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SunTec is Volusion Referral Partner

SunTec India is glad to announce that it has attained Referral Partners status with Volusion. As an official Referral Partner, we are now recognized for our capabilities and know-how in expanding Volusion’s eCommerce platform through our apps development and customization services. We are very enthusiastic about this partnership, as it will allow us to further consolidate our offerings for Volusion storefronts.

SunTec is Volusion Referral Partner

The partnership status underscores SunTec India’s abilities as a one stop provider of all Volusion based eCommerce solutions which can exactly meet the business goals and requirements of its clients. The certified partner status also allows SunTec India to promptly acquire the technological knowledge of all additions and improvements made to the Volusion platform and leverage it to render superior service to its clients. This significantly adds to SunTec India’s capacity to create cutting-edge Volusion based eStores which provide its clients maximum ROI.

“Attaining the certified partner status with Volusion is a logical step ahead for SunTec India. Our expertise with the Volusion platform is comprehensive and we are a much sought after provider of Volusion based solutions. The certified partner status is an emphatic recognition of our expertise and experience with the Volusion platform,” said Mr. Murli Pawar, VP, Technology Division, SunTec India.

A hosted eCommerce platform with quite a few distinctive features, Volusion comes equipped with advanced analytics and ROI tracking as well as affiliate program management tools. It also offers one an extensive range of pre-built store designs. Because of these factors, Volusion has come to be favored by thousands of eCommerce entrepreneurs across the world.

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