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Following the growth in the eCommerce sector, SunTec India offering skilled virtual assistants for a wide range of specialized services

eCommerce Virtual Assistants

E-commerce exploded in the last year owing to the sudden hit of the pandemic, bringing the need for experienced virtual assistants for smooth eCommerce store management. eCommerce stores are experiencing tremendous growth and are at the forefront of the online selling revolution. For online retailers in the eCommerce industry, virtual assistants are brilliant professionals and efficient multi-taskers who can help out with almost anything in the development of online business.

Following the recent development & growth in the eCommerce sector, more and more players are venturing into the sector. Amid this, SunTec India is helping its clients manage their eCommerce stores via eCommerce virtual assistants. The company has recently expanded its services and is offering skilled virtual assistants for a wide range of specialized services. The leading IT outsourcing company, SunTec India has been providing eCommerce solutions for more than two decades and is widely known for its quality services.

SunTec India specializes in providing niche-specific eCommerce virtual assistants to help retailers gain better control over online retail operations at affordable rates and greater returns. The company holds trained and experienced virtual assistants who are available round-the-clock and can handle several eCommerce tasks including:

  • Multiple eCommerce platforms (Amazon Virtual Assistant, Shopify Virtual Assistants, Magneto Virtual Assistants, etc.)
  • Technologies (Internet Marketing, Online Transaction Processing, Electronic Data Interchange, Payment Gateway Integration, Shopping Cart Integration, Responsive Designs)
  • Account Management (Review & Feedback Management, Enhanced Content Management, Customer Support, KPI Analytics, Email Marketing, Conversion Tracking, Report Generation)
  • Back Office Operations (Packing & Shipping Management, Warehouse Optimization, Logistics Coordination, Supplier/Vendor Coordination, Product Procurement, Inventory Cost Accounting)
  • Order Management (Order Validation, Order Fulfilment, Order Data Entry, Refund Tracking, Customer Query Resolution, Customer Database Management, Invoice Processing, Billing Record Creation, Shipping Tracking)

Other than the above-mentioned services, SunTec India’s eCommerce virtual assistants are also helping clients in handling social media, PPC, and graphic designing. With its skilled VAs, SunTec India is aiming to bring ease and in-store assisted experience for retailers struggling to manage their eCommerce store operations. Additionally, the company is utilizing emerging technologies like conversational AI, machine learning, and chatbots to automate and optimize the performance and effectiveness of their virtual assistants.

Combining technology with human-level support, SunTec India is widely providing help to several eCommerce store owners with their qualified virtual assistants in achieving higher functionality, delivering a consumer-first experience, and generating positive outcomes. Several clients are already leveraging SunTec India’s eCommerce solutions for hiring virtual assistants, while many others are turning to the company’s services in the post-pandemic era.

Mr. Ravi Kant, the vice president of the eCommerce division at SunTec India said, “eCommerce is not an easy business to run, especially when the landscape & customer behavior is changing so rapidly. Along with running the business, you also have to manage the online store, stock, and update products, prices, handle shipments, manage promotions, lend customer support, etc. This is why, at SunTec India, we are here to help you in streamlining your operations with our skilled and experienced virtual assistants.”

He further added, “Our virtual assistants have completed all the necessary training courses followed by projects to qualify as a specialist. With specialized knowledge in eCommerce and related services, they can assist businesses of any size. As a company, we invest significant time in the screening and selection process and offer intensive training for accepted candidates and ongoing professional development. And so, our VAs are always up-to-date with the latest tools, features, and trends in the eCommerce sector.”

Affordable VA services from SunTec India are being the greatest support of eCommerce entrepreneurs while helping them free up their time which can then be dedicated to other core activities, leading to business growth. Hiring virtual assistants from SunTec India, many new eCommerce business owners are able to invest their time into running and growing their companies, while they let VA’s handle the rest for them.

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