Reinvent Workplace Training With On-The-Job Training Apps


In a bid for creating an engaging and productive work environment, Corporate Trainers have started relying more on app-friendly approach than traditional ‘talk-and-chalk’ approach towards employee learning and development programs.

Two years ago, a survey conducted by Udemy (an online learning and teaching marketplace with 40000+ courses and 12 million students) stated that 54% of employees deem themselves incompetent for the job due to limited skillset.

With over 2 billion smartphone users in the world, your workforce is simply not leveraging the enormous opportunity that on-the-job training apps present. mLearning gives them flexibility to set their own pace and learn in comfortable settings, besides personalized study materials and interactive formats.

What Makes eLeraning Apps So Engrossing? Let’s See!


Originally coined in 2002, gamification applies game elements (such as points, badges, and leaderboards) to non-game applications. With more than 20 million users playing games on portable media devices, the training apps can be suitably modified to motivate the employees to participate. You can give a certain number of points on the completion of a task by an employee, which can be further redeemed for coupons and gift vouchers. Brian Burke, a Gartner Group analyst, says that “training as a specific segment of the overall gamification market is developing very rapidly”. This makes gamification one of the primary reasons to be on the top of the feature list.

Advanced Employee Tracking

To ensure your employees aren’t taking undue advantage of the given freedom to learn on their own, you can connect your app to an employee database. This helps you evaluate employees’ learning speed and assess their performance vis-à-vis their counterparts. You can even collect feedback by checking which modules of your training app are the most popular, and vice versa. Thus, giving you valuable insight on the areas where learners are quitting.

Platform Flexibility

With a knowledge of the areas where your learning content needs to be personalized to the needs of individual employees, training managers can tweak the training modules to become more effective. With developments in your industry, the app’s content can be altered to keep it current.

Interfacing Technologies

Virtual reality is going places, and has definitely gone well beyond video games and entertainment. It is gradually making in-roads in the workplace learning and training space. It facilitates trainees to vicariously experience real-life situations in 3D, thus enabling them develop improved skills in managing seemingly complex, everyday management situations ranging from customer service and machine operations to critical medical surgeries.

Create Adaptive & Engaging Learning Experiences through Apps

In a nutshell, migrating your learning platform from classrooms to mLearning gives your employees a chance for professional development in a holistic way, on their own terms. Disseminating learning through apps ensures that you never need to make more than surface changes when the technology upgrades or changes.

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