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Publisher's Catalog App

Catalog, organize and sell your titles through SunTec's Catalog App for Publishers. Put together an attractive catalog by listing your books, managing your inventory, and invoicing through this easy-to-use application. Maximize your online sales by attracting more readers.

eBook Catalog App built by SunTec India is an intuitive and powerful eBook inventory and database solutions designed for Publishers – making it easy for them to catalog, browse, sort, search and sell titles, while efficiently communicating with the readers through in-app messages and push notifications. The Publisher's Catalog App is compatible with both, Android and iOS devices.

Discover Why Book Catalog App Is the Ideal Listing and Selling Tool for You

Accelerate direct sales and organization of your titles to sell with flexible and streamlined Book Catalog App!

The Catalog App enables publishers to digitally display their titles in a carousal fashion, in addition to providing readers with book details like excerpts, reviews, downloadable links, price, etc. Further, the user's reading experience can be enhanced by adding visually-appealing graphics, audio and video files, and other engaging elements.

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Few of the most important features of the Catalog App for Publishers are listed below:

Compatible with Android, iOS, Smartphones and Tablets

The publisher's catalog app is compatible with all major mobile platforms and devices such as iOS and Android.


Publishers can display their front-list/ back-list titles in a bookshelf or carousal fashion, besides easily browsing or searching the titles. The books can further be sorted in different categories such as Bestseller, Recently Published, Coming Soon or any other.

Book Details

The Catalog App provides readers with book details like excerpts, reviews, download links, sample chapters, links to eCommerce sites, price, etc., thereby giving them a glimpse of the title.

Author's Section

The Book Catalog App has an Author's section, providing readers with information about the authors, their books, interests, etc.

Social Networking

Publisher's Catalog App promotes social media networking through photo sharing, status updates, etc., thus enabling maximum reader engagement.

Manage Content

Publishers can easily manage the app content including news, posts, events, etc., through Admin Panel.

Stay in Touch with Readers

With effective and powerful reader engagement tools like push notifications, publishers can easily communicate and engage with their readers. Whether you want to inform your readers about new features, bug fixes or updates, you can send them push notifications and create a highly engaged user community.

The Catalog App also enables users to create their wish list to save titles for future reading.

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Discover all the features and the convenience of using SunTec's feature-rich Book Catalog App. Try our App today!

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"We have been working with SunTec in the development of our eBooks and apps. They deliver good quality on time every time!" Filip Lindell Operations & Marketing Manager, Denmark