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Yahoo Store SEO Services

Using Yahoo stores as your chosen eCommerce platform is one of the easiest and quickest ways of getting meaningful and targeted traffic to your website- FAST. This is primarily due to the popularity of Yahoo stores- did you know that the majority of Internet Retailer Top 500 retailers prefer using Yahoo Stores over other eCommerce solutions?

Now, the majority of people looking for products find them through the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. And so, it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that Yahoo store search engine optimization is possibly one of the MOST important things you can do both for your site's search engine rankings, as well as increase in overall sales from your website.

At SunTec, we have several years of experience providing Yahoo store SEO services that really deliver! Our team of yahoo store SEO experts has a stellar track record of delivering increased profit and better search engine rankings for our clients in various verticals, including, but not limited to sports, electronics, computers, bathroom accessories, medical equipment, apparel and more. We ensure that we work on your yahoo store "as a whole", and offer a wide range of services as well as enhancements for your Yahoo store that will ensure overall search engine optimization for your website, while substantially boosting your site's rankings in all the major search engines.

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Yahoo Store Redesign/ Optimization

We will re-design, re-work and optimize your Yahoo store to ensure your store has clean and keyword rich content, attractive images, functional and efficient transaction system as well as the latest and most attractive design. We know how to bring in more and more traffic to your site, as well as how to keep existing customers happy (and repeat orders coming!).

  • Dynamic Meta Tags: Our yahoo store search engine optimization experts will ensure that the page titles for each page on your site will be generated dynamically from each item page, and will customize your title tags to make sure a pre-decided set of keywords appears on each item/section page.
  • Absolute URLs: We will ensure to use absolute URLs for each page of your site to minimize confusion for the search engines, and ensure that we create one URL for each product, in order to ensure your products don't get listed as duplicate by the search engines.
  • Breadcrumbs Facility: The huge amount of products and categories in most online stores have a tendency to leave shoppers feeling confused and "lost"- and we address that difficulty as well. We will ensure that we display an easily recognizable "trail" of breadcrumbs on your product pages in order to ensure smoother navigation both for your customers and the search engines!
  • Custom 404 Pages: We will create friendly and search engine optimized 404 pages to ensure the site user does not get "lost" and is easily redirected back to your main page.
  • Image Optimization: Our Yahoo store marketing experts will optimize your images to ensure faster page loads (without loss of image quality). We will ensure your image files name contain the right keywords and will optimize your files EXIF (Exchangeable image file format) data such that metadata information can be embedded within the image file.
  • Google Sitemaps: Our Yahoo store SEO team will create Google sitemaps for your site in order to ensure swift search engine indexing.
  • Yahoo Store Data Feeds: Our Yahoo store SEO services include creation and maintenance of your Yahoo store data feeds for ALL the major online retail sites such as Google, Amazon, Shopzilla,, etc.
Yahoo SEO Content Writing

It has often been said that the 800 pound gorilla in any marketing endeavor is CONTENT, and our Yahoo store marketing team is fully aware of this. We will write original, keyword rich and captivating content for your site to ensure that visitors stay engaged with your products/services, and the search engines rank your site highly.

  • Yahoo Product Descriptions: Our Yahoo store marketing experts will make sure to package your "base" descriptions into keyword rich and concise descriptions which will make it easy for search engines- and thus customers- to find you!
Yahoo SEO Plugins

Our professional Yahoo store SEO services team will develop and install any required Yahoo plugins to improve site performance and ensure elevated search engine rankings for your online store.

Social Media optimization

Social media marketing/Yahoo store promotion is of paramount importance to your store, and SunTec's yahoo store marketing experts are fully aware of this. Our yahoo store promotion includes creation and promotion of your brand's presence across all major social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, etc. Our yahoo store marketing team will make sure to publicize and promote your Yahoo store across all major news outlets, blogs, trade magazines and other online publications of note to ensure maximum eyeballs for your products, and thus more profit!

Keyword Research/Optimization

Did you know that a standard Yahoo store installation doesn't put any keywords on your pages? Well, our professional yahoo store SEO services change that! We will research the market carefully and figure out the best keywords for your products, and will make sure that each page includes these. Much like any other professional yahoo store SEO Company, we can change the RTML templates of your store to make sure it picks up the keywords mentioned in the "variables" section of the store.

Link Exchange Management

The number of reputable links pointing back to your site plays a large role in determining your store's position in the search engine rankings. Our Yahoo store SEO experts will analyze your linking patterns, as well as incoming and outgoing links and will also make sure that quality links point back to your store from other sites.

Discuss Your Project With Us

At SunTec, we are aware that figuring out the most professional yahoo store SEO Company to outsource your yahoo store search engine optimization services can be a tricky decision to make. And therefore, we invite you to take a FREE TRIAL of our services to experience our work and turnaround times before committing to a long term relationship. Contact us today, and learn how our Yahoo store SEO services will make your Yahoo store deliver more profits for you on a long-term basis!

“It has been a great experience working with SunTec India for almost 4 years. I am greatly impressed with the quality of work the e-Commerce team provides and their professional attitude has strengthened our relationship over the years. For Yahoo Store Data Entry, I cannot think of anyone else.” Brat Smith, London