How Do You Go About Designing Effective User Interfaces For Your Users?

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SunTec is a leading user interface design company, focusing on UI/UX for web and mobile apps. We work with clients of all sizes, ranging from startups to mid-sized enterprises from various industry segments all over the world. Our graphic user interface designers are passionate about developing interface designs that improve the user experience of your end customers with technology.

Our user centered approach to website, app or software design and development allow us to combine the best practices in creative design, usability, and accessibility. This in turn helps us deliver a functional and feasible graphic user interface that meets your customers’ needs and expectations. We offer intuitive and beautiful web based solutions and mobile apps. We can tailor the elements and features of our user interface design as per your requirements.

Web Application User Interface Design

We can create User Interface Design for Web Applications to offer the best possible user experience imaginable for your product, within assigned budget and on-time.

SunTec works closely with you to create and implement your web user interface design in unison with your business needs. To create extraordinarily engaging user interfaces, our information architects carefully conceptualize user flows, wireframes and cognitive models. We help you with:

Process Flow: We create an initial sketch to give you an overview of functionality.

Wireframe Prototypes: Through interactive wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes, we assist you in exploring and measuring the user-friendliness and functionality of a design concept.

UI Design: To enhance the usability and appeal of your wireframe, we create elegant visual designs that match up perfectly with the needs and expectations of your audience.

Technology Integration: Our GUI development team can develop web applications to enhance customer interactivity and collaboration. We are adept at XML, Java/.net, HTML, CSS and scripting, etc., allowing us to create scalable and robust applications.

Our graphic user interface designers can create cutting-edge web applications and software solutions, personalized to your needs:

  • eCommerce User Interface Design with special emphasis on categories and navigation
  • User Interface creation for Content management systems (CMS)
  • CRM User Interface (Customer relationship management)
  • User-Centered Design for Database driven websites and many more

Our web user interface designers are skilled at high-quality creative data visualizations using web standards, interaction design (IxD), logo design, creative retouching, etc.

Mobile Apps UI Design Services

The designers at SunTec use graphical elements and screen interactions to create mobile phone apps that are easy on the eyes and mind. We ensure that your mobile app is optimal from design and usability point of view and establishes comfortable interaction between the user and the device.

Our dedicated Mobile Apps UI Design and development team can help you with customized user interface for your apps. We excel at creating mobile user interfaces and experience patterns like:

  • Custom Navigation and Dashboard Navigation
  • Settings
  • Search
  • Educational Walk-Throughs
  • Lists, Maps and Notifications
  • Popovers
  • Friend Finder
  • Activity Feeds
  • Sign Up Flows
  • Check-in Screens
  • Comment Detail
  • Splash Screens
  • User Profiles
  • Venue Details and many more.

We employ smart use of technology and thorough research to bring in the desired results. Our mobile user interface design team follows application development lifecycle processes. As you share your idea with us for a mobile app, we create a conceptual design, wireframe, usability and user interface testing, and finally offer you a truly useful and well-designed app that your users on App Stores would love to have.

Some Highpoints of our Mobile Apps UI Design Services:

  • For our mobile user interface design, we lay special emphasis on layout and positioning of elements, shape and size, color, contrast, texture, etc., to communicate the desired meaning through our visual interface design.
  • Our work is optimized for mobile browsing.
  • We follow the User Interface Guidelines for developing mobile phone applications.
  • Our Mobile Apps UI Design Services team is highly skilled and savvy with iPhone Apps Development, iPad Apps Development, Android Apps Development, Mobile Website Design.

Our graphical user interface designers are abreast of the latest UI technologies. They are capable of maximizing the potential of any target platform and delivering rich user experiences. Their development capabilities include HTML, HTML5, XHTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery and technical skills include Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks.

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