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Outsource VA Mortgage Loan Support Services

Veteran Affairs Loans are part of the US federal program designed to benefit military veterans, service members, national guard members, and military spouses. As the United States Department of Veteran Affairs approves these loans the qualification criteria are not as rigid as other mortgages. Also, the beneficiaries of VA loans do not have to make any down payment and the interest rates are modest. Lenders, banks and mortgage companies welcome VA loan applications as the risk is shared by the federal government. However, the processing of these loans is no different from other mortgages. Every application has to pass through eligibility checks, verification of property and a host of other statutory procedures. As a lender, if you take care of all these functions on your own, it not only leads to delay in loan disbursal but also hampers your operational efficiency. Outsourcing VA mortgage loan support services is a smart way of giving agility to your disbursal process.

SunTec India: Your Dependable VA Loan Support Service Provider

SunTec India is your ideal partner to outsource VA Mortgage Loan Support Services. We have been providing dependable outsourcing solutions for more than 20 years. Our dedicated team of VA Loan Support Service Experts provides tailor-made back-office support to private lenders, mortgage companies and credit unions across the US. These dedicated resources work exclusively for you from a world-class facility. The team has a proven track record of streamlining VA loan processing for a variety of financial institutions. We speed up your VA loan disbursal by handling data accurately and improving turnaround time.

A Glimpse Of Our VA Loan Support Services

As a VA loan support service providing company, we cover the whole gamut of sub-processes involved in the disbursal of the mortgage amount. Our experts can lend a helping hand in:

Mortgage VA Loan Support Services


When you hire virtual assistants for VA loan support from us, these professionals work exclusively for you as an extension of your in-house team. Our experts work with the sole purpose of securing your interest as a lender. They help you with the pre-qualification process by gathering qualification data and documents. Whether it is checking the credit history of the applicant, verifying income details, or collecting employment records, they do it all for you within a quick turnaround time. Our specialists also draft the prequalification letter to give your end customer a brief idea of the funding.

Loan Closing Disclosure

Our VA loan experts give you complete support in the closing disclosure. Whether it is drafting the loan terms and conditions, compiling the closing package or creating invoices, they can handle every aspect of loan closing with accuracy and speed. These experts can liaise with your underwriting team to complete the mortgage closing process within the stipulated time frame. They can also prepare and deliver closing statements as per your individual needs.


As a VA loan support service provider, we do understand the intricacies involved in the pre-approval process and hence have an experienced team of professionals to take care of this work. Our experts gather pre-approval documents such as W-2 statements, income statements, tax returns, photo IDs, etc. They are well trained on the pre-approval drill and can procure every document ranging from employment details, liabilities, assets, federal debts to DTI and certificate of eligibility. With their hands-on experience of the VA loan approval process, our experts can gather and process documents such as DD Form 214, NGB Form 22 and 23, DD Form 1300. They can collate these documents quickly and accurately to expedite our loan approval.

VA Appraisal

VA appraisal is an integral part of the loan disbursal process as it allows the lender to get a clear valuation of the property . This process makes sure that the structure of the property is intact and doesn't pose any health hazard to the buyer. The federal government mandates the lenders to adhere to this process in every VA loan. To help you on this front, our experts can gather all the necessary information related to the property in question. They can accurately collate data on ownership history, title history, physical condition of the property and generate a detailed report as per your individual needs.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing VA Loan Support Services to SunTec India

  • A reputed name in the outsourcing arena for more than 20 years
  • ISO 9001 and 27001 certification for superior quality and information security
  • Stringent quality control for unmatched VA support services
  • Dedicated VA loan support experts who work exclusively for you
  • Flexible and scalable outsourcing model to suit your individual needs
  • 24X7 customer support for instant resolutions of issues and queries

VA Mortgage Loan Support Services: Expedite Operational Excellence With SunTec India

SunTec India is a trusted data and IT outsourcing support service provider with 20+ years of industry experience and a long line of successful projects.

Before commencing your mortgage VA loan support system, we help you explore every option to choose what works best for you. From ensuring compliance across all data levels to empowering your data ecosystem, we handle every aspect of your mortgage loan support with ease and finesse.

Our team helps you gain a competitive advantage and a distinctive brand identity through easy, secure, and high-quality data support services.

If you have any specific queries related to VA mortgage loan support services, you can seek assistance from our professionals through an email at We also offer a risk-free demo to help you better understand the extent of benefits we bring to the table. To share your requirements or request the demo, please reach us via email or fill the form.

Client Speak

Client Speak

Before partnering with SunTec India, I thought outsourcing is still a far fetched dream for mortgage companies as one cannot find the key skill sets in a remote location. But SunTec broke my notion by providing me with the required talent and experience. Not only this, my remote resources were well versed with the US regulatory guidelines. They could process Form101, Form 102 and every other data with compliance. Their professionalism and language proficiency was like an icing on the cake. I am willing to vouch for the quality and accuracy of their mortgage services.

CEO of a leading firm in US
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