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eCommerce optimization is a multifaceted strategy for ensuring that a website is holistically optimized for success. Ecommerce optimization is genuinely holistic because it borrows the best practices from SEO, CRO, digital marketing, and website design. It first diagnoses different aspects of your web store that are detrimental to engaging shoppers and registering sales. Once such issues are identified, it takes seasoned eCommerce optimization experts to methodically work on fixing the problems that could vary from excessive redirects and poorly written product copies to the lack of call-to-action words or buttons. Due to its exhaustive, all-encompassing nature and its focus on boosting conversions, eCommerce optimization is also known as conversion rate optimization. A detailed process needs seasoned professionals who can perform thorough website audits, plan corrective actions, and optimize the website inside-out.

Any example of how our eCommerce optimization experts work?

Our emphasis is on boosting your website’s search engine visibility, converting clicks into sales, and ensuring the overall buying experience is primed for maximum customer satisfaction.

Consider an example of how our eCommerce conversion rate optimization experts work on such projects: during the detailed analysis, they audit the website for its layout, structure, optimization, and functionalities. In addition, these experts understand how successful online marketplaces or web stores function and decode online shopping patterns across different customer demographics.

What does the website audit typically include? Our eCommerce optimization specialists identify issues like:

Content Duplicity

Duplicate content across multiple web pages can bring down the overall SEO performance of your web store. Our audit team provides a report of URLs having the same or highly similar content.

Broken Links

Broken web page links are detrimental to your website’s SEO performance, and they can be a big turn-off for curious shoppers. Our audit report will provide a list of such broken links.

Consider another example: Site Search Performance Optimization.

Often ignored by traditional SEO agencies, it is an integral part of CRO [conversion rate optimization]. Our eCommerce optimization expert will evaluate your website’s search functions, tracking issues like complex search options leading to page abandonment or the website showing null results despite closely matched inventory options.

Once fixed, the expected outcomes include a reduced bounce rate and shoppers exploring more options on your web store, contributing to more completed purchases.

However, these are just a handful of the many services we provide as a fully scaled eCommerce conversion rate optimization agency. Our approach leaves nothing to chance and includes:

1. SEO for eCommerce Website Optimization

Our SEO strategy blends conventional search engine optimization approaches, contemporary techniques, and new trends, ensuring that your website is ready for the present and the future.

Keyword Optimization

We will provide an account manager to compile different keyword reports. It includes keywords that are at the core of your website optimization and need to be constantly worked upon, apart from secondary level keywords that might have a seasonal presence and negative keywords. Our predictive keyword analysis will ensure your keyword strategy is one step ahead of the competition. Our SEO expert will also optimize the published content and the backend content of each web page to improve the overall optimization score.

Image Optimization

Every image on your website, ranging from product snapshots to blog photos, needs optimization to boost the site’s search engine visibility. Our optimization experts understand how lifestyle-theme, high-quality images can impress a shopper. Corrective actions undertaken include editing images to ensure they communicate a feature or usability and updating every image with its Alt Tag data.

Sitemap & Robots.txt Optimization

A structured sitemap helps search engine robots understand your website’s pages. Our expert will optimize the sitemap and ensure that the on-page navigation is simple and does not overwhelm an online shopper. We will also update web pages that need a robots.txt file for correcting the crawling & indexing pattern.

Simplifying Google Analytics

Our website optimization expert will help you understand the detailed analysis that a Google Analytics dashboard provides. While you will maintain ownership of the account, we will analyze the data, processing it into easy-to-understand conclusions. For example, you will get insight into the worst-performing product pages, web pages that account for maximum traffic, lead to maximum exits, and landing pages that turn away potential shoppers.

2. Content Marketing for eCommerce Website Optimization

Content marketing continues to disrupt businesses with its constant changes. Dynamic to the core, it needs a proactive approach to targeting your audience, keeping them hooked, and ensuring they return for more. As an eCommerce website optimization company, we recommend and provide result-focused content marketing.

Product Description Optimization

Our experienced copywriter will ensure that every bit of the website’s content, from branding information to product descriptions, is enriched with highly contextual keywords without compromising the readability. We also update the metadata for every web page.

Content Syndication

Publishing premium content across content syndicates can be very challenging. Our digital marketers can set up collaborations to bring more clicks to your website via content distribution. Working with content publishing platforms, such as PR agencies, we help your website gain more relevant traffic without steep advertising costs.

Blogging Optimization

Our content optimization resource will invest efforts in understanding your business and audience to create blogs that do a lot more than provide content with high-value keywords. Blogging, when done smartly, helps to generate recall & retention among your audience. The focus will be on getting more organic content originating from an authentic buyer demographic in the form of testimonials, feedback, social shares, and comments.

3. CRO for eCommerce Website Optimization

CRO is the lesser understood part of SEO, but our eCommerce website optimization experts use the latest CRO strategies to bring about more clicks & conversions. CRO techniques also double up as effective branding and marketing tools, besides boosting sales. For example, our CRO expert will set up the processes that bring about more email sign-ups, directly contributing to the outreach of your digital marketing efforts like newsletter distribution. There is a lot more to our comprehensive CRO service:

Shopping Cart Curation

An eCommerce store cannot afford to have a plain, ineffective shopping cart page that allows shoppers to deflect. We will fix your shopping cart’s dynamics, reducing the cart abandonment rate and boosting completed purchases.

Website Design Optimization

We will run a detailed audit on your website’s usability, including the UI, navigational options, and the overall look & feel, to ensure that every product page can stimulate a sale. Our 360-degree analysis will help you understand why your website is losing out on conversions despite engaging online traffic on some pages.

Sales Funnel Optimization

A diagnose-and-fix approach helps identify where you are losing out on purchases across your sales funnel. We will identify the most profitable sales funnels and different stages of the funnel where you lose out on conversions.

Optimizing Other Visual Elements

Our experts might need to add, remove, rearrange, or re-sequence different elements of your website to create a better impact. This includes placement of your call-to-action buttons, types of headlines used, product page presentation, and usage of engaging banners.

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4. Website Design & Development for eCommerce Optimization

The modern consumer has plenty of options to choose from and an educated opinion. A dull, predictable web store that looks like any other run-of-the-mill eCommerce website is least likely to sustain long-term profitability. Similarly, website behaviors, such as a long-drawn checkout process, can dent your sales. Our web design optimization approach is more elaborate than other eCommerce optimization agencies. We insist on a functional design that blends creativity with search engine-friendly features.

Mobile Visibility

An online store that isn’t smartphone-friendly is least likely to compete in the era of mobile-smart web stores and intuitive apps. Our website designing and development expert will optimize your website for mobile devices, ensuring product pages make an instant impression.

Website Speed

Average servers can bring about unexpected slowdowns. Product pages that take too much time to refresh can turn away interested shoppers. Our experts evaluate, track, and optimize the web page upload speed, including analyzing the server’s performance.

Custom Designs

As your eCommerce conversion rate optimization agency, we will provide web development experts who regularly work across different platforms like Shopify, WordPress, or WooCommerce, creating immersive yet simple web layouts.

404 Web Page Design

Digital marketers insist on creating visually engaging, customized 404-pages. This helps to do a lot more than cover up broken links. Well-designed 404 pages can bring back shoppers contemplating exiting your web store, redirecting them towards coupons, discounts, bestsellers, or similar product families.

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