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With Product Attribute Standardization, SunTec India Helps eTailer Maintain Data Consistency, Improve Coordination and Save Up To $100k

Client Background

Our client deals in consumer electronics in a variety of categories such as TV, Video, Portable Audio & Headphones, Kitchen Automation & Home Surveillance, Telephones, Batteries & Power Accessories, etc. Besides a brick-and-mortar showroom, the client has been running an eCommerce store since last 6 years. Our client has a comprehensive catalog of more than one lakh products.

Client Requirements

The consumer electronic eTailer with a catalog of over one lakh products required accurate and standardized product attribution that enables optimal merchandising across the eStore and ensures correct product descriptions, prices, discounts and promotional offers. The client wanted us to convert the data in a predefined format, ensuring that the attributes are standardized throughout to scale volume growth.

The project involved sorting products in correct category, assigning accurate attribute to each product and ensuring that the product data is standardized, thus helping the client maintain high-quality, consistent data, reduce product time to market and optimize processes including order processing, management and fulfillment.

Challenges Faced

Maintaining approximately 120,000 products through accurate categorization and data attribution had a number of challenges that led to inconsistencies in the database, and delayed time to market.

  • In many cases, products were assigned to the "General" product type and default pre-set attributes, while in many others the attribute field was not even enabled.
  • The quality of product data limited merchandising initiatives for instance guided/faceted navigation (filtering by color or price range, etc.)
  • In cases of custom product attributes, there were wide discrepancies, primarily along taxonomy terms, list of colors, and other textual options, bringing in results with incorrect descriptions, images, prices, and promotions, etc. Even similar products were assigned non-similar attributes/ values.

Solutions Offered

We deployed a team of 15 product data entry specialists to work on the project, sort items and assign correct attributes to each product, thus helping the client eliminate data redundancy and increase accuracy in matching products across the store. Our experts worked with cross-functional teams to optimize product attribution process and complete the project in quick turnaround time.

We offered the following solutions:

  • We streamlined the product attribution process by first analyzing discrepancies and cleansing the database
  • Our professionals began with classifying product data and standardizing UPCs (Universal Product Code) to ensure smooth workflow between retailers, suppliers and manufacturers.
  • We employed product data matching techniques to handle issues in content related to spellings and variations.
  • Our experts made sure that the dimensions to each product was attributed accurately and in the same unit of measurement.
  • Along with the values, our professionals also standardized the keys. For example: We ensured that color, colour and clr, as mentioned in different product detail pages, was standardized as color throughout.
  • We ensured that UPC, manufacturer, color, dimensions and price for each product was attributed accurately and standardized.


With 100% timely product attribute standardization, we helped the client:

  • Accurately categorize and attribute nearly 120,000 products in two months' time to maintain data consistency, increase sales and generate revenue
  • Improve coordination between stakeholders, ensure global process standardization and save up to $100k
  • Eliminate revenue reporting inconsistencies by a huge margin
  • Trace and track details like shipping, sourcing and warehousing
  • Improve customer's shopping experience with quality product content

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