Hiring A Magento Developer Can Fuel Your Business Growth. Here’s How.


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So you’ve got a Magento eStore? Well, you are off to a good start. Having said that, while the platform is full of endless opportunities, making the most of it does require some in-depth understanding. For example, as an online seller, you’d want your eCommerce site to be one of a kind with the best user interface ever. To stand out, what you’ll need is an upbeat theme to bedazzle your customers. Now that would require you to write a code to design your Magento module and work your way around theme development to come up with something new.

And speaking of module and/or theme development, it does make sense to opt for Magento development services and take full advantage. But then, don’t rush into it. You want the best possible end result, right? To ensure the same, you must first be aware of everything that’s involved.

Let’s start with the underlying need to get a developer on board!

Benefits of hiring a Magento developer

  • The obvious one – time saving

    time saving

    As an eStore owner, you may or may not have the time to take up tasks like Magento store development and extension & theme customization. To be honest, you might not even have the expertise to attempt it in the first place. Plus, you’ll have a lot of other important things to focus on. Store marketing, branding, working on increasing sales, to name a few.

    What you need here is ‘time’. And hiring a dedicated Magento developer will give you just that. ‘Time’ to focus on brand building, while all the backend and module development scenarios will be handled at the developer’s side. You’ll just have to give a brief explanation of your requirements and it would then be the developer’s job to convert your ideas into reality.

  • Easy technical assistance

    Easy technical assistance

    If you find it difficult to deal with the technical aspects of Magento, then you’re in a big time need of a Magento developer. You might not even know what all you’re missing out on. Hiring a Magento developer in this case will help you get the most out of your eStore. Yes, a developer does more than just building your Magento website. A sound one could actually do much more such as HTML theme development, coming up with new customization ideas to make your store one of a kind, PSD, or even discovering and leveraging new updates and store upgrades to your advantage. You definitely need one now, right?

Get a clear picture of your requirements

A Magento developer is in fact, very important. With that being established, it’s time to start a detailed analysis and see what your requirements are. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself:

1. Front-end or back-end?

Front-end or back-end

There are two sides to developing a website. One is designing the website, which comes under front-end development. The other one is server-side maintenance that comes under back-end processes. You’ll need a web developer for all your back-end tasks and web designer for all the front-end tasks. Let’s learn more about each:

Front-end Developer:

  • A front-end developer or web designer is responsible for aesthetics or the appearance of your website including navigation, site layout, and other design principles.
  • The developer may use any of the programming languages from the following to code the front-end of your Magento store: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, or PHP.
  • The main focus is on creating an outstanding user experience and being creative.

Back-end Developer:

  • A back-end developer or a web developer is responsible for creating the entire back-end for a website that includes developing the server-side logic, maintaining and associating the website with a database management system, etc.
  • The developer may code the back-end using any of the programming languages such as CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc.
  • The main focus here is on compatibility and functionality.

2. Full stack development?

Full stack development

A full stack developer usually is the one who excels both in front-end and back-end development. Businesses and Magento store owners with minimum technical expertise must go for a full stack developer so that all aspects of their Magneto eStore are managed.

3. Part-time or full-time developer?

Part-time or full-time developer

You can either hire a freelance, part-time, or a dedicated developer. Deciding on one will be easier once you have a workflow, a deadline, and a specified budget in place.

It is recommended to go for a dedicated developer. That way, you’ll get the best possible support and hence the best results.

4. One developer or a team of developers?

If you have a small Magento store, a single developer could suffice. But if it’s a large-scale eStore, then a single developer won’t be enough. You’ll need a team of developers to work on your eStore’s front-end and back-end. Either way, opting for Magento development services can be a smart and advanced choice.

How to hire a Magento developer

After finalizing the type of Magento developer, it’s now time to learn how to hire one. And it is important that you select the right company for it.

To start with, you can consider the criteria mentioned below to zero in on the best possible company for your project:

1. Reviews


Before you associate with a company, it is always recommended to check their online reviews and ratings. See if they have a good online presence. Scroll through the comments and posts on their social media profile to know more about the company.

2. Look through their past projects

past projects

Check the company’s website and go through their portfolio to and analyze their quality of work. Study the types of projects they’ve previously worked on and see if they suit your requirements.

3. Communication and availability

Communication and availability

You must be able to communicate with your Magento developer or team any time you want. Also, they must be available every time you need some changes implemented. Though, companies are usually reachable 24×7, ensuring the same beforehand is better before finalizing on one.

4. Analyze their development expertise

Analyze their development expertise

Your ideal Magento developer must be an expert in all aspects of Magento website development, some of which include the following:

  • Custom eCommerce solutions
  • Shopping cart development
  • Custom extension development
  • Magento module and theme development

The developer you hire must be acquainted with all the different versions of Magento.

Magento can be a bit complex to work with. But hiring a professional developer will not only make things easier, it will also help you get the most out of this platform.

How SunTec India Can Be Of Help

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