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Small Business SEO Services

Proper search engine optimization is just as vital for smaller (or home) businesses as it is for large organizations. Small businesses might not have large marketing budgets or dedicated Internet marketing departments, but customized small business SEO services are of extreme importance to any small business. At SunTec, we specialize in providing quality and affordable SEO services for small businesses that ensures the money you spend is in line with the profits you make. We recognize that a "one size fits all" strategy doesn't work for small businesses, and make sure that we provide you with a unique and fundamentally solid SEO plan of attack which is guaranteed to provide lasting results.

There are three key factors we keep in mind when drawing up a SEO plan of attack for any small business, and these are affordability, ease of implementation and finally effectiveness.

Affordability is of key importance to small businesses that might not have large marketing budgets, and we are fully aware of this fact. We provide small business owners with affordable SEO services that they can stick with for the long term.

A factor which is often overlooked when creating SEO campaigns for small businesses is ease of implementation. Most home businesses (or small businesses) are run by a few individuals, and do not have time to pore through lengthy and complicated campaigns. At SunTec, we make sure to provide you, the small business owner with an easy to understand small business search engine optimization strategy. Our specialists will be there with you at every stage of the process to guide you through any doubts you might have, and will take care of implementing all the tasks, so that you can instead focus on growing your business.

Effectiveness is also of vital importance to small businesses that have tight budgets and cannot afford to "wager" their money on risky campaigns. We ensure that we create the best campaign for you at minimum risk. Our business oriented keyword selection strategy is aimed at getting the most targeted Internet traffic to your site in order to maximizing the chance of online sales from your site visitors.

SEO strategy

We will do a thorough review of your website, your business goals, current marketing plan and long term goals to come up with an appropriate small business search engine optimization strategy for your business.

Keyword selection

We ensure that we "tailor" your keywords to the content of your pages, and pick the most relevant and useful keywords on any particular page of your site.

On page optimization

Our small business SEO team will make sure to optimize each page of your website to the best extent possible. We will provide you with customized title tags, Meta tag descriptions, image tags and H1 tags which incorporate the targed keywords for each page of your site.

Web content copywriting

Content is king when it comes to websites, and we recognize this fact. We will write unique, compelling and informative content for your site in order to keep your users coming back for more. Our team will make sure that your content is keyword rich and has a natural flow to it so as to get indexed quickly by the search engines. We can help you to add new pages to your site, and will also edit existing page content as required.

Keyword analysis and research

We will analyze your business carefully and use advanced keyword selection tools to find related keywords and search volume information. Our small business SEO team will never engaged in "keyword stuffing" on your pages, as this will cause your site to get penalized by the search engines very quickly.

Link building

Building quality inbound links to your site is of paramount importance to gain credibility and therefore higher search engine rankings. We will conduct a link audit of your site and your competitors, and will use this information to put together a white hat SEO link building strategy for you that we will then execute over the period of a few months. Our representatives will review the strategy with you prior to implementation. Our small business SEO services experts will also teach you how to measure the success of your ongoing SEO campaign as you start building your inbound links.


Contact us today for a free site analysis wherein we analyze your existing site, and provide you with an affordable and results-driven small business SEO plan tailor-made for your business.

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