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Author's Book Catalog App

Let your readers not only browse, keep track of your books, and interact with you but also purchase your books through your own Book Catalog App. The Author's Book App developed by SunTec offers all you need in a single application. You can also share book details including reviews, sample chapters, excerpts, summaries, download links, purchase price, etc., with your readers. Furthermore, attractive images and audio & video files can also be added to deliver an interactive reading experience to the users.

This App is both iOS and Android compatible.

Advanced Book Cataloging & Inventory Solution for Authors

The Book Catalog App gives you complete flexibility and control over user experience, title upload and content management, and functionality of your own online channel to connect and interact with your fans and readers. The intuitive administrative interface of the Author's Cataloging App allows you to easily upload all the new titles and other details by yourself, list in proper categories, and get a smooth display of your titles in a carousal fashion or bookshelf view.

The app allows the users to:

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  • Browse through your entire book catalog and search for titles. The user can also get author details, viz., author's biography, social media links, awards and achievements, media gallery, and other books published by you, etc.
  • Get the price of the physical and digital versions of your book, and other meta-data
  • Purchase the digital version of the book through the app or place an order on your website for the print version
  • Read an excerpt or sample chapter from the book, and see reviews submitted by other readers
  • Receive notifications about news and upcoming events
  • Create wish list and keep a track of the reading lists, besides sharing your review of books, photos, videos and other multimedia content via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Make Your Publications More Effective with Your Own eBook Catalog App

Key Features

  • Cleanly designed and easy-to-use
  • Carousal display of titles
  • Search/ sort titles
  • Listing by categories: Bestsellers, Recently Published, etc.
  • Book details include
    • Excerpts
    • Reviews
    • Preview sample chapter
    • Download links
    • Purchase Price (Print book/ eBook)
    • Author Information
    • User wish list
    • Social media links
    • Follow author/recent tweets
    • Event details (past & upcoming)
    • Awards and achievements
    • Media gallery (images, videos, YouTube links, etc.)
    • In-app author website
    • Admin panel to manage app content
    • Compatible with both, Android and iOS devices
    • Push notifications for updates

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"To find a good partner in the rising ePub market is not easy. Quality is everything and a good eye for details is a prerequisite. If not - the small mistakes will delay the speed of production and give you continues headache. Sun Tec India has been all that we had wished for. Top quality, high speed delivery and with fair prices... We are more than satisfied!" Mattias LångstrÖm, Publisher, England