Key Features of WordPress 4.0 “Benny”

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WordPress 4.0 “Benny” is here. Let us glance through the key features that WordPress 4.0 Development has in store for you.

Easy Installation of Languages

WordPress “Benny” facilitates users to choose a language easily. The installation process begins with selecting a language and the remaining process continues in the selected language. With WP Benny, users can also choose to switch / change the language from the admin panel by going to Settings > General and then selecting a language from the “Site Language” menu.

Media Library in Grid View

WP 4.0 has media library in grid view which expedites the process of media file management. It opens up a media file in modal popup and allows the editing of the file within the popup.

Post Editor Improvements

WP 4.0’s post editor resizes itself according to the browser. It provides a better post sharing experience with a fixed menu bar, displays embeds, and also allows users to see the actual embed on copy pasting URLs from Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Better Integration of Widgets

In the previous WP versions, widgets got loaded into the main customizer with other elements. WP 4.0 faces no such issues and the widgets are grouped together under an exclusive widgets area, offering better theme customization experience.

Several Upgrades at the Back-end

Major upgrades at the back-end include documentation of changes made to filter hooks or actions and the option for users to add their own panels within the ‘Customizer’.

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