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SunTec India

Testimonials: eCommerce Catalog & Product Data Management

"We have been using SunTec's services for the past year to tag products with qualitative attributes. Their work has been pivotal in us being able to deploy new products that leverage the data that their team has provided. They have been super helpful, responsive, and diligent in the work that they've provided. We look forward to maintaining our relationship for the long term"

-- Product and Operations head, US

"SunTec has helped our web presence growth immensely. It will take a little bit of time to learn what information you need to supply them with to get the proper results that you want. But once you have a good working relationship with the team you're assigned, things go very smooth.

Generally, I will email over a spreadsheet with part numbers, pricing, weights, and categories and then give them the link to the manufacturer's website for photos, descriptions, etc. and they will do 50-70 products per day (night time for us). In the beginning, you may want to do an example product first so that they see how you would like this information to look, especially if you have different attributes such as size, color, etc.

Honestly, our business wouldn't be where it is today with out SunTec India."

JayRacing -- Jay White

"The professional relationship with our SunTec content team has proven to be beneficial beyond our expectations. The lines of communication with our SunTec project manager are always open and very effective, and the quality of work completed by the team is consistently of a high quality that meets our standards. There is no way we could easily manage the work volume required to keep our site current without the efforts of SunTec. We look forward to a continued successful working relationship with our SunTec content team and would be comfortable recommending SunTec to others" -- Jim K. Pettinato
Web Content Manager

"We could not have done it without SunTec!

With a commitment to quality and excellent project management skills, your dedicated web team takes care of our most valuable asset - a virtual inventory of over 150,000 SKUs and a quarter million images. The challenge of keeping pace with a burgeoning web business is one that SunTec embraces and because of that, we at Lumens rest comfortably at night and wake in the morning with fresh expectations for growth."

Lumens Light -- Lumens Light + Living
California, USA

"SunTec India has been extremely helpful in providing us the best, cost-effective osCommerce Development services for our website. We hired them owing to their reputation in the industry. These guys lived up to their name."

-- Jerry Lewis
San Diego, US

"I am pleased with the services SunTec has provided me to modify the design and functionality of my online shopping website. Its X-Cart development services helped my online business grow. I would really like to work with SunTec again."

-- Adam Harley
San Francisco, US

"I was looking for Zen Cart Development service for my business. After surveying many companies, the search ended with SunTec India. I was really impressed with the way they catered to my requirements. They provided me cost-effective solutions, and I hope to work with them in the near future."

-- Edward Jenny

"Being part of the e-commerce industry, shining out in the niche market was important for me to ensure constant growth of my business. Working with a small in-house team, I never thought of outsourcing Magento SEO services to another company. However, the consistent fall in the revenues of my business in the recent past was a wake-up call for me. Luckily, one of my business associates who had earlier used the services of SunTec advised me to get in touch with the company. The SEO they did for my website resulted in a sharp rise in the ranking of my website as well as in its traffic. Thank you, SunTec….thanks a ton!"

-- Nicole Thompson
North Carolina

"It's been seven years working with SunTec. And in all these years, their team has never let me down. I collaborated with them for eCommerce PPC Management of my website. They have been efficiently managing and optimizing our PPC campaigns and I hope it would continue in the future. I can confidently recommend SunTec India as the most reliable service provider."

-- Kristina West,
New York

"One of my business associates told me about the competent services provided by SunTec. I tried their Shopping Data Feed Services and I was truly impressed and satisfied with the results. Their experienced staff offers a speedy and convenient way to manage our tasks, which saves us a lot of time."

-- Daniel Fletcher
United States

"I was looking for someone who could take care of Google Product Data Feed on my website. During my internet research on companies that offer this service I came across SunTec India's website, and that's how I got in touch with them. They have worked very precisely in managing the feeds – they truly deserve appreciation for understanding my needs and meeting my requirements."

-- Nicole Watson

"Our association with SunTec has lasted two years and it's still going strong! This is because we have noticed a continuous growth in our business since we chose to work with them. They have added and optimized my business pages on Bing Maps to grab maximum traffic. My investment in SunTec India's services has been worth every penny."

-- Franklin,

"From the time we have associated ourselves with SunTec India, our apprehensions about outsourcing have fizzled out. We were provided with accurate and quality services viz. converting paper catalogs to the web, updating & building web-based catalogs, graphic image work and PDF conversion of catalogs & database updating. They demonstrated professionalism throughout our dealings. It has been a pleasure working with them."

-- Chris Baker,

"I was really struggling to find a company that could help me with e-commerce product categorization on my website. I had lost a lot of business due to mismanagement of products on our website. It was then that i came across SunTec India. Although I was a little apprehensive about working with a company located miles away, the sample work done by the company put an end to all my doubts. I got my entire work done by them – SunTec Web Services did an impressive work and I am definitely looking forward to working with them in the future as well."

-- Jason Turner,

"I was in need of a good product image editing service provider who could induce life into my products by editing them according to my requirement. SunTec India, it seems, is a renowned firm in this sector and I am totally delighted with their work. Their prompt and sincere response to every query/need I have had is what has kept me with them all these years."

-- May Yeh,

"SunTec India is our preferred business associate and partner for all web services. They seem to have an exceptional team of specialists there. Their eCommerce catalog conversion services helped us map our way to online success. Their well-indexed SEO-friendly catalogues make them distinctive in the industry. We are highly pleased with the relationship and intend to hire their services for more of our projects."

-- Tom Mulligan
Norfolk, UK

"The quick and efficient Order Processing services we got from SunTec made it quite simple for us to process much more orders without creating a fussy situation. Trusting someone is not easy but SunTec India has proved themselves as a trustworthy service provider. We are looking forward for long term business relationship with them."

-- James Fredrick,

"One of my business associates advised me to Hire Offshore Dedicated Team of SunTec India. I am really thankful to him as the team worked really well to boost my business. From development of my website to the management of orders, they have done an appreciable job. If you are also looking for a dedicated team to take care of your non-core activities, trust me, opting SunTec India will not disappoint you."

-- Eric Juristovski,

"SunTec India took all our hassles away by offering us the best 3dCart product entry services. This software turned out to be the best e-commerce storefront solution for our online merchant website. The skilled resources allowed us to build, edit as well as maintain our online portal while allowing us to focus more on our core activities."

-- John Riel Ontario,

"SunTec India has always demonstrated a considerably high level of professionalism and knowledge in our long business association of 4 years. They have always thoroughly understood our needs and delivered us the finest of services. Especially their OpenCart data entry services enabled us to address all our problems related to product entry with utmost ease. We recommend their services to anyone who has a similar need."

-- Roger Crimmins Florida,

"The work done by SunTec India has been outstanding so far. Beginning with the free sample they did for us, they have continued to impress us with their quality product data entry services. Our concerns were conquered when they delivered just the right work on time. I think we're going to continue this association for a long, long time."

-- May Yeh,

"SunTec India is, undoubtedly, an evolving brand name when it comes to product description writing. Their insights on our products are praiseworthy. We are impressed by their commitment and professionalism."

-- Jessica Leung,

"Our experience with SunTec India has been great and we're extremely pleased with the quality of work received so far. We are looking forward to do more projects with the eBay listing services team of SunTec in the near future."

-- John Smith,

"I have worked with SunTec India for many years and rely on their efficiency and superior quality. They are true to their words in delivering the work on designated time which exhibits a mark of true professionalism. I really appreciated the way they gave their best shot in Competitor Price Monitoring service, because it saved us a lot of time and helped us keep a track on what our competitors were doing. Thank you, SunTec. Looking forward to working with you more."

-- Adam Connolly,

"We realized that coming to SunTec India for effective product entry solutions was not at all a bad choice. In fact it was a "worthy investment" towards the path leading to our business growth. We recommend their Big Commerce Product Entry!"

-- Adams Christopher,
San Francisco

"At SunTec India we got just the best of everything: whether it was their product upload service or their timeliness in regards to delivery of services. For us, it was like getting quantitative work without compromising on quality. We have noticed quadrupled hits for our products that made our sales pass through the roof."

-- Ed Wolf,

"SunTec India has always been extremely helpful, professional and easily accessible. Especially, we recommend their product feed submission services to anyone looking to bring a growth in their business."

-- Kristina Williams,
New York

"SunTec India leaves no stone unturned when it comes to their services. This and more, we came to know after our business association with these guys. Their product description writing services impressed us to the core and we would definitely want to continue our association with them in the future."

-- Daniel Cunningham
London, UK

"We were specially asked to contact Suntecindia for our business product uploading services by one of our partners. Being in eCommerce industry, we needed a service provider who was adept at fast as well as accurate product upload, and we were fortunate to find the right people."

-- Ellie Price,

"We would really like to appreciate the writers at SunTec, who made my website lively with some creative yet informative product reviews. Writing product reviews is tricky as they should sound like real reviews. The writers there are adept at this art. It was a pleasure working with them as they had always been receptive and prompt during our association."

-- Arman Eliaszadeh,

"It has been a great experience working with SunTec India for almost 4 years. I am greatly impressed with the quality of work the e-Commerce team provides and their professional attitude has strengthened our relationship over the years. For Yahoo Store Data Entry, I cannot think of anyone else."

-- Brat Smith,

"Managing my online shop has become so simple with the Magento solutions I received from SunTec India. They have taken care of my website for a long time now. They do all the hard work for me on my website, so I can focus on the other aspects of my business."

-- Denis Wilson,
New York

"SunTec India's e-commerce content management services are outstanding. They are very professional in their work and quality of services that they provide. Their team understands the client's needs and puts every possible effort in successfully performing the given task. They are very co-operative and flexible. SunTec India upheld their promise of hard work, dedication, discipline and quality. Great work guys, and many thanks."

-- Terry White, CA

"Following the useful services we received from SunTec India for our Magento website development, we are more than glad to engage their services again, perhaps for Magento product upload. This is a highly reliable and professional company with proficient resources, skills, and back up support."

-- Andrew Taylor, Manager,
Brick and Mortar Shop,

"The product catalog building and indexing services that SunTec India has provided is incomparable. They fostered their services with intuition, innovation and interaction, just as they promised. They cushioned our concerns by coming out fair on our expectations. It was really a delight doing business with them."

-- Christie Walls,

"E-commerce catalog updating and management is very tedious and time consuming yet very important and needs 100% precision. This is a very important thing that affects the working and traffic of consumers on the website. I was looking for some services to manage my e-commerce catalog when I came across SunTec India. The company showcased their quality, reliability and dedication to work in the sample they offered. Although earlier, I was not too sure about how a company located thousands of miles away might be able to accomplish the task, the sample they allayed all our doubts. Working with them has been a real pleasure and my website's roaring success gives me substantial confidence to work with them again."

-- Maria Ley,

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