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Achieve higher listing visibility, search engine rankings, and organic traffic with customized eBay SEO services from SunTec India. Leverage our 20+ years of experience and bespoke solutions to reward your business with a competitive edge on eBay.

Our eBay SEO specialists follow the best industry standards and keep tabs on eBay's ranking factors to help you reach more audiences. As a part of our eBay SEO services, we audit your current listings, chalk out & implement a customized SEO strategy, and closely monitor results to help your listings achieve maximum exposure.

  • Up to 60-70% Cost Savings
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • Competent eBay SEO Professionals
  • Round-the-clock Support
  • Free Consultation
  • Dedicated Team Engagement

How Can eBay SEO Services Benefit Your Business?

With more than 1.5 billion listings and over 19 million sellers, how do you plan to outrank your competitors and make your products visible to potential customers?

Through eBay search engine optimization!

If you are an eBay seller or are looking forward to becoming one, getting found by customers should be your primary concern. No matter how great your eBay listings are, you will have no sales if your products are not discoverable.

However, eBay uses a proprietary algorithm called' Cassini' to determine which listings will be shown on the top. This algorithm considers various metrics, like listings' titles, content, product images, reviews, seller authority, etc.

eBay SEO services help you modify those parameters to make your listings relevant for user queries and compliant with eBay's guidelines, thus boosting your products' exposure.

With professional eBay SEO solutions, you can:

  • Enhance your brand identity
  • Drive more sales
  • Reach out to more customers
  • Upsurge your visibility
  • Improve products' ranking
  • Boost conversion rate

As A Part Of Our eBay SEO Services, Here's What We Do:

eBay Listing Audit

Our team reviews all your current listings on eBay and identifies areas for improvement. We also recognize issues that could be hampering your eBay performance and turning away your potential customers. Based on the findings, our eBay SEO consultants lay out an improvement plan.

Keyword Research

To best optimize your eBay listings, it is important to understand what your customers search for and how to modify your listings to target those queries. As a part of our eBay store SEO service, we carry out in-depth keyword research to identify the most relevant keywords for your products.


eBay is known for low pricing & great quality. And so, to help you compete in an environment where every seller is trying to attract traffic with a cheaper offer, our experts monitor your competitor listings, extract pricing insights, and update your product pages with the best price options in real-time.

Image Optimization

eBay search engine algorithm highly prioritizes listing content and product images. As a part of product image optimization, our team of photo editing experts improve the quality of images, make them visually appealing, & ensure that they meet the eBay image guidelines.

Title Optimization

Writing appropriate product titles is the key to attracting potential customers. Our eBay store SEO specialists write engaging and readable titles while paying attention to keyword placement for improved visibility and better reach.

Category Optimization

When listing a product, there are thousands of categories & sub-categories to choose from. As a part of our eBay SEO services, we ensure that your products are placed in the right categories & update them if necessary to provide a seamless shopping experience to users.

Product Description Writing

Our professionals write unique, concise, and useful descriptions for your listings. We include product specifications like size, color, measurements, and other details to answer as many buyer doubts as possible. Other than that, we integrate the descriptions with relevant keywords to ensure higher discoverability and hence better sales and ROI.

Analytics & Reporting

To keep you updated on your project's progress, a dedicated SEO team manager will provide periodic analytics reports on your eBay store's metrics. The report will be updated periodically from time to time to give you real-time insights on new progress.

Reach Millions Of Potential Customers With A Customized SEO Strategy For Your eBay Store

At SunTec India, we have a dedicated team of eBay specialists who possess great domain expertise & rich experience in delivering business-specific, personalized SEO services. By carefully studying your target market and optimizing keywords, images, tags, descriptions, and titles accordingly, our experts can help you overcome visibility challenges and amplify your eBay sales.

Using the best tactics & chalking out a customized strategy, our professionals can make your products rank organically by:

  • Adding relevant keywords
  • Including unique identifiers
  • Optimizing your listing title
  • Optimizing product images
  • Adding keyword-rich eBay subtitles
  • Writing unique product descriptions
  • Optimizing listing content
  • Adding relevant links
  • Optimizing URL structures
  • Using image alt tags

Using eBay SEO is an organic way to boost your rankings, grow your reach, and win more sales. We facilitate this and help you stay ahead of the game with tailor-made strategies and advanced SEO tools.

Other eBay Support Services We Offer

  • eBay Product Photo Editing Services
  • eBay Store Maintenance Services

Increase Listing Visibility & Traffic With a Trusted eBay SEO Partner

SunTec India has been providing bespoke services to online retailers for 20+ years. Our team of seasoned eCommerce professionals has a proven track record of drafting successful eBay SEO strategies for multiple businesses worldwide.

  • 7800+ Clients
  • 1500+ Employees
  • Upto 60% Cost Savings

Leverage the expertise of our SEO specialists and stay ahead of the competition on eBay. To know more about our eBay SEO services or to get a free quote, write to us at info@suntecindia.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO for eBay stores means optimizing your product listings to make them visible and rank higher on a particular keyword. eBay SEO techniques will help you get more views, sales, & conversions. Furthermore, this process will ensure a higher ranking and better discoverability, without spending heavy dollars on advertising.

If our experts are creating your listings from scratch, your items appear in eBay search results within 24 hours. However, improving the rankings of your listing and ensuring better discoverability takes consistent time and effort. When done correctly, you can start to see positive SEO results within weeks. As soon as results kick in, our team closely monitors the progress, further identifies loopholes, and consistently updates your listing content to maintain the newly-attained position.

We help you rank your listing and store at the top of eBay search results by following these practices.

  • Avoid keyword spamming
  • Write original and unique descriptions
  • Avoid creating duplicate product listings
  • Include relevant links
  • Use high-quality product images
  • Win positive customer reviews
  • Be competitive in price
  • Get the top-rated plus badge

Whenever writing a title for your eBay listings, we stay within eBay's rules. We use the most relevant keyword and the top features of your product in the title. Other things we should keep in mind while writing titles are:

  • No unnecessary characters
  • Unique titles
  • Minimal acronyms
  • Avoid using all capital letters
  • Avoid using terms like "best", "Wow", "New", etc.

eBay's internal search engine algorithm is known as Cassini. This algorithm helps customers find the most relevant listings/ products on the marketplace. It determines what will be the position of listings from sellers on the platform. This ranking is based upon several factors including keyword use, reviews, quality of images, titles, product descriptions, free shipping, and pricing, among others.

eBay's search engine, Cassini, has a number of metrics to decide the ranking of a listing.

These are widely classified into two categories.

1. Account-based ranking factors

  • Product price
  • Shipping and return policies
  • Delivery time
  • Click-through & sell-through ratios
  • Reviews & feedback

2. Listing based-ranking factors

  • Product information
  • Product titles/ descriptions
  • Product images

If you have just created your eBay listing, please wait. It takes from 12-24 hours for a listing to be indexed and be found in eBay's research results. If you can't locate your listing even after the said time, go to Selling, and check the status of your listing (active, in draft or showing any other status). To be visible in the search results, ensure that the status of your listing is active.

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