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Pay Per Click Audit Services

Improvising your paid search campaign, increasing your ROI!

Are your pay per click (PPC) campaigns creating real value? Are they effective enough to attract leads and deliver results? Are you targeting the right keywords? Is your ad copy effective and compelling?

Let SunTec help you unleash the potential of your PPC Campaign through our Pay Per Click Audit Services. We evaluate your existing PPC campaign and recommend steps that can be taken to make sure that your money is being spent in the right way.

With the right blend of highly trained professionals and latest technology, we comb through your account to conduct comprehensive analysis of the current state of your PPC strategy and provide insights into how the campaign has performed historically. The process begins with our professionals understanding your business goals, target audience and target location. Following this, we prepare detailed reports and provide recommendations on how you can improve your account's performance. We will also implement the suggestions, meaning that the account you receive is fully audited, adheres to the guidelines of search engines and helps you in future growth and expansion.

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SunTec's Pay Per Click Audit Services: Our Methodology

Our Pay Per Click Audit Services include new keyword research, restructuring campaigns, writing ad copy and setting up tests, reallocating budgets, extensions and conversion tracking. Keeping in mind the countless updates by Google and Bing, our Google AdWords certified and Bing Ads accredited professionals ensure that your campaign performs effectively and helps you increase your ROI.

We conduct comprehensive analysis of your account in terms of wasted spend (negative keywords), Quality Score, Impression Share, Click through Rate, Long Tail keywords, ad text, landing pages, mobile targeting and other best practices. Our professionals assess if your PPC campaigns are optimally configured to deliver the anticipated results.

Our PPC Audits include:

Campaign Structure

To maximize effectiveness of your PPC Campaign, we divide your ad groups into a range of campaigns and make sure that you target the ads and keywords efficiently. We also ensure that display and search campaigns are separate. Furthermore, we make the required changes in geographic settings to ensure that your ad reaches out to the target audience.

Keywords and Match types

To help you target the right keywords in your campaign, our experts identify missing keywords, add irrelevant keywords in the 'negative keywords' section, recommend positive keyword lists and use relevant matching options to help you control which searches place your ad in the search engine result. We use 'exact match' to target a particular set of customers and 'broad match' to place your ad in front of a wide audience.

Ad copy

As the message that you use in PPC Campaign helps in attracting and compelling customers to buy your products and services, we examine your ad copy carefully and test all the elements including the difference in performance between different calls-to-action, dynamic keyword insertion, ad extensions, and overall ad messaging. Our professionals make sure that the ad text is concise and engaging.

Impression Share

We will evaluate your PPC Campaign's impression share to ensure that you reach the target audience and do not miss out on the prospective customers.

Location Targeting

Our experts will analyze from which cities, regions and countries your website drives the most profitable traffic. We will choose those locations in your PPC Campaign, helping you alter your bidding strategy and increase ROI.

We also perform Quality Score analysis and extensions evaluation to help you take your PPC campaign to the next level and generate optimum ROI. After a thorough evaluation of your current PPC Campaign, we present a detailed report on missed opportunities and how to fix them. This includes:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of account structure and performance
  • In-depth review of campaign performance and goals
  • Recommendations for more competitive and efficient performance

Our PPC Audits solutions will be tailored to exactly match your specific business needs and requirements.

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