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Wedding Photo Editing Services

We take a unique approach to wedding post-production by being a part of your team. We focus on knowing you, your vision, and the style you follow to offer you our best wedding photography post processing services. Our wedding photo retouching services primarily include:

  • Correction of color and exposure on every image
  • Artistic/creative edits on maximum images as per your choice
  • Custom black and white edits on duplicate set of images
  • Image sorting and renumbering
  • Fully edited JPG and RAW files
  • Event archiving and retrieval
  • Custom album is designed with no templates
  • Fast turnaround
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Wedding Photo Editing Services

Wedding Photo Post Processing Services offered by SunTec

SunTec offers a range of services that make life easier for wedding photographers. Choose only what you need on every order. These include:

Wedding Image Editing and Correction

Spot on color is not always simple, and can turn out to be one of the most tiresome job of editing any part of shoot. We, at SunTec, provide you with accurate and personalized wedding image corrections, and leave more time for the exciting stuff of bridal photo editing for you.

Artistic Editing and Retouching Wedding Photos

Starting from easy modifications like conversion to black and white, and dodging and burning to complete make-overs involving head swaps and body contouring, SunTec India’s talented team of wedding photo editors can do it all! We speed through work once you specify your priorities.

Customized WordPress Themes

Why spend your time wading through thousands of pictures, when SunTec can quickly sort through them and make the best choices for you?  The culling work is all done by our expert wedding image editors, some of whom are  themselves wedding photographers. So everything from the quality of the image to image content is carefully weighed in to make you look your best.

Wedding Album Design

Designing your own album can be a little cumbersome. The creative graphic design team at SunTec, employing our unique custom designs will leave you completely captivated with our fascinating Wedding Album Design.

Reasons Why our Wedding Image Editing Services are Different and Better

SunTec is well-appointed with a highly experienced photo editing team. The entire process of wedding photography editing services is time consuming and needs care. The team produces amazing work and is primed to complete your wedding image editing within a couple of working days of receipt, maintaining the highest levels of our delivery:

Natural Look

Your pictures look natural with the wedding picture editing and enhancements provided by us.


The images are edited and the colors are enhanced in a consistent way


Our  monitors are regularly calibrated to maintain the accuracy of the color corrections


We apply a wide variety of black and white and color effects on selected images based on the nature of the image, and thus satisfy all preferences.

Individual Attention

Instead of doing color correction for a batch, we work on images one at a time.

Discuss Your Project With Us

Contact us for a FREE QUOTE and to receive more information about our wedding photo editing services. Be sure to email or upload the significant image(s) for Free Trial to get an idea about our quality wedding photo editing service. For more information or queries, mail us at info@suntecindia.com.

Editing requirements other than weddings are also invited for trial. We will work with you on an agreeable price. Contact Us today!

"I've always received utmost efficiency & professionalism for all my image editing needs. They never hesitated to follow-up promptly concerning any matter. Their attention to details and deadlines is phenomenal. I look forward to more positive transactions with SunTec India." Process Head
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