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More than 90% of buyers start their real estate search online, and SEO for real estate agents is therefore imperative for a strong online presence, as higher search engine rankings usually mean more site hits and more sales - a fact that assumes even more significance when each of these sales can be in the region of $100,000 or more.

At SunTec, our real estate SEO services team has a proven track record of establishing visibility, building a strong network and gathering leads for our clients in the real estate industry for over 13 years now. Our real estate website marketing services make sure that your business is found on the first page of Google for your chosen keywords, and will use results oriented real estate SEO strategies such as local SEO, organic link building and social media marketing.

Why do I need a professional real estate SEO company to handle my real estate website marketing?

Real estate Internet marketing involves many aspects that are best handled by a professional real estate company such as SunTec. While real estate agents usually compete against each other for business, they are also "bound together" under a large banner such as their parent brokerage. Most large brokerages face the dilemma of managing and promoting individual agents while also marketing their brand online, and this is hard to manage in terms of real estate search engine optimization.

In addition to this, the larger brokerage sites are usually extreme complex in nature because of the high levels of functionality and search features that are essential on these sites. Such sites usually need an area to promote each of their agents online, but multiple listing services are usually designed without keeping in mind real estate search engine optimization.

Last, but not least, there is extremely stiff competition in real estate SEO when it comes to keywords, as each individual agent as well as the brokerages are all competing for the same keywords.

Quality content

We will develop quality content that targets your chosen keywords. We make sure to focus on one keyword per page and will consistently put new content on your site to keep the website fresh and relevant. Our real estate website marketing team will make sure to write about stuff people care about, rather than "churning" out irrelevant and non-focused content, which results in higher conversions ratios and increased sales. For example, we may tailor your content around local events, new businesses that may be opening up in the area, home related products and such.

Controlling which content is indexed

We will use your robots.txt file to disallow the URL modifiers that appear in search pages from being indexed. This ensures that search engines do not crawl any duplicate content on your site, thereby improving your rankings.

Long tail keyword research

We know that competition for the main keywords is extremely stiff, and will develop a sound long tail keyword research strategy to ensure higher conversion rates from popular local long tail keywords as well.

Website optimization

Our real estate search engine optimization experts ensure your URL structure is optimized to the best possible extent, and will use 301 redirect rules to create more optimized URLs. We will ensure your website is fast and responsive, and will not use technology such as Iframes which search engines cannot index.

Avoiding excessive use of sub domains

Our real estate SEO services experts will avoid using sub domains on your site, as the search engines end up treating them as a separate entity. This means that any link value or back links attributed to the sub domains will not add to the rankings of the main site.

Organic link building

Our real estate Internet marketing team will use Google approved link building techniques to gather quality links to your site, and ensure long term improvements in search engine rankings.

Social media marketing

Our real estate Internet marketing team will promote and market your brand across all major social media platforms, and will ensure that you build business credibility through word of mouth.

Panda proof rankings

ALL our strategies are compliant with the new Google Webmaster guidelines, and our real estate SEO services ensure your site is not penalized by the recent Panda updates.

Code of ethics

Our real estate SEO team is fully aware of the Realtor Code of Ethics, and will develop a SEO strategy for you in accordance with this code.

FREE Site Analysis

Not sure if your current site is optimized well enough for the search engines? Our real estate SEO services team would be glad to offer you a FREE analysis of your website wherein we would test your website, and provide you with valuable tips on how to improve your site's conversion rates and customer usability.

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