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ASP.NET is the support force behind more than 6,00,000 websites in the US alone. Owing to its secure development environment and a host of benefits, it is a preferred web development framework.

Its extensible and reusable components eliminate the need of writing code from scratch. In a scenario where the digital ecosystem is brimming with a variety of websites and web applications, the framework helps in creating interactive and data-driven web apps.

Here are 3 reasons why you should opt for ASP.NET development:

Unbreachable Security

With a significant increase in online threats, users have become more concerned about the safety of their data. This makes it all the more important to create a secure environment for your users. Applications created using ASP.NET help you rule the roost with web application development by ensuring multi-level security:

  • per application configuration
  • in-built windows authentication
  • Automatic deployment and drag and drop server controls

asp. net development

Open source

Curtailing development cost is one of the major objectives of businesses. Being open-source, ASP application development serves as a great mechanism for businesses to cut down on cost. It is all the more helpful for small and moderate sized firms that have limited operating funds.

Feature rich apps

With users getting smarter, their expectations are increasing. You can leverage the advantage of robust design modules and advanced tools to create feature-rich apps as per your specific business needs. Taking into account the minimal use of coding, it is an apt choice for developing complex applications.

Being a mature framework, its task based library helps to undertake development in a speedy and and organized manner. Owing to its great features, it is no wonder that eminent names like Accuweather, T-mobile, MSN have placed their trust on ASP.

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