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As an eCommerce business owner, you cannot deny the effectiveness of running ad campaigns for grabbing a shopper’s attention on global search engines like Google. Invariably, you will need a professional for managing different types of ad campaigns. First impressions suggest that any digital marketer who specializes in online shopping ads management will be able to handle your Google Product Listing Ad too. However, this couldn’t be further away from the truth!

Still trusting conventional ad management for Google Shopping Ads?

Know the Difference

Google Product Listing Ad [PLA] or Google Shopping Ad is different from conventional Google Search ads [earlier called AdWords]. Referred to as Googles Ads, the latter refers to detailed, textual ads. PLAs work differently, providing highly visual advertising content. They work via a data-driven product feed that comes from your eCommerce store.

Ads at the Top of Shopper’s View

Google Shopping ads too show up on a Google search result page but unlike conventional Google Search ads, PLAs are high on images and product information, empowering shoppers with more contextual data. They grab a spot above Google Search ads which underlines their importance, as they feature in the most important space on the search results page, just below the search query box.

Ads that Need Holistic Management

While other types of online advertising campaigns are heavily dependent on the choice of keywords, PLAs are also conscious of the product headline [rather than a plain product title], stock status, choice of product snapshots, and elements like discounted rates. Product listing ads are fueled by the product copy [content], buying options, images, and prices.

Choose Wisely

Right from choosing a product category, handpicking web store items, preparing impactful product images, and landing page optimization is all a part of managing Google Shopping Ads, beyond the realm of standard PPC management. If you are serious about maximizing your Return on Ad Spend [ROAS], trust our team of Google Shopping Management Experts.

Hire a Specialist Google Shopping Ads Management Services Agency

As a fully scaled Google Shopping Management Agency we offer a dedicated setup where our resource will be responsible for setting up, reporting for, and managing your Product Listing Ads campaign. At all times, you will be in absolute control of your ad expenditure along with maximum clarity about the campaign’s performance.

Our service structure includes:

1. Getting Started: Defining Your Ad Campaign Goals

Every ad campaign is not directed at boosting immediate sales. As a web store owner, you might want to push a particular type of inventory just to create a bit of buzz that familiarizes shoppers with your brand. Your online sales might be decent, but the increasing ad spend might need a reality check and a quick fix for the problem. Our ad expert will optimize your campaign as per the goals you define. This is not a one-time activity that delivers overnight results. Managing Google Shopping Ads needs consistent work where we will investigate, optimize, and take control of every bit of data that is fed into the ad.

2. Setting Up Google Shopping Ad Campaign(s)

These initial processes are vital to ensure your Google Shopping ads function without any glitches. Our ad expert will accurately upload the product feed into the Google Merchant Center, create a PLA campaign inside your Google AdWords account, create multiple Ad groups based on different product categories of your web store, and then start the bidding process. If you don’t have a Google Merchant Center account, we will create one for you, ensuring it is set up and integrated with AdWords.

3. Experience Next Level Google Shopping Campaign Keyword Research

Conventional product listing ad management agencies provide one-time efforts in finding the targeted and negative keywords but as a seasoned Google ad management agency, we realize that high-ROI campaigns are set up on constant efforts to groom keywords. Targeted, high-focus keywords can also change over a period and the same set of negative keywords should not be applied to every product category! Our ad management experts will constantly optimize the ad campaign for high-demand, sales-funneling keywords that deserve a higher spend and identify keywords that repeatedly lead to irrelevant ad display that does not bring about any conversions.

4. Own a Multi-tiered Campaign Structure for Long-term Gains

The advantages of hiring our Google Shopping management services might not be visible within a day but very quickly, you might realize how much money you were losing due to ineffective campaign structures. ROI often takes a beating when bids and budgets aren’t actively checked and updated. Our ad campaign expert will continuously track this critical data, creating insights along the way that ensures an agile budgeting & bidding pattern:

  • We clearly define focus areas that need more spending and generic terms that deserve reduced bidding
  • Our sales funnel-like campaign structure clearly highlights campaigns that deliver the best ROI
  • Each multi-tiered campaign is monitored & scrutinized, as we identify and cut out ineffective campaigns

5. Optimizing Google Shopping Product Feed for Maximum Impact

A well-structured Google Shopping campaign is as good as its product listing ad. The shopping feed needs to be groomed for excellence. Our product listing ad expert will work on the shopping feed, ensuring strategic placement of keywords, descriptive titles, and images that have a lifestyle appeal. Trust our Google shopping management expertise to precisely match targeted keywords with the most relevant products from your web store, boosting the relevance of ad groups.

  • We might do a bit of image editing so that the product images communicate a product’s quality, usability, style, or uniqueness
  • We keep a close watch on how special offers are presented so that they hold their ground against the competition

6. Giving you the Control: Unmatched Ad Campaign Reporting

Our Product Listing Ad management comes with prompt communication and weekly reports. Our Google Shopping experts also try to forecast ad spending trends. You get the freedom of viewing the campaign performance data across parameters like product types, product categories, brands, and seasonal variations. There is plenty of room to brainstorm which product categories can afford passive ad spending and those that need to maintain their visibility even at increased costs.

  • Reports often highlight product headlines that don’t relay engaging information to a shopper or inventory images that fail to deliver a visual impact
  • You will get clarity about which web store pages, keywords, and audience demographics provide the maximum conversions.

Get ready to experience unmatched, in-depth, and detailed reporting for Google Shopping Ads:

  • If you are a multi-scaled business owner with web stores in different industries, our reporting will be even more detailed, providing you the comparisons for profit margins or conversion rates across different verticals.
  • If you have parallel ads underway [Facebook or Google Ads] for the same products, we will provide ad comparisons for Google Shopping ads versus other platforms.
  • Expect detailed reporting where you get micro-level comparisons for an ad group, such as mobile view and desktop ad performance.

7. Delivering Superior Google Product Listing Ads Management

Some digital marketing agencies provide a common bidding strategy for all types of products, keywords, and web store accounts. Such inefficiency can lead to low-return ad campaigns that make you spend more. As a specialist Google shopping management agency, we cover every aspect of the bidding game to influence more sales and reduce the PPC burden. Our ad bidding specialist invests time in setting up multiple, Single Product Ad Groups. This increases our scope of work as every ad group needs variated keyword selection, but this cuts down ad spending and makes each ad group more likely to show up for a precise range of search terms. Our ad management expert will update you about changes in Google’s algorithms along with testing keywords across test-run ad groups to constantly optimize for overall improvement.

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Reasons to Choose SunTec India as your Google Shopping Management Agency:

  • Assurance of working with experienced Google Shopping management professionals who have worked across different industries, verticals, and geographies
  • Comfort of getting dedicated account managers with proven expertise in PPC, Digital Marketing, SEO, and eCommerce domain
  • Versatile client-agency relationship with ease of scaling up/down, as per your business requirements
  • Clarity of communication with transparency of the objective and strategy for each campaign
  • Weekly reports about conversions, ad expenditure, web store sales, and keywords
  • Room to collaborate and brainstorm for other aspects of your web store business
  • You can ask for audits of advertising campaigns on other platforms

Reasons to Trust SunTec India as your eCommerce Product Listing Ads Services Provider:

  • Nearly two decades of a performance-rich record in the outsourcing, IT services sector
  • Communication and reporting support during your time zone
  • Promise of securing your business data at all times
  • Culture of seeking performance/feedback review from clients
  • Flexible outsourcing model that works around your business requirements
  • Globally recognized partnerships: Google Partner. Microsoft Partner. AWS Partner Network. Shopify Partner. Bing Ads Partner

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