HTML5 Game Development: The Opportunities Just Keep Getting Bigger!



As a technology HTML5 is used for everything crazed about nowadays, be it IOT, PWAs, AR and VR, HTML5 finds a quarter somehow. Especially in case of game development it has become a highly considered alternative. Ever since Facebook launched instant games, HTML5 based gaming has become more popular with 1.5 billion games played on the Facebook messenger as of April 2017.

Here are some reasons you should consider it for your game development projects:

The rise of the ‘no store’ phenomenon

With HTML5 in picture, creating app-store free, platform independent games is possible. The versatility of the platform ensures that it no longer is trouble to create a game that users of all devices can enjoy. It is also a perfect solution for gaming in form of “an app within an app”like in case of Facebook’s messenger games.

With different HTML5 engines like Phaser, Pixi.js and Quintus developers have multiple options at their disposal to take the development route.

The social media connection

One of the beneficial aspects of ‘no store’ gaming is how it perfectly goes with social media platforms. Such websites already are the catalysts for the outspread of viral content and in that context games are no different. Creating games suited for social media websites makes increasing audience and sharing more easier as compared to store downloads for respective mobile platforms.

The number of HTML5 games to be developed is only going to increase as the gradual transformation from previously used development options takes place and becomes consolidated. For now, in comparison to Flash-based gaming, HTML5 based games are better suited to social media sites and a multitude of devices making their circulation far more widespread.

The perfect technology for marketing using Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are widely considered nowadays as they are infused with technologies like HTML5 to help businesses to take marketing and interactivity a step further. Technologies like HTML5 are used to create and embed incentivized game-based content and ads which allows the user to progress to a new level or a more or less premium part of the app experience. It is definitely a useful way of marketing other products or relaying promotional messages. With HTML5 the user experience can be made less intrusive and it can serve as a helpful way for branding and promoting your certain services.

As a technology HTML5 is way ahead of its predecessors and opens new exciting ways for development, empowering businesses to create products and services like never before.

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