

One needs to consider all these points when drafting the legal contract between the two parties. It will help you get the quality of work that you want from the outsourcing firm. You can even call up the quality team of the company to ask any questions and clear any doubts. They can provide you with the correct insight into the core working of the organization.

    • Turnaround Time

It is another important factor in choosing your outsource data entry service provider. They need to meet the stipulated deadlines. The turnaround time that you choose needs to be optimal and not the most convenient or fastest. You would not want to compromise on quality just to receive the work before time.

    • Availability and Communication

It is important to have someone or a dedicated manager who can communicate between you and the outsourced team. One that you can reach out for frequent updates and notify about any corrections or changes.

They need to be available 24*7 if you want open channels for communication from any place. This can give way to a fruitful collaboration in real-time, where data entry specialists can make changes instantaneously.

    • Technology

Your shortlisted data outsourcing companies must have the latest tools and infrastructure. This can help you get faster data processing and a high level of accuracy. You need to check whether the organization is using the latest systems with the best and most current industry-standard software.

They also need to have working cameras and biometric systems in place to ensure the secrecy of your project. They need to make sure that all the equipment goes through regular updates and inspections. These are the standard practices that you need to expect from your outsourcing firm.

    • Experience and Expertise

This is one of the key points while choosing a data entry service provider. They need to have enough experience working in the arena to adhere to basic industry practices and standards.

With the expertise of a pool of resources, you can handpick ones that best suit your needs. You also need to check for professionals with knowledge of working in your industry domain. Someone familiar with all the jargon that you use for everyday business.

Both these factors contribute to finding the perfect fit for your outsourcing needs. It is useful in finding a partner that knows their work and various other basic requirements. It segregates your choices into ones that are well-established from the ones that are new and just starting.

    • Level of Customization

Different industries have their own needs according to their size and type. Hence, the company that you hire to outsource data entry must provide you with a certain level of customization. You can get to know more by checking out their website and reading about their clientele. This will inform the size of projects that the company can handle and its complexity based on which you can make your decision.

  • Sample Work

This is an emerging trend that many outsourcing firms follow. According to this, you can ask the company to complete a sample of your work before signing any legal contract. It can help you determine the quality and timing of the outcome. Based on it, you can make your decision to move forward.

Outsource Data Entry Services To A Trustworthy Partner

There are lots of companies that offer similar services, present in the market. But you need the one that provides all these facilities in a package. SunTec India is a trustworthy data entry process outsourcing company that offers all these services at affordable prices. It is a 25+ years old company that is an expert in providing custom solutions to industries across different verticals. Other benefits of choosing SunTec India include:

  • Quick turnaround time of 24 hrs
  • Round-the-clock help for query resolution
  • ISO 27001 certified for “Information Security”
  • ISO 9001 certified for “Data Quality”
  • Modern infrastructure with the latest updates
  • Free sample of work


There is a lot of information in this post. You can use it to your advantage and select the right data entry services company that meets your requirements. You can use the different factors that we mention here as a checklist of questions you need to ask before finalizing on a firm. It can be very beneficial to anyone looking to outsource their data entry work and avoiding any major risks.

SunTec India is an excellent service provider that can ease you into the outsourcing process. You can contact us at to set up an appointment or gather general information about us.

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