A Beta Version of Magento 2 will be Launched Soon!


The Magento Imagine 2014 conference saw Magento’s Community Edition being upgraded to v1.9 and an announcement was made that a beta version of Magento 2 will be launched soon. We glance through Magento 2’s key features as discussed at Imagine 2014.

Powered by PHP v5.3 and Zend Framework v1.0, Magento 2 will not only boost the performance of Community and Enterprise editions, but will also change some of the core methods and functionality. It will support Oracle, MSSQL, and several other databases, and eliminate the Prototype and jQuery conflicts by using jQuery library.

Magento 2’s directory structure will be same as that of Zend Framework’s. This platform will have even more modular Layout Templates, CSS, and JavaScript, and will facilitate store owners with features like:

Better Store Administration and Management

Magento 2 will ease up the process of store administration and management for online merchants through:

  • Improved menu and admin panel navigation
  • Reduced time for mass product creation
  • Easy tax rules/rates management process

Visual Design Editor

Magento 2’s visual design editor will allow the store owners to edit the page blocks and layout within the store with a drag and drop interface. The editor will represent the store’s pages and page types as a collection of the block elements.

Support for Multiple Extensions without Hindering Store Performance

With Magento 2, store owners can run their store with multiple extensions without worrying about the store’s performance.

Other Features of Magento 2

  • Comes packed with a Responsive Theme
  • Facilitates quick migration and upgrade
  • Advanced Multi-language support
  • Advanced APIs for extended core features
  • Improved Product Documentation
  • Automated Testing Functionality

Magento 2’s Beta version is slated for a December 2014 release and the First Release Candidate is anticipated in March 2015.

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