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eCommerce Product Data Matching & De-duplication

Product matching is a reliable and economical way to optimize the data of your online store and effectively gauge the competitive landscape.

SunTec India can help you identify matching products or SKUs across multiple eCommerce catalogs to de-duplicate or reconcile your master product list.

Key features of our product matching services comprise:

  • Product data comparison
  • Product data de-duplication
  • Product reconciliation
  • Catalog cleansing

Compared to a traditional drop-ship retail program, access to an integrated catalog, adds to the appeal of an eCommerce store or an online marketplace. A unified product catalog lets retailers to merge multi-dimensional product information into a single SKU, including:

  • Multiple sources, like data from their own catalog, together with information from various suppliers and manufacturers
  • Multiple variations (for example, size or color, etc.)
  • Multiple offers, etc.

However, this is possible only if you can skillfully determine identical products in your online store. Identifying matching products and subsequently merging the product information from those matching products goes into defining product matching. As there is no unique product identifier, which is universally used by retailers and merchants, it often poses a challenge in consistently and reliably matching products or SKUs.

The eCommerce catalog management specialists at SunTec India employ the following key identifiers to match your items:

  • Global identifiers, for example EAN, UPC Code, etc. (Except in items like apparel and jewelry, etc., which do not have UPC)
  • Product brand and title
  • Product attributes

With our eCommerce data matching services, we ensure that your customers get a consistent view, even if the same item appears several times on your site or other eCommerce marketing channels – and that there is no ambiguity, typographical errors or pricing discrepancies.

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