How To Make Your Website Future-Ready: Web Design Trends 2020

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website design trends 2020

A perfect web design is one that not only looks attractive and engaging but also offers the users with all the relevant information with utmost clarity. As of late, most websites are cluttered with more than required content. And somehow still, they’re inexpressive and are unable to deliver valuable information to the visitors. The trick is to get a hold of the visitors’ attention with an intriguing design and then combining the design with perfect content to deliver your message in a clear manner.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about your website design. The web design trends 2020 mentioned below will help you meet the latest design demands and keep your website updated with the help of website designing services.


Importance of Whitespace in Website Design

Including intriguing design elements on your web page is important, sure. But too much of it can introduce unnecessary clutter on your website, which can confuse the visitors. On the contrary, including a fair amount of whitespace around your design elements could introduce some breathing space. It doesn’t necessarily have to be “white”. It can be any other color of your choice. Some designers might think of it as wasting page space but it could actually help highlight important information on your site, call-to-actions, for example. A lot of websites are already using the concept of whitespaces and it’ll continue to trend in 2020 too.

Overlapping media

use of overlapping media in website designing trends 2020


Another big web design trend in 2020 is overlapping media. Visual elements, when layered up, add a sense of depth to the regular 2D screen. Skillfully placing elements on one another to restrict the view of one of them adds a layered effect. This can also be done by making additional content pop up when clicked. Include ample whitespace around large and small elements. Text and images should be placed carefully. You can use the parallax scrolling effect to make your website design even more appealing.

Split screen

using split screens in website designing 2020

Splitting the screen into two to convey more than one message will be one of the best website / app design trends in 2020. With split-screen, you get to keep the website clean and still show more than one message in the limelight. This looks extremely engaging too. For example, you can divide the screen into two parts and design it in a way that the two parts display different styles. You can set two different scrolling effects for the two or make one of them move at a slightly different pace than the other.

Full-screen forms

use of full-screen forms in website designing 2020

Creating full-screen contact forms is another growing trend in web design, especially for those who prefer minimum design elements and bold typography. Include large fonts to cover up the screen space. It is even simpler for your site visitors to fill the form when it’s stretched over the whole screen.

Hidden navigation bar

hidden navigation bar- web design trends 2020

Owing to minimalism in web design, another web design trend of 2020 is hidden navigation. By hiding the navigation bar, you will be able to save a lot of screen space as well as make your website design look clearer. This will give you more space to play around with visual elements and text.

Parallax scrolling

use parallax scrolling for developing websites in 2020


Parallax web design will be one of the main web design trends in 2020. This scrolling style basically gives a 3D effect to a website as the user scrolls down the pages. With each scroll, the background moves at a different pace as compared to the foreground. This web design covers all sections of a website in a single scroll, thus eliminating distractions and keeping the user hooked.

Oversized lettering

use oversized lettering in website designing 2020

Using bold oversized letters on your site can make up for an upbeat website design. Large fonts tend to attract visitors’ attention. And visitors usually remember what they read in a big noticeable font. But you’ll have to find the right balance between too loud and subtle. Too much oversizing of letters could look tacky and irritating. Remember to maintain the balance.

Video background

impact of video background in web designing 2020


Though it’s not that new, including videos as background on your web page will definitely grab more customer attention as compared to an image. The trick is to find the right kind of video, something that looks cool but doesn’t steal the focus from the content. The content too must complement the video and must be placed in the right manner. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a video. Any kind of animation would do. The only trick is to make it engaging enough for the user.

Color blocks

use color blocks in web design

Similar to the split-screen, color blocks are a way to split your screen into more than two parts and deliver even more information in one go. These blocks can be sized and colored differently to add to the design and clarity of content. Visual images can also be used under different blocks. All the blocks must be aligned neatly to make the overall design look tidier.

Web design trends change rapidly with time as web designers come up with new and unique creations. In order to stay ahead of the pack, keeping tabs on these trends becomes all the more important. Choose a style from the aforementioned website design trends for 2020 depending upon your brand identity.

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