Real Estate HDR Photo Editing: A Complete Guide

Real Estate Photo Editing

Real Estate HDR Photo Editing
When browsing through property listing, images have a huge effect on the buyer’s choice. People usually go for the one that has a bunch of wonderful pictures on it. It helps them envision living or buying the place for themselves.

If you need to stay relevant and competitive, you need is to up your game. Think about the best-selling points of your property and capture them. You can learn all about real estate HDR photo editing from this post. It covers all the essentials to benefit from digital imagery and be successful in your business.

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You can gather all the information and become an expert about photography and related services. This post will help you with all that and help you become successful. Continue reading to find out more.

Let us start by covering the basics.

What is HDR Photography?

We all have heard about the technology but are unaware of its working. The full form of HDR is “High Dynamic Range”. It combines unique photo exposures to create a more balanced-looking picture that looks natural.

Here, the “Dynamic Range” refers to the difference between the darkest dark and the lightest light you can capture in a photo. This feature is available in many digital cameras and phones after configuring a few settings.

Usually, when you click a photo, the dark regions turn blackish and ones with more light become whitish. The HDR technique balances both ends of the spectrum to create images that highly resemble the actual view or are visually spectacular work of art that transforms reality into a high-definition dreamscape.

Each photo is a combination of three images that are overexposed, mid-range, and underexposed. The ultimate effect is much more visually appealing than the shots by standard digital imaging or photographic techniques.

What is HDR Photo Editing?

It is a post-processing technique that involves blending images of multiple exposures to form a single photograph that has the right balance and tone. It is a kind of service provided by experts who virtually construct an image, just as it would appear to the human eye.

Real estate HDR photo editing services usually involve editing or improving photos using Photoshop or other similar tools. Experts in this field can help you with adjusting the tone, creating a panorama, or 360-degree virtual tour. You can also get a custom look ranging from natural to playing with sunlight or shadows with the help of such professionals.

Hiring real estate photo enhancement services saves you a lot of time and effort. You need not shoot multiple pictures and edit an HDR image manually. Such professionals help you create a visually stunning look that is of high-quality.

Now that we understand what we are discussing here, let’s move on to view some numbers. These will highlight the benefits of HDR photo editing and how they affect your real estate business.

Some Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Facts You Need To Know

  • Michael J. Seiler, a renowned director of the Institute for Behavioral and Experimental Real Estate at Old Dominion University at Norfolk, VA, has written a paper about understanding the mindset of a real estate homebuyer on the internet.According to his research, over 95% of users view the image of the exterior of the home, first. They give their most attention to this first photo for 20 seconds. After which, their gaze moves over to other parts on the screen.This showed that a lot of home buyers are looking to give their utmost attention to the first photo. They make their decision to read the description or to contact the seller after analyzing the primary image.Therefore, it has to be of high-quality, visually appealing, and eye-catching to grab their attention within the first two seconds. You can achieve this effect through real estate photo editing services from professionals.
  • According to this study, 60% of home buyers are spending their time looking for photos in a listing. The rest of the time they look at the property description and on the real-estate agents’ reviews section.
  • According to another study by VHT Studios, 32% of Chicago-area homes that had high-quality images sold faster than compared to other homes. They spent an average of 89 Days on the Market (DOM) as compared to 123 DOM for other homes.

How to Create HDR Photography for Real Estate?

  • Use A Tripod
  • Shoot Without The Lights
  • Target The White Balance
  • Take Multiple Pictures
  • Collate Your Photographs
  • Create A Single File

Step 1: Use A Tripod

This can help you stabilize the camera by avoiding any shaking of hands while taking a photograph. It can also be useful to keep a constant frame throughout the shoot. You can easily move the camera upwards and downwards with no tilts.

This way you can take multiple pictures with different shutter speeds. Each will be unique and with no distortion. You can even use it to highlight unique selling features and important surfaces of the room or property.

Step 2: Shoot Without The Lights

When shooting indoors, you need to match the brightness of the natural sunlight in your pictures. Try taking shots of a room without any external sources of light. Open up the window to illuminate the room and take photographs with only a single source of light. Allow the sun to brighten the room and get that natural look in your shots.

Step 3: Target The White Balance

Take pictures by choosing a preset white balance setting. Then take pictures with different options. Set an image that best represents light intensity. Once you set the WB for the room, use the command dial to select the WB option. Take a sample picture and fine-tune tint is necessary.

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Image Source

Step 4: Take Multiple Pictures

Go to your exposure bracketing settings to take multiple pictures. Your camera will automatically change the shutter speed to be lighter or darker. Take three, five, or as many as nine pictures. To get a clear shot of those darker regions, manually change the shutter speed to its lowest numbers while maintaining the auto bracket of the camera.

Step 5: Collate Your Photographs

Arrange all the pictures from darkest to light on your computer. By default, the camera will place the mid-exposure first. Change that to view all the files clearly as a sequence with increasing light.

Step 6: Create A Single File

Place all your pictures in a single folder and create sub-folders for different exposure brackets. Then, use a real estate HDR photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to blend the different images and get that high-definition effect.

After creating that one ultimate image, try different looks with different settings. You can tweak the image according to the client’s request. Do not play with too much brightness or get stuck with enhancing minor details within the shot.

What are the Benefits of HDR for Real Estate Photography?

Now that you have a better understanding of what HDR photography is, let us discuss its many benefits:

  • Creates A Vibrant Look
  • Enhances the USP of the Place
  • Improves Details
  • Balances the Shadows and Extra Lightings
  • Overcomes Difficult Lighting Situation

1. Creates A Vibrant Look

This is the obvious advantage of real estate HDR photo editing. You get a visually stunning and engaging photograph that leaves an impression on the buyer. You get that wow factor that attracts the viewer and enables them to make a purchase.

2. Enhance The USP of The Place

There may be a lot of unique selling points to a property that might not show up in a regular picture. You can use HDR images to highlight each aspect while photographing. This will sell more properties and grow your real estate business successfully.

3. Improves Details

You can efficiently tweak your photographs to highlight some dark areas of a property. A standard shot using only one exposure may not be enough to display all the aspects of a room or a house efficiently. You need HDR quality to enhance real estate photos and give attention to every detail.

4. Balances the Shadows and Extra Lightings

This is a significant advantage of HDR photographs, as they can balance out highlights and shadows. It creates the ideal image that is an amalgamation of overexposed and underexposed versions of the same photograph. You get results that look fantastic, that book more viewings.

5. Overcomes Difficult Lighting Situation

This is one of the important advantages of HDR photography that it can overcome the tricky lighting conditions. Some places have too much light, or not enough light that you cannot check by usual means. You can correct them using HDR photography.

How Does HDR Photography Work?

HDR photography is just a combination of two or more photographs, taken using different exposure modes. A photographer takes shots with different shutter speeds and a real estate image blending services expert mashes them up using special software.

This creates a higher quality photograph that looks amazing. Each image has a unique exposure bracket. You can take two, three, or nine photos depending on the settings of your camera. This will create a single image that has the right lighting, focuses on unique selling parts, and is quite colorful.

Best HDR Software for Real Estate

Here is a list of all the top HDR software that you will need to bring the best out of your real estate images:

  • Adobe Photoshop (HDR Pro)
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Corel Paintshop Pro
  • Photomatix Pro
  • EasyHDR

Now, let us discuss each one in detail and get to know which is the best tool to enhance real estate photos for your business.

1. Adobe Photoshop:

It is the most common all-purpose software for editing photos. It is ideal for intermediate to expert photo editing experts. The tool used by millions of professionals to improve their images and enhance their quality.

2. Adobe Lightroom:

This is another product by Adobe that both novice and professional photographers can use. It has limited features when compared to Photoshop but allows its users to adjust the tone, color, and exposure of a digital image.

3. Corel Paintshop Pro:

It is an easy-to-use application with lots of features for both beginners and professional real estate image blending services experts. It offers a lot of features including HDR merging at an affordable price.

4. Photomatix Pro:

It is a user-friendly HDR software program that has the tool to process high dynamic range photos. You can even make minor changes and adjust tones to fine-tune your images using this tool.

5. EasyHDR:

It is another photo editing tool that is ideal for beginners and experts alike. You can drag-and-drop JPEG or RAW files directly to the software and start working on it. It also allows for batch processing that automatically identifies the HDR sequences.

Considerations to Make Before Using HDR Photography

  • HDR photography is only for still images and not moving objects
  • You must have the right camera preferably with AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing)
  • A tripod is a must capture a stable shot
  • You must have a suitable photo editing tool

Why HDR is Suitable for Real Estate Photoshoots?

The key idea behind creating an HDR image for real estate is to give an actual view of the property. An HDR mimics the way human eyes perceive an object. Hence, giving a more detailed view of the scene.

HDR methods can also balance out light areas with dark spaces. It gives an optimal reference to real estate and its interior. This attracts many buyers as they choose to view your listing and buy your property or home.

How to Enhance Real Estate Photos

  • Basic Adjustments: Correct brightness, contrast, tone, and sharpness
  • Correct Perspective: Correct misalignments and distortion
  • Color Cast Removal: Bring back natural colors affected by the lighting in the room
  • Sky Replacement: Replace the dull sky with vibrant colors
  • Noise Reduction: Remove any flashes, reflections, objects from the image.

Why Outsource Real Estate HDR Photo Editing?

It can help you get affordable, secure, and high-quality results in a minimal amount of time. You can save a lot in buying a photo editing tool and hiring professional HDR artists in-house to create your photos.

When you are looking for solutions to improve your current pictures, you will need professionals who can offload your burden. They can provide you with the time and resources that you need to focus on your core competencies.

You also certified photo editors, managers, and dedicated experts all under one roof. Each has the skills and experience working for years in the industry. You also get modern infrastructure, flexible hiring models, and scalable teams according to budget and necessity.

SunTec India – A Perfect Alternative

Creating spectacular images for your business is no small thing. You need professionals to look into them. Many photographers recommend SunTec India as an ideal partner to work on your photos. When you outsource real estate HDR image editing services to us, you get certified HDR experts who work 24*7 to deliver work within 12-24 hours. You can even leverage the time difference to get results delivered the very next day.

SunTec India is a powerful firm that has been working in the industry for the past 25+ years. We have the talent and technology to meet your requirements. Our real estate photo editing services are the best in the industry and worth every penny you spend. We offer reliable, cost-effective services, 100% accurate, and transform your pictures that enable a sale.


Hopefully, this will be all the information you need to see the benefits of HDR photography. You can invest in SunTec India and be sure of your success and get maximum ROI. Our real estate HDR photo blending services are an ideal match for your requirements and budget. For more information, you can reach out to us at our email address:

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