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Deliver Unique Buyer Journeys with our Photo-Realistic Product Renders

Consumers love interacting with 3D product visualizations. They can evaluate the product from any angle or incline with 3D images and check how it looks in their environment with augmented reality and virtual reality (AR and VR experiences). This technology brings an opportunity for online sellers to create hyper-engaging buyer experiences, secure more conversions, and reduce returns.

But, adopting 3D product visualizations poses massive challenges and involves a considerable investment of time, resources, infrastructure, and capital.

  • Creating 3D models (software and hardware) requires expensive tools.
  • This technology has a steep learning curve.
  • You need extensive training to add 3D assets to an eStore or convert existing sales catalogs into 3D models.
  • You must find an appropriate 3D viewer and embed the 3D model in your website so it can work seamlessly across multiple devices.
  • You will have to manage hosting, optimize the page loading speed, and track asset performance.

SunTec India empowers you to overcome all these entry barriers with full-cycle 3D product modeling services and prepares your eCommerce store for 3D commerce. We provide photo-realistic 3D product rendering and 2D images to 3D model conversion services that are particularly useful for high-ticket products, furniture, home accessories, and customizable items. Our 3D models are also compatible with Google 3D Swirl ads and AR marketing-ready.

Our Offerings

  • 3D asset creation for AR and VR experiences
  • Deployment across eCommerce platforms, social media, and websites
  • Asset tracking for performance insights
  • Asset management for eStores with huge catalogs.

Your Advantage

  • Create effective buyer journeys and engage more consumers
  • Reduce return costs & increase sales
  • Get the first-mover advantage
  • Get in-depth product performance insights

Boost your Business with End-to-End 3D Modeling and AR/VR Integration Solutions for eCommerce Websites, Marketplaces, and Social Commerce.


higher conversion rates for AR-enabled products


higher click-through-rates


eCommerce consumers prefer shopping in AR


reduction in returns


images processed/3D models implemented


eCommerce stores handled

Explore our Photo-Realistic 3D Product Modeling and Rendering Services

Get your hands on a versatile 3D asset that can be used for AR, VR, product rendering, and marketing purposes. Create powerful customer experiences through our photorealistic visualizations, delivered in unlimited configurations, on time, and with the assurance of quality.

Bring your Products to Life with High-Quality Product Visualization

  • The client shares reference photos, 360-degree shots, or existing CAD files of the product and a set of requirements.

  • Artists create a 3D product model from scratch, through AI & ML-powered photogrammetry, or by blending both techniques.

  • The 3D model is embedded on the client’s eCommerce store, website, or target platform through a 3D viewer.

  • The client receives regular model performance data in an organized report for further analysis.

3D asset creation

Our artists use a blend of open-source and premium 3D modeling software to create high-quality photorealistic models. This helps overcome challenges related to 3D model creation, fine-tuning, or buying licenses for tools. Every asset is built after considering the reference photos, model’s complexity, texture, variant quantity, dimensional and visual accuracy, and mesh quality.

We offer three primary methods for 3D asset creation.

  • Manual 3D designs built from scratch
  • Converting 360-degree photo sets into 3D models
  • Converting 2D photos into 3D assets

Depending on the method you choose, we define the workflow, get reference pictures or recaptured photo sets and build 3D models that can improve consumer engagement. Most platforms support 3D formats like USD, OBJ, FBX, USDZ, GLB, etc. In cases where the target platform has specific format preferences, we convert the 3D model accordingly for the best viewing experience.

3D model deployment

Unlike images (which can be simply uploaded on a website), 3D models must be stored on a server and can only be viewed through a compatible 3D viewer software. Finding a reliable 3D viewer and a hosting service are the biggest challenges with 3D asset deployment. You have to ensure that everything works smoothly across different devices, like smartphones, laptops, etc. Even with the right 3D viewer and a capable server, embedding the assets across different websites, stores, or social media is time-taking and comes with its own set of technical challenges.

We present a single solution to this issue. To ensure a seamless experience for your end user, we take care of asset holding and deployment after 3D model creation. Our 3D viewers work across the most popular eCommerce platforms, like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. To ensure uninterrupted performance, our team stays on top of any changes to the server or the 3D viewer, diagnoses issues in real time, and fixes them.

Performance tracking for 3D models

For most online sellers, implementing 3D models on any product page is a profit-based decision. The outcome (i.e., CTR, sales, or conversions) must balance the investment (in 3D visualization). We enable our clients to make informed decisions easily with performance insight reports on 3D models. We organize the performance data collected by the 3D viewer's backend dashboard (viewing session duration, clicks, conversions, bounces, clicks on hotspots), organize it into a report, and send it to the client for analysis purposes. Our object tracking support helps determine which product performs well so business owners can improve their catalogs and increase conversions.

Asset management for large catalogs

If your eStore has huge product catalogs, creating hundreds of 3D models and implementing those visualizations across all product pages becomes a very cost-consuming endeavor. However, we can help you manage this challenge with a dedicated team of 3D artists. Additionally, we store 3D models, scenes, images, 360 product spins, and related files for easy reuse. The 3D models can also be used as stills, videos, AR/VR objects, or for marketing-related purposes.

How Do we Build 3D Models for eCommerce Stores?

Creating a 3D replica of a product, built to real-world scale with accurate geometry, the right texture, and nuances, requires the right tools, approach, and expertise. At SunTec India, you can get direct access to such visualizations in a short window. Paired with their expertise, our 3D artists use advanced AI and ML-powered softwares to create impeccable models optimized for eCommerce platforms, social media, and websites.

  • We can create 3D models from scratch with a few reference images and product specifications.
  • We can use existing CAD files, wireframes, or 2D renders to create 3D models.
  • We can also create 3D models using 360-degree photo sets shot in controlled conditions and following certain guidelines.

Once you have sent the initial specifications and requirements, we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

What do we need from you?

  • Existing CAD models, wireframes, 2D renders, or reference photos of the product
  • Specifications regarding the product’s color, texture, and material
  • Desired background, environment, or scene
  • Any special effect requirements
  • Any other custom requirements

What do we return to you?

  • High-quality 3D product visualizations
  • 3D models ready to be embedded across any platform
  • Integration ready 3D models for AR/VR experiences
  • Real-time product customization (color, parts, and material changes)

Entrust your 3D Commerce Campaign to an Experienced End-to-End eCommerce Service Provider

Bring your vision to life with a leading 3D product modeling service provider. Work with experienced 3D rendering artists who are trained in the best 3D modeling tools, have a knack for storytelling, and bring a trained eye to every project. Leverage a team that has implemented 3D visualizations, AR marketing campaigns, and VR experiences for small and large eCommerce enterprises with precision and care.

A Free Sample for Every Project

Test the expertise of our 3D product visualizations with a free sample.

Assured Intellectual Property Protection

Rest assured that your intellectual property will stay in a secure environment.

Our 3D modeling services for eCommerce businesses bring many other benefits to the table.

  • A strong commitment to quality, security, and client satisfaction
  • The latest 3D modeling tools, software, and technology
  • A dedicated team of 3D artists and subject-matter experts
  • Industry’s best turnaround time for 3D product modeling

Join hands with us to speed up your sales and record improved eStore performance through stunning, well-optimized 3D models for all target platforms, marketing purposes, and creative campaigns.


eCommerce industry giants like Amazon, Ikea, and Shopify have already taken big steps toward 3D commerce. However, for eCommerce businesses, moving towards 3D is a phenomenal decision. Naturally, we expect you to have questions.

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