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Mobile has now become the leading platform for eLearning, According to Elogic Learning, ” 67% of people now use mobile devices to access learning “. The rise of mobile as the popular choice for eLearning has come into occurrence due to various reasons for different sections of audiences for instance among employed consumers it can to some extent be attributed to consumers having little time to learn amid tight schedules and working hours. The way learning content is distributed has also transformed with different media like read-aloud audio books, learning apps, kindles etc serving the purpose for audiences. Nevertheless, the significance of mobile for online publishers and institutions who provide legacy learning resources is more important than ever. It has become a handy asset to access learning resources on the go. In a constantly evolving business scenario providing learning solutions oriented to mobile devices is the key to survival.

Here are some tips to follow as a publisher:

Create High Quality Content

The competition for mobile learning solutions in the market continues to soar with newer players and LMS service providers entering every year. To stand on firm footing it is important for publishers to focus on the quality of content. Staying on level with the current trends in interactive content distribution can be helpful to shape ones content publishing strategy. Also constant competition analysis is important to roll out publications that can beat the saturation in your market. Using contemporary open standard technologies is the best way to go about creating high quality content for mobile devices.

Gamify your Learning Material

Interactive learning has radically changed how content is served to consumers. Gamifying publications has become more popular as it tends to engage audiences a lot more while making it fun and entertaining for audiences to understand concepts. As per Elogic Learning ” 80% of learners claimed learning would be more productive if it were more game-oriented. ” Creating learning solutions for mobile that incorporate progress paths, interactivity and reward mechanisms is one of the go-to approaches for LMS service providers and ePublishers.

Take Cue from Real Time Analytics

Analytics are essential to track the performance of mobile learning products. The usage statistics and trends generated by a learning app contain more than sufficient data that can provide answers for certain performance trends and indicate improvements to be made. Analytics can help find ways to enhance any service provider’s publishing strategy, however a publisher must be aware of the key metrics that can help assess where their product stands from a real-time perspective and what direction is it headed towards.

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