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There are a lot of prospects for anyone pursuing fashion photography. You can be successful if you have the skills, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking. There are always fresh changes in this industry and you need to be adaptable to enter the world of fashion photography. In this post, we will help you with some tips and best practices to be successful in this field. We will also discuss some valid points of why you need fashion photography services that can enhance your work. Continue reading to find out more.

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What Is Meant By Fashion Photography?

It is a branch of photography that deals with selling and promoting fashion items like clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. It uses human psychology in a way to create a desire for the product This makes the item more attractive to enable people to buy the product for themselves or as a gift for loved ones.

Fashion photography is all about making the images more vibrant, trendy, beautiful, and sexy to attract the attention of the viewer. It mostly deals with beautiful models, mannequins, and exotic locations. These are all to communicate the brand to customers and promote the designer’s merchandise.

There is over one way of taking shots for the fashion industry. It is mostly your choice which style you want to go ahead with. If you are a beginner, try some different fashion photography till you find what fits you best. Entrepreneurs will approach you according to your style and expertise.

Dominant Styles of Fashion Photography That You Need to Keep in Mind

  • Editorial Fashion Photography: It deals with creating a narrative to communicate the brand more efficiently for a fashion magazine. It mostly deals with following a model around through daily tasks and telling a story featuring the designer’s collection.
  • High Fashion Photography: This is a more specialized form of promotion that involves celebrities, supermodels, great styling, and crazy poses. The garments, make-up, hairstyle, and location are all over-the-top to attract people’s attention. A photographer chooses all the elements to get maximum impact.These are quite useful when creating a billboard or advertising on a single-page of a magazine. The primary subject is the commercial models and exotic backgrounds to grab the viewer’s attention.
  • Catalog Fashion Photography: It is the best way to show the clothes of ordinary people in everyday wear. This is the perfect way to experiment and have some fun with a lot of unique looks. It uses a neutral background that gives the product the attention it deserves.
  • Street Fashion Photography: Street style is a type of fashion photography and editorial trend in which models blend in with those around them. This type of fashion photography shows women, and men, in their natural element instead of in the stylized world of high fashion. We know street style as candid fashion photography in common terms. It became popular from the streets of big cities such as New York City, London, and Paris.

Professional Fashion Photography: Best Practices

To get the best outcome, you need to adhere to certain rules. You need to follow them to become a great fashion photographer. Here are some industry best practices that will help you along the way:

    • Proper Preparation

Your clothing product must appear flawless in the picture. You need to iron out any creases, wrinkles, and worn-out look. The item is the primary subject of promotion; it needs to be complete, with no tatters, and look completely new.

You can use professional photo editing services for this. They help you remove any flaws digitally using Photoshop. But being a professional fashion photographer, you should not completely rely on their services. Fix the clothing according to your requirement, at your own pace.

    • Emphasize on Storytelling

You need to create visual imagery in your head that must show in your photographs. Try to narrate a story in your concept and display your clothes to attract the target audience. You can place models, items, and backgrounds in such a way that draws customer’s eyes to it.

    • Take Lots of Shots

Take as many pictures as you can. One or two photographs cannot fully appreciate the work of the designer. You need to take enough shots to pick between different angles.

    • Shots From Different Angles

If you want to appreciate the designer’s work, take pictures highlighting every detail. You can show a front, back, and side view of the product, along with a detailed shot. You need to take enough pictures to guarantee a sale, but make sure not to overdo it.

    • Test for Proper Lighting

Highlight the product in the best light that looks professional and clean. Check with different lightings to get the best outcome. Showcase the colors and details accurately and in the best light.

Every piece of clothing has a different lighting effect. You need to adjust your camera to produce high-quality images with no “noise” and more sharpness. Overexposure or underexposure can affect the overall image and make it look unappealing.

You can rent out artificial lighting equipment to get the best effect. If that is not possible, try to use natural light from a reflector panel or large window to get that perfect shot.

  • Use Correct Camera Setting

There are lots of effects that a DSLR camera provides a photographer. As a beginner, you can look upon those and test with different ISO, aperture, or white balance settings. The images are as good as the camera that you use.

As a professional, you need to produce photographs of top quality. Click images that are of at least 1024×1024 pixels. This will allow you to use the zoom feature to correct those minute details.

Tips and Tricks to Be A Successful Fashion Photographer

There is a lot that goes into creating the right effect and getting that perfect shot. Here are some tips that will help you be a professional fashion photographer and make magic with your camera.

1. Decide On A Concept

You need to think of a theme for your fashion shoot. You need to go through a lot of brainstorming to get the perfect one. Be open to ideas and keep the focus on what will attract the audiences’ attention the most. Be creative, but do not exhaust yourself too soon. Keep taking shots and take your time and put your efforts judicially.

2. Know Who Is Boss

There can be many people working on your shoots like stylists, hairstylists, and makeup artists. You need to know that you have the reigns and you run the show. Do not let someone else take over your vision. This will affect the execution of your story and show in your work. Be sure to take control of your shoot.

3. Select Camera Carefully

Be sure to select the right equipment for your job. You may have to switch between cameras to get the effect you seek. Also, each shoot requires a unique type of camera. You need to well-versed with the latest trends and models to choose the one that meets your requirements.

You can select a DSLR camera as it covers many features. You also need to check out for two slots for an SD card if you are shooting for a long time. One can also check for the following features when going out to buy a new camera:

  • Weather resistance
  • Shutter speed
  • Viewfinder coverage
  • Superior Autofocus performance

4. Keep Moving

Keep moving and shooting to get to the right angle. You can move close to the model, shoot from a slanting angle, and crawl on the floor. Professionals try to get high-angle shot, eye-level shots, use low viewpoint with an upward angle. You can also try these to get the cool effects to the photographs.

5. Be A Director

This is your show, and you need to own it! Direct the staff on set to get the perfect shot. You can even instruct the models to create the look that inspires conversions.

SunTec India – An Ideal Partner

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We can add, remove, or change the background, items, borders, shadows, watermarks, signatures, etc. We also improve image quality, color, contrast, brightness, resolution, and lighting. With us, you get the following advantages:

  • ISO certified high-quality and accuracy
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There is a lot you can learn from this post if you are trying to make it in the fashion industry. You need to follow them and check the difference in your work, it will be tremendous. You can also reach out to us for fashion photo retouching services to get the finished look you need. We are available 24*7 at

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