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Animation and Simulation Development

Education is fast turning into a digital and interactive experience. Offering a complete spectrum of animation and simulation development solutions, we support institutions and enterprises in embedding multimedia rich content in their eLearning programs and incorporate modules like live trainer.

Our team of designers and developers work closely with our clients to understand their specific learning objective, and create powerful 3D animations, storytelling and gaming, role playing and interpersonal simulations, business process simulations and scenarios, etc., making use of attractive images, conceptual diagrams, sound effects, videos and interactive animations.

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Interactive & Simulated eLearning Solutions

With simulated eLearning development services, SunTec creates high-impact 2D and 3D animations, and simulations that present real-world situations and deliver complex training content in a simple manner and can be integrated with eLearning courses, both offline (CD/ DVD) and online (Web/ Learning Management System).

Our wide range of simulation and animation development services, include:

Artwork and Animations

Our team of graphic artists and visual designers create high-end illustrations and artwork, as well as convert 2D art into animations across a variety of disciplines and grades.

Instructional Simulation

We are proficient at creating run-through and step-by-step animated videos to help you provide instructions to the learners.

Illustrations and Diagrams

Our experts can help you create conceptual diagrams, visually-appealing illustrations and animated images in tune with your domain and content material, thus ensuring engaging training program.

As part of simulation and animation development services, our experts create multimedia-rich assets that are:

  • Interactive, aesthetic, engaging and compelling for the learners
  • High-quality and lightweight for instant loading
  • Compliant with eLearning specification and standards

SunTec excels at creating animations and simulations for eLearning courses across diverse domains like K-12 Education, corporate training and presentation across industry verticals like banking, information technology, healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, insurance, etc.

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Contact us today to learn how we can support you in creating real-life simulations and animations for interactive and engaging eLearning programs. You may also write-in to us at info@suntecindia.com for more information about our simulation and animation development services.

"To work with SunTec was a pleasure for us - the reactions were very quick and we are fully satisfied with the quality of their work. Looking forward for the next projects to accomplish together." Sandra Thoms, Dryas Verlag