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Data Entry and Management Services for Law Firms

In the last few years, the legal industry has undergone a paradigm shift with continued pressure on reducing costs and streamlining business operations. While it has become important to focus on core legal operations, it has become equally pivotal for law firms, in-house counsels, private attorneys and pro se litigants to extract vital information from piles of handwritten, printed and digital documents and organize it in easy-to-access file formats. At SunTec, we help legal professionals gain insight into business-critical data by digitizing the records with complete accuracy and precision.

We are a team of experienced data entry experts, talented law graduates, paralegals, and QA specialists and project managers, assisting you to capture relevant data and enter it in suitable file formats, while saving your valuable time to concentrate on imperative business activities.

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Let's outline the key services that are specifically tailored for law firms:

Data Mining and Legal Research Services

Your legal documents contain unlimited information and to help you get your hands on critical data, we extract all the relevant and required information from the records. We also conduct market research to collate information about your competitors and assist you make strategic decisions.

Data Entry Services

Our experts deftly digitize and enter valuable data from handwritten, printed, scanned and digital legal documents, including property-related records, case details, court forms, divorce forms, insurance claim records, etc. with utmost accuracy.

Scanning and Indexing Services

We have state-of-the-art scanners to help you scan thousands of documents with utmost ease and accuracy, thus making it easy for you to locate, access and retrieve information, as and when required.

Data Management Services

We offer a complete suite of data management services, including data cleansing and enrichment, data de-duplication, data standardization and others. We make sure that your data is dependable and error free.

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  • Solutions tailored to meet your business' requirements
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and processes
  • Highly trained and experienced staff
  • Industry best turnaround time
  • Cost effective and affordable pricing
  • Round-the-clock customer service and support
  • Strict adherence to ISO Standards to maintain complete data security and confidentiality

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“Competent, well coordinated and responsive legal research and support. Definitely to be recommended. Puts some so called attorneys to shame. Wish I had known about SunTec before.” Roy Lawaetz, Roy Lawaetz Studio, The Modular Triangular System