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In the crowd of over 5 million mobile apps, even the best can get overlooked. We help your mobile app get discovered and reach more high-intent users with app store optimization services. Get support for organic and paid app store marketing on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, other app marketplaces, and search engines like Google and Bing to achieve-

  • Improved app visibility
  • Localization for global audiences
  • Higher app downloads
  • Lower cost-per-install (CPI)

Work with an Experienced App Store Optimization Company

Our app store optimization services help enhance consumer engagement by identifying relevant keywords, optimizing metadata, creating engaging visuals, and continuously monitoring your app's ranking. With the best app search optimization practices and a personalized ASO marketing strategy, we modify mobile app listings to improve visibility, engage more users, and inspire higher downloads. Here are the services offered by our ASO marketing company-

App Store Optimization Services

Through comprehensive market research, we build an app store SEO plan to increase your app's discoverability, engagement, and conversion rates in the app stores. This includes-

  • Metadata optimization (app listing title, description, subtitle, keywords)
  • Keyword research to identify high-traffic, relevant terms
  • A/B testing of creative assets (icons, screenshots, videos, app previews, feature banners)
  • Inclusion of clear CTAs on app landing pages
  • Relevant app categories and subcategories selection
  • Localization of app listing for target markets
  • Regular monitoring and iteration to maintain rankings

Apple Search Ads & Google UAC Management

Maximize app visibility and user acquisition rate with paid ads. We offer management support for Apple Search Ads and Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC)-

  • Configure Apple search ad campaigns
  • Manage bids and budget for Apple search ads
  • Optimize Google UAC for specific post-install actions (subscriptions, in-app purchases, etc.)
  • Monitor and optimize cost per install (CPI)
  • Research and select keywords
  • Create engaging ad creatives (screenshots, videos, and ad copy)
  • Ongoing A/B testing and optimization
  • KPI tracking and reporting

ASO Report and Audit

Our team analyzes the health of your mobile app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You will receive a detailed report about-

  • Top competitors
  • Current app rankings and visibility status
  • Keyword ranking opportunities
  • Metadata optimization opportunities
  • Creative asset evaluation (icon, screenshots, video)
  • User ratings and reviews analysis
  • Actionable recommendations to improve app store performance

App Store Reputation Management

Maintain a positive brand image and foster long-term loyalty among your user base through our app store reputation management services. Our strategies include-

  • Monitor user ratings and review
  • Identify and address negative feedback
  • Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive feedback
  • Report fake or inappropriate reviews for removal

App Store Marketing Services

We leverage external app store optimization factors like backlinks and social media to drive additional traffic from search engines like Google and Bing to your app store page and increase its visibility. This includes-

  • Building high-quality, relevant backlinks from authoritative websites
  • Creating and distributing valuable, app-related content across various channels
  • Distributing press releases to relevant media outlets and news websites.
  • Promoting the app on social media channels
  • Engaging with relevant online communities, forums, and Q&A platforms
  • Cross-promotion partnerships with complementary apps or businesses

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Service

We analyze your app's user journey, identify key conversion points, and implement strategies to improve your app's conversion rates. Our service includes:

  • User journey mapping
  • In-app analytics to track user behavior, engagement, and conversion metrics
  • Execute A/B tests on user onboarding flow, UI, in-app messaging, etc.
  • Develop personalized experiences for different user segments
  • Conversion funnel optimization to streamline the user journey
  • Implement strategies to improve user retention and re-engage dormant users

Solve your Biggest App Growth Challenges with our ASO Marketing Company

Our app store optimization services provide unique insights, manage organic and paid marketing efficiently, and help grow conversions and CTR for your mobile apps.

  • Experienced in best app store optimization, keyword research, & performance monitoring tools
  • Use search ads and social media advertising insights to create effective marketing campaigns
  • Share customized app performance reports to improve and monitor keyword performances
  • Utilize latest iOS features to create App Store page variants and maximize conversions

1000+ Mobile Apps Optimized for Clients across the Globe

SunTec has established itself as a reputed app store optimization agency through stellar results delivered to numerous clients with dedicated ASO marketing efforts.

SunTec India delivered exceptional ASO marketing results

When we first started working with them, we told them what we wanted, but eventually, their expertise surpassed our expectations. They now consult us on the best ASO marketing strategies and implement them in time for us too. They pay a great deal of attention to detail, and their grip on app store marketing is outstanding.

Liam Muller

Sr. Director of Digital Marketing

The team not only delivered on time but also met all our expectations

Their understanding of the Google and Apple App Store ecosystem is evident in our growth numbers. We have seen a significant increase in app visibility and user acquisition. They also share proactive recommendations, which have helped us improve conversions. The team's commitment to deadlines, collaborative approach, and transparent communication has been invaluable.

Cindy Tsai

Product Owner

Custom ASO strategy by SunTec improved my app's rankings and visibility.

I worked with SunTec India for ASO, SEO, and PPC and noted substantial growth in all three projects. The team's ability to adapt to the algorithm changes and identify trends has been crucial to our consistent success. I especially liked their data-driven approach to user engagement strategies. Will certainly recommend!

Javier Delgado

Marketing Manager

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  • Higher app impressions

    Higher app impressions

  • Increased app  downloads

    Increased app downloads

  • Reduced cost of user acquisition

    Reduced cost of user acquisition

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