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Did you ever imagine what life could have been without the innovation and developments that we see around? What could it have been like growing up without an iPad, computer or the internet? Would life be the same?

Definitely, no!

Technology changes at tremendous speed and if you don’t change with it, you will be left behind in time. The same holds true for book marketing and publicity strategy. As an author, lagging behind in the use of latest tactics in digital marketing, or using outdated practices is likely to leave you trailing in your reachability and brand building campaigns, and at an extreme end might as well lead to loss of credibility for your work. Staying updated about latest trends means knowing when to let go of outdated strategies and upgrade to the current trends.

Not Only Promote Your Books, but Also Connect With Readers

Let’s explore through this post the online marketing trends that as an author or publisher, you might want to follow.

Time for some serious makeover: Does your website look outdated? Is it confusing and disoriented? Your website is a reflection of your brand, so it is imperative that you keep it updated and professional. Ensure that your website has a clear call-to-action so that your customers know how to connect with you online for any queries or feedback and how to make a purchase. Update your website regularly so as to boost online presence, which can help improve sales and revenue for your personal brand as an author.

Another crucial aspect these days is to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. In case you are not sure, you can use Google Developers tool to test the speed and UI/UX of your site on mobile devices.

Make it more engaging and interactive: Give your fans and readers a viable platform to engage with your brand and connect with other fellow readers through social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc., as well as webinars, live videos and other such media. Interacting with people on a face-to-face book tour is a great way to form long term relationships and build your community. Reaching out to people across the globe has become a lot easier today. Thanks to Twitter chats, live chat, podcast interviews, etc., you can let viewers know about your book, maybe share a story, or simply answer their queries.

Press releases are no longer effective: Press releases are outdated. In this digital age, where accessibility and connectivity are taking centre stage, having a non-interactive, boring piece of press release for viewers who are expecting so much more from you is simply not acceptable. It is always prudent to reach out to people via personalized email, etc., to form relationship that can survive the test of time. Definitely, it will take more efforts and time, but it is worth it.

Open up, your readers want to know you: Even if you are not into social media, it is best to develop an online presence. Online presence is another means of interacting with your readers. For readers to be interested in your book, your readers need to know you, and social media platforms are a great source to provide your readers with the information they are looking for. Start with Facebook business page, which will help you to get much needed visibility on Google search. If you want your readers to be loyal to you, you’ll need to be more open to them.

Highlight your strengths: This is the age of specialization. Highlighting your core strengths gives readers an idea that you are recognized in your area of expertise. So, don’t try to project yourself as an all-rounder to appeal to everyone. Building your expertise in a specific niche will bring you more success.

One last thing that can be added about online marketing is stay authentic and you will get rewarded. Be yourself, don’t forget who you are and figure out what works best for you.

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