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From students' personal information, academic reports and attendance records, organization's administrative and management data to scores of academic books, educational institutions have huge volumes of data that must be well-managed, organized and updated. SunTec helps K-12 schools, colleges, universities and other institutions efficiently manage records and accurately digitize content in suitable file formats to make critical data easily accessible and academic content available to a global audience.

Holding experience of over a decade and a half and extensive domain knowledge, our team of data entry specialists, editors, proofreaders and project managers captures relevant data, enters it in editable formats and cleanses and standardizes it to ensure that it can be accessed and retrieved easily. We also create fixed-layout educational eBooks using HTML5 and CSS3.

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A glimpse at our data entry and digitization services for educational institutions

Data Entry Services

To help you manage students' contact details, marks, attendance records, performance reports and other information, we assist colleges, universities, schools and other educational institutions in capturing accurate data from documents, reports, surveys, questionnaires, graphs, charts, etc. Our data entry operators further key-in the information in apt file formats.

Data Cleansing and Standardization Services

To ensure that your database doesn't contain grammatical and contextual errors, our experts cleanse, enrich, standardize and normalize the data.

Educational eBook conversion services

We deftly convert educational books into fixed-layout eBooks in different formats such as ePub 3, Kindle Format 8 and Nook - Barnes and Noble. We also embed games and puzzles, audio and video files, sound effects, 2D and 3D animations as well as annotations, cross references and footnotes in the eBooks.

Digitization and Document Conversion Services

Our experts convert documents in several electronic formats including HTML, HTML5, XML (including PubMed and DTBook Conversion), XBRL, Adobe PDF, etc. to make them easily accessible, searchable and usable.

By partnering with SunTec, you get the following benefits:

Premium quality services

Regardless of the volume and intricacy involved in the project, we deliver high-quality outcome at cost-effective prices. We conduct QA checks at each step to ensure minimum errors and maximum productivity.

Security and confidentiality

As an ISO 27001 certified for Information Security Management, we maintain complete security and confidentiality of your business-critical data.

Customized solutions

We treat no two accounts alike and understand one's business' specifications to deliver solutions tailored to their needs.

Quick turnaround times

We are capable of delivering projects in industry best turnaround time with complete accuracy.

24*7 Operations

We work round-the-clock and provide constant customer support.

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"We used SunTec recently and were very impressed with their work. The results were very accurate data in a short timeframe. The staff were professional and thorough. We will not hesitate to use SunTec again for future work, and would recommend them to other companies with similar requirements." Adrian Dick, CallPlus Ltd., New Zealand