Google Magi: The Next Generation of AI-Powered Search

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Google has dominated search for decades. The tech giant is at it again, this time with a new search engine. Dubbed “Google Magi,” this new search engine is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and promises to change the Google experience as we know it.

This is an exciting time for Google and the search engine industry as a whole. 

Here’s everything we know about Project Magi.

A Huge Shift Away from the “10 Blue Links”

With Project Magi, Google aims to transform what search means; make it more visually appealing, snackable, personalized, and human. 

Google is shaking up its traditional “10 blue links” format of displaying search results.  The search giant aims to offer a more engaging and immersive search experience by incorporating AI-powered conversational capabilities (likely through Bard AI) and visually enhanced elements, such as rich snippets, images, videos, maps, and interactive widgets to the SERP.

It represents a bold move by Google to reinvent its core product while capitalizing on conversation AI (something Microsoft is already doing with its GPT models). 

Introducing Magi- Google’s New Search Engine That Could Change Everything

Magi is the codename for Google’s new AI-powered search engine that is designed to take personalization to the next level. Magi would remember user preferences, understand their search behaviors, and operate accordingly (like offering follow-up information on a user’s search). It would basically think two steps ahead for a user, simplifying their search journey. 

Also, Magi Google would be much more conversational than the current version of Google Search, enabling users to engage in natural language interactions with the system.

This means we could very well see Bard (Google’s conversational AI system) replying to the user’s query. Also, we can expect relevant short videos, search results snippets, related forum questions and answers, video snippets marked by the second to answer the user’s query, visual knowledge panels, and metadata about the query- all of it on the search result page. 

Here are a few possibilities, highlighted by Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable. 

Visual snippets
Exact Video Snippets
Bard Answering Questions
Forum Snippets
Forum Snippets

Of course, all of these are conjectures (albeit informed). We are expecting the air around Google Magi to be cleared in the annual Google I/O developer conference (May 10th, 2023).

We will cover the event and update this post with Google’s announcements and their implications.

The Future of Search

If Google Magi proves to be everything it is rumored to be, search engine optimization (SEO) will have to be redefined too. SEOs would have to move focus away from optimizing for keywords and ranking factors. Marketers would have to account for the personalization capabilities of Magi, deal with the potential competition from ads on Magi, and reassess what they want to optimize for. 

Whether Magi will live up to its expectations or not remains to be seen. However, this is nothing short of a metamorphosis for Google, and we are here for it! 

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