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Internet marketing is perhaps the most important and effective form of advertising for any business in the travel sector (such as travel agents, hotels, holiday rental agencies, can rental agencies, etc.), and the facts back this up. For instance, it has been proven that over 38% of travel planning is done online globally, and this number is set to double over the next decade. At a conservative estimate, this means the online travel business would be worth a mind boggling $250 billion in the U.S. alone - let alone the rest of the world. And a properly thought out and well executed SEO strategy is an absolute must to make the most out a travel business's web presence.

At SunTec, we have been providing specialized travel SEO services for over 13 years now. We promise to bring your travel website to the top of organic search results for your chosen keywords. Our experienced SEO services for travel agents team will make sure that you experience an increase in traffic to your site, and will effectively market your services online to your target audience and geographic region.

At SunTec, we know that traditional SEO techniques are not enough when it comes to travel websites search engine optimization. Advancements in search engine technology have enabled users to enter in extremely specific queries such as "budget hotels Madrid" and receive localized results based upon that query. Location specific queries require more specific techniques/knowledge than general SEO, and we are experienced at these. Our travel SEO services will "leapfrog" you ahead of your competitors who might be still using outdated SEO strategies along with other and less effective forms of advertising.

Social media marketing

Our travel marketing team will register your presence on all the major social networking platforms out there such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. We will post on forums and blogs, participate in discussions about travel and share travel experiences to provide your brand with maximum visibility across the Internet. We will make sure to post interesting and informative travel related videos on sites such as YouTube, as this will tempt users to "click through" to your site if the video is interesting enough. This also opens up the possibility of your videos going "viral", and attracting literally millions of visitors per day.

On site optimization

We ensure that the content on your site is informative, keyword rich, interesting and engaging so as to appeal to users and search engines alike. We will never engage in "stuffing" your content with keywords as this will cause your site to get penalized quickly by the search engines. Our travel marketing team will also ensure that your page titles, Meta tags, images and anchor text are properly optimized for the search engines.

Link building

Our link building experts will make sure your site has a lot of relevant links as opposed to pages of content with very little useful content. We will provide you with relevant anchor text so as to ensure a low bounce rate on your website. Our SEO services for travel industry will also ensure that you have relevant and quality backlinks to your site, as this is looked upon favorably by the search engines.

News SEO

This is one of the most important aspects of your SEO strategy if you are in the travel business. Our travel search marketing team will help you provide the latest scoops and news on what is happening in other parts of the globe, so that potential tourists can plan their trip accordingly. For instance, we can inform a tourist of the general law and order situation in a country he is planning to visit, or perhaps the weather for the next 7 days in that country, which would be of immense use to the tourist in preparing his trip itinerary.


The majority of browsers on any travel website will likely be in locations different to yours, and it is important to let people know where they can travel/visit via well laid out maps on your site. Our travel search marketing team will assist you with laying out maps on your site so as to show your site visitors specific countries as well as places of interest in those countries.

Multi-lingual SEO

Our travel SEO services experts will employ multi-lingual SEO strategies and make sure your site has multi-lingual capabilities so that visitors from other countries can use your site in a language they are comfortable with.

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