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Testimonials: Photo Editing

"I've always received utmost efficiency & professionalism for all my image editing needs. They never hesitated to follow-up promptly concerning any matter. Their attention to details and deadlines is phenomenal. I look forward to more positive transactions with SunTec India."

--Process Head

Retailer for Art & Décor goods

"It's good to see someone stick to their professional commitment like you did. You completed all the work with absolute precision and gave us a good turnaround on our orders. I would like to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation for all your support and hard work."

-- Christina Maldonado

"SunTec India's Photo Retouching Services have been amazing. I send them basic, unprocessed images of my clients' property, and in a quick time span they return exquisitely retouched images that really improve the look of my real estate listings. The photographs are detailed and show good artistry of their Photo Retouching editors."

-- Kimberly Walker

Real Estate Agent

"We have been working with the excellent photo editors at SunTec India for over a year, and continue to value and admire their exceptional support and their familiarity with the subtle nuances of real estate photo editing. They have been fantastic in enhancing and giving touch-ups, blending the outside view captured through windows with interior light levels. They are always willing to help and are very friendly. We are very pleased with their real estate photo editing work and would recommend them to other real estate retailers."

-- Jason Mitchell

Senior Real Estate Counsel,

Real Estate Auction marketing, Chicago

"I'm into real estate photography business and had been looking for a reliable outsourcing company for digital stitching of my HDR photographs. After trying a host of other companies, I found SunTec India to be the finest in seamlessly stitching images to form a High-Resolution360 Panorama. Their Photo editors are brilliant in their know-how of photo editing software. They have helped me and my client get excellent real estate panoramas for our real estate listings. I look forward to working with this team in the future."

-- Jeff Collins

Real Estate Photography and Online Media Services

"Extremely professional... that's how I would define Suntec India. Creating a 360 degree panorama is something that requires expertise and we wanted to hire someone who could stitch together multiple images seamlessly and make them look like one big picture. We wanted our panoramas to look natural and the project manager at Suntec assured us that it will be done with perfection. It indeed turned out very well and I am extremely pleased with your service. Looking forward to working with you on future projects!"

-- Valerie Richman

Brand Manager

Real Estate Agency, Florida

"Lightning fast turnaround time-that's what I like about you. You did it real quick and the virtual tour on our real estate website looks incredible. It was excellent and your team really exceeded our expectations.

A huge thank you for your exemplary efforts!"

-- Jessica Guffey

Realtor, Illinois

"Suntec is by far the best (and the most reliable) Indian real estate editing firm we have ever worked with. I'm sure they have a team specialized in services like color cast removal, otherwise how can one complete such a humungous volume of work in such a short span without quality taking a backseat? I am glad that we chose them over numerous other companies and wish them success in their future endeavors."

-- Jerry Fletcher

Manager - Branding & Marketing


"SunTec India does excellent work in HDR photo processing, and converted our ordinary images into High Dynamic Range. We are absolutely pleased with their professional HDR photo editing results. We are all the more impressed with their prompt responsiveness and turn-around time. I would highly recommend the real estate photo editing services of SunTec India."

-- Deborah Anderson

Leasing Consultant

Ranch apartments, Austin, Texas

"I've had pictures taken of my Apartment building in the past, but was somehow never completely happy with the results of the photos. I changed cameras but still would not get rid of tilted walls and the building appearing as if it were leaning backwards. Recently I came across SunTec India. Their work is fantastic. They could easily correct the images of the lens/perspective distortion and now both the front and the side edges look perfect. I am extremely happy with the results and quality of the photos. We highly recommend SunTec's editing services for getting perfectly unblemished commercial and real estate photographs."

-- Alexander Hall

Property Owner, Lancaster Pennsylvania

"I was looking for someone who could brighten up sky on the real estate images that I had. The Sky was looking awfully dark and cloudy on some of these images due to the brass monkey weather we had out here while shooting my property. Everything about the images was looking great but for the sky and I wanted someone who could work on it and make it look good. You guys made it look more than good...you made it look amazing! Well done, I am very pleased with your sky change services. Thank you!"

-- Richard Sanders

"Right from the word go Suntec India impressed us with their professionalism. First thing you'll invariably notice about them is swift response to your questions or request for info. Their requirement analyst was smart enough to understand our exact requirements unlike some of the other overseas professionals I talked to (no offense meant). The project manager over there is extremely good at what he does and was in constant touch with me throughout the length of the project. Thank you providing us with exactly what we needed."

-- Andy Grinaker

Owner, Real Estate Firm

"I've always received utmost efficiency & professionalism for all my image editing needs. They never hesitated to follow-up promptly concerning any matter. Their attention to details and deadlines is phenomenal. I look forward to more positive transactions with SunTec India."

-- Process Head

Retailer for Art & Décor goods