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Outsource Mortgage Field Services

Working in the real estate industry has never been an easy job for realtors and companies alike. Given the challenges of ever-changing business practices, mortgage compliances to abide by, and the need to cater to a wide customer base, your productive resources are always hard-pressed for time. Fortunately, you can free up your in-house team to do what they do best by outsourcing property preservation and inspection records data entry services to a specialized vendor. At SunTec India, we have talented and experienced professionals who are committed to delivering bespoke back-office support services for mortgage property repair records entry services.

Through our investment in world-class infrastructure, modern technology, and rigorous quality control, we check every aspect of service delivery to meet the industry guidelines and client expectations. When you partner with us, we offer you premium property preservation data entry solutions in a quick turnaround time and enable you to scale up your business.

Specialized Mortgage Field Services We Offer To Our Clients

In addition to property preservation and inspection record maintenance services, we also offer a diverse range of specialized mortgage field services to our clients.

Through customization particular to your requirements and objectives, our team creates robust solutions that meet your changing needs. We keep you ahead of the trend, employ the latest technologies and tools, and implement the best industry practices.

Explore our range of specialized mortgage-related data services.

  • Encryption-based data security
  • International standards compliance
  • Special policy compliance
  • Advanced documentation and tracking
  • Authorized data access controls

As an industry leader in mortgage field services, we keep you aligned with the trends and lend you a competitive advantage.

Our Suite of Property Preservation and Inspection Records Maintenance Services

Mortgage Field Services

Processing property maintenance work orders

Once you receive the work order from the bank that is in possession of properties due to loan default, our experts carefully review the work application and help you assign jobs to the right vendors. The approved vendors then pay a visit to the property and complete their assigned jobs like grass cutting, debris removal, bush trimming, fencing, and lawn maintenance, etc.

Inspecting and analyzing work report

After assigning the work, vendors start working and click images of before work, during work, and after work from different angles as a testimony. Then they upload all the images on the client's online application with complete details of the work done. Once all the images are uploaded by several vendors, we help the client meticulously inspect and analyze the work done as per the bank's strict guidelines.

Downloading, arranging, labeling, and processing photos

When analyzing the work done by different vendors, we download, arrange, label, and process all the work images in a coherent manner. This is a crucial part that needs to be done with the utmost attention.

Our experts not only keep all the guidelines in mind but also check if any angle and spot is missed by the vendor while clicking the images. If we find any discrepancy in the submitted images, we ask the vendor to resubmit the image. Then, we match each image provided by the vendor (before, during and after) from the same angles and spots. This helps us figure out the exact work done by the vendor as required by the client.

Preparing invoice

Once we analyze the work done by different vendors, we create an invoice on behalf of our client. While preparing the invoice, our experts pay utmost attention to the pricing guidelines and the price list submitted by different vendors. This helps in the successful submission of invoicing to the bank. Our experts know that even a small error can get the whole invoice rejected by the bank.

Why Hire Virtual Assistants For Property Repair & Maintenance Invoices and Records Management From SunTec India

At SunTec India, we have a pool of experienced professionals who can manage all your back-office and data entry needs for mortgage property repair and maintenance invoices and records maintenance. Our all-encompassing back-office services not only offer you peace of mind but also help you save a significant amount of time and money. With the expertise of our experts on your side, you can concentrate on your core business and stay ahead of the competition.

Mortgage Field Services : Benefits of Partnering With SunTec India

  • World-Class Data Security
  • Flexible Outsourcing Models
  • Domain Expertise
  • Up To 50% Cost Reduction
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Customized Solutions
  • Access To Latest Tech
  • Zero Start-Up Cost

Outsource Mortgage Field Support Services to SunTec India

Deal with huge data volumes without compromising your time or the results. Send your requirements to us at You can also request a free trial to gauge how our services work towards benefitting your operational excellence and bottom line.

Client Speak

Client Speak

Before partnering with SunTec India, I thought outsourcing is still a far fetched dream for mortgage companies as one cannot find the key skill sets in a remote location. But SunTec broke my notion by providing me with the required talent and experience. Not only this, my remote resources were well versed with the US regulatory guidelines. They could process Form101, Form 102 and every other data with compliance. Their professionalism and language proficiency was like an icing on the cake. I am willing to vouch for the quality and accuracy of their mortgage services.

CEO of a leading firm in US
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