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Internet has blurred geographical boundaries in a way that couldn’t even be thought of earlier. The digital world is either overpowering certain spheres where ‘mechanical’ seemed the only way or at least acting complementary to major industrial domains.

The ease of accessing almost any sort of information with only a few clicks has transformed the publishing industry. In such a scenario, the market for eBooks is expanding its roots. Merely creation of eBooks is not something to boast of! Ensuring that it reaches the intended market is the real challenging task. Seeking help from eBook distribution services‘ provider can help in smoothening the road for you.

Right marketing of your eBook can open the door for numerous opportunities. HTML5 eBook conversion can further help you a great deal in tapping your market potential. It can significantly help in expanding your reader base. Depending on your intent, your eBook can be marketed/distributed to local audience or across the globe.

Before introducing your book for selling in the digital landscape, you need to ask yourself the following questions pertaining to major roadblocks-

Is your eBook compatible to all major devices?

Your readers might access your eBook using a variety of devices like desktop, tablets or mobile phones- Android, iOS. If it doesn’t operate in a glitch-free manner on all major devices, you might lose on reviews. Not only this, you will cast a negative impact on your readers and tarnish your reputation for future.

Are you ready to deal with diverse requirements of major eBook retailers?

You might aspire to sell your book with the help of all major eBook retailers- iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Kobo, etc. However, their varied requirements pertaining to format, size, etc., might soon induce you to streamline your choice to one or two. HTML5 eBook conversion services can help in converting your book to enhance its usability and sales pitch.

Is the content of your book optimized for your target audience?

Taking your target audience into account, we can help in optimizing content to ensure that the language gimmicks are in par with the reader’s expectations. For instance, compliance with American or British English (depending on target audience) can enhance the ease of readers. eBook distribution services can help in optimizing your content.

Are you charging an appropriate price?

Is the price you are planning to sell your book for, too high? If you offer your eBook for too less, you might be leaving a considerable sum of money on the table. If you are charging a little too much, you might not attract much readers. Experts can help in attributing the right price to your eBook after conducting a rigorous market research.

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