Sep 2, 2015

Low Adoption Rate of CRM Solutions: What’s The Truth Behind?

Sep 2, 2015 Data Management

According to a recent Gartner Study, organizations are spending around $20 billion on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), yet CRM adoption rate is lower than 50%. This means that approximately $9 billion is being wasted on CRM solutions. Now let’s ask one question- How much money, time and effort has your organization spent on CRM till now?

It is no secret that CRM software, no matter how advanced, needs manual feeding of data and updating from time to time. CRM software’s data has to be updated regularly to avoid data discrepancies, which can be detrimental to business efficiency. CRM data mining is also equally important to derive an effective CRM strategy and to convey the right message to appropriate customers.

However, one of the major issues sales representatives have with CRM is that it is very time taking and tedious. CRM was designed to help sales representatives in their sales operations, but it can surely turn into a nightmare if your sales representatives have to put in most of their time and effort in entering data into CRM instead of focusing on their core sales activities.

There is no doubt that CRM systems prove to be very useful in gathering useful insights, which can eventually help in driving more sales. However, unless the data is properly managed, your organization’s CRM strategy will not reap in the desired benefits. Hence, SunTec offers CRM data entry and data mining services to help organizations attain full CRM adoption.

Having an effective CRM strategy in place can help organizations in many ways such as:

Identify and Categorize Leads

New leads can be easily added and categorized accurately. Creation of customized pitch documents can help in reducing the response time. Complete and accurate information about clients can help sales representatives to better focus on their core activities.

Identify Priority Areas

Prioritization is the key to selling faster. Having a list of all prospects and activities can help your business prosper.

Increased Productivity

Integrating CRM software with CRM data can enhance business efficiency and productivity.

Tracking Sales Activities

Attaining complete visibility of sales cycle can help in aligning an organization’s sales efforts with business strategies.

Connecting with Customers

Connect to your customers via CRM account through email, chat, phone, etc., which can help you to understand your customers better along with getting a clearer view of various cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Improve Products and Services

Information made available through CRM system can provide actionable insights into customer needs and requirements, which can help you to identify problems early on and take corrective actions.

SunTec’s CRM data entry and data mining services can help increase efficiency of your entire sales cycle, identify trends, recognize opportunities and reduce costs. So don’t hold back! Attract, delight and connect with more customers and transform your company into a more customer centric organization.

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One thought on “Low Adoption Rate of CRM Solutions: What’s The Truth Behind?

  1. In my opinion, why CRM projects fail is not because of the technology, but because of the culture of the organizations. Salespeople aren’t trained to regularly use these systems, and therefore, they are a wasted investment. Data quality is another factor that influences CRM adoption rate.

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